Wishing you good cheer, good health

and a memorable New Year!

All of us at Angels Unaware and Camp Ray-Ray want to thank you for your loyalty and support this past year, and for making Camp 27, in 2023, happen! From the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic to today, the generosity of others has powered the work we do, which is to provide support and encouragement to children and their families living with HIV.

It is time to reflect, rejoice, and give thanks for God's graciousness and for moving each of the following donors to give generously to AU and CRR.

WORLD AIDS DAY - December 1, Total Donated = $16,187.00

COLORAD GIVES TUESDAY - December 6, Total Donated = $1,129.00

HOLIDAY APPEAL - Month of December Total Donated = $1,910.00

GENERAL DONATIONS - Last 12 months = $6,235.00


Bishop Ryan Catholic School, Minot, ND

Raymond Goetz and Premrents.com, CA

Michael Massine

Brad Massine

David and Barb Johnson

Sandra Reiser

Bill and Dr. Colleen Foos

Windsor October Fest, CO

Conrad and Kathy Nuanes and Nuanes Consulting

John Nelson and Associates

Allen and Leslie Arne

Mike and Nora Steenson

James Salas

Steve Bohl

Karen Tudahl

Shannon VanDevener

Carson Fuchs

Brad Norcross

Dana Haverstock

Suzanne Brosell

D & K Ritzke

Anthony and Sarah Sacco

Janet Humphryes

Michael Smith

Nicole Frazier

Kristen Klaassen

Michael and Pam Smith

Kari Perry

Jess Wiederholt

Kathleen Schettler

Thomas and Brenda Mahoney

Dr. Sara Winter

Benevity Fund - Stacy and West Severin, Symetra, and Sarah Powers

Annely Carver

Bill Douglas

Deanna Alderman

Edward Fasano

Elizabeth Ferguson

Michael Burns

Phyllis and Neil Bosch

Susan Pierce

Marilynn Maring

Don Hanes

Community Shares - Laurie McNulty and Katy Strascina

Amy Griggs

Kim Burckard

Joe Peterson

Robert Soly and Corlew Solutions


What to Expect in the New Year

  • Look for Camp Ray-Ray 27 Registration to open in February with a May 1 deadline.
  • A virtual prayer team will be formed in March to help with prayer requests from families, volunteers, and donors.
  • Camp Ray-Ray 27, Angels Wanted, Riding into New Horizons will be held June 9 - 11, 2023, at Snow Mt. Ranch, Granby, CO.
  • Virtual Board Meetings will be held January 29, April 30, August 27, and November 26 at 4 pm.
  • Camp Ray-Ray 28, tentatively scheduled for June 28 - 30, 2024.

Congratulations Abby Sacco for submitting Camp Ray-Ray's T-shirt design.

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