January 2019 Newsletter
Did your schedule change?

We've been working to finalize dates and times for classes that we couldn't schedule at the beginning of the year. This will be an ongoing process.

Some of you received emails with updated schedules, and we did follow-up phone calls.

As a final notice, in case you haven't checked your e-mailbox yet, these groups have updated schedules:

Commercial Plumbers

  • 2nd Year Commercial Plumbers - Groups A, B, C and D
  • 3rd Year Commercial Plumbers - Groups A, B, C, D and E


  • 2nd Year Steamfitters - Group A


  • 3rd Year HVAC/Refrigeration - Groups A & B

Residential Plumbers

  • 2nd Year Residential Plumbers - Groups A & B
  • 3rd Year Commercial Plumbers - Group A

Apprentices Recognized for Safety, Service
Recently, Sister Emily Orona was recognized by McKinstry as a 2018 Safety All-Star, which is part of their company-wide McKinstry Safety Excellence Recognition Program. 

Also, Sister Sam Metcalf was featured in the nation UA’s CareerOps Magazine for her military service, and transition to apprenticeship through the Veterans in Piping Program.  Both women are exemplary leaders in their programs, and represent the hard-working professionals in our apprenticeship. Congratulations, Emily and Sam!

Math Tutoring and Study Hall Available

If you need help with math, looking for a place to study, or need access to a computer, we now have built in times during the week for tutoring and study hall.

Please call Anna Marie Lassman to schedule tutoring appointments, or attend her open Thursday session beginning at 3:30pm. She can be reached at 425.271.5900 or alassman@seattlepipetrades.org.

We occasionally have rooms available at night for study groups. Just ask at the front office, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
Did you pick up your T-Shirt?
If you donated back textbooks to the Apprenticeship Office over the summer and early fall, we offered you a t-shirt. They are now here, and if you haven't picked up your high-visibility shirt, please stop by the office!

If you donated books after the instruction year began, we appreciate it. A second order of shirts will be placed in the near future.

Returning books that are in good condition helps our training budget tremendously. We encourage you to keep many of your books, as they are great references; however, we do accept back some of them. If you want to give back, contact Anna Marie Lassman at alassman@seattlepipetrades.org.

Plumbers: Is there an affidavit waiting for you?

The Apprenticeship Office prepares and submits affidavits for commercial and residential plumber apprentices. Ariel Jones will call and email when you have an affidavit ready for submittal. We do have at least 25-30 affidavits still waiting in our office for your signature.

If you need to sign an affidavit, please come by the office during your next class day. If you have questions, please contact Ariel at 425.271.5900 or ariel@seattlepipetrades.org.

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