Let's mix it up!
New drills and Equipment!
New Group Sessions!
New Clinics!
More Practice Times!
2019 Pricing!
Starting in January we will be adding new services:

MID-VID: A mid-lesson video analysis! You email us a video for a quick check up by one of our elite instructors! An ELITE instructor will evaluate the video, answer any questions, address any concerns, and give you a list of things to work on!

Elite Ed Classes - Work with an elite instructor in a small group setting. Max of 3 athletes. These classes will be skill level specific:

Advanced - 7th grade and up ONLY. Command of the mechanics and most pitches required.
Intermediate - 4th grade - 8th grade. Working on improving mechanics and footwork but fundamentally sound. Learning new pitches and perfecting current ones.
Beginner - Young pitchers who are learning the basics and want to start with a great foundation to set them up for success!
Intermediate and Advanced Fielding - Work with Bob Hoiles (resident fielding GURU) on all things fielding! Offering 2 - 3 classes per week - Intermediate and Advanced fielders.

Camps/Clinics - Larger scale camps and clinics coming your way! Stay tuned!

Practice time - We are extending our available hours for practice space!

Stay tuned for more details on all new services!

2019 Price Schedule (Effective Jan. 15th)

Monthly Membership $25 per month

Elite Hour Private
Members - $75
Non-Members - $90

Premium Hour Private
Members - $65
Non-Members - $80

Core + Hour Private
Members - $55
Non-Members - $70

Core Hour Private
Members - $45
Non-Members - $60

MID-VID Analysis
Members - $35
Non-Members $50

Elite Ed Class - 1 hour (MAX 3 per class)
Members - $35 per athlete
Non-Members - $50 per athlete

Fielding Class - 1 hour (MAX 6 athletes per class)
Members - $30 per athlete
Non-Members - $45 per athlete

Batting Cage Rental - 1 hour
Member - $25
Non-Members - $30

Pitching Cage Rental - 1 hour
Members - $15
Non-Members - $20

Full Facility Rental
$150 an hour
$125 for 6 or more reservations
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