Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a memorable new year.

All of us at Mystic Records want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and
support in 2015. We hope to see you again in 2016!

DR KNOW  on NARDCORE    RECORDS   white vinyl   PLug in Jesus and Burn  $15 and $5 shipping  U S A  ONLY
Also available  Test Pressings  limited ...  $20 and $5 shipping  U S A  ONLY    Pay Pal  DMPRODX@aol.com

Thanks for joining our HALLOWEEN  PARTY  ...   We had two new bands join Screaming Bloody Mary's and Riot Gun along with El Duce and friends ... 
We are getting many requests for a
 Halloween  cassette ... we are thinking about releasing one.  ABOUT CASSETTEs ... we ARE  releasing the 80s catalog
Mystic on cassette. We are getting reports that cassettes are like vinyl and have that  "studio" sound . I guess the
sound through speakers is  "in" again.    Remember  the boom boxes.

How about the Rebellion Reunion in the UK.....a week of  Punk Bands in Blackpool England  Anyone going? let's hear
from you about it and  you

Thanks for supporting the bands and Mystic    Doug