Wishing you good times, good cheer

and a memorable New Year.

I want to thank each of you for your business, loyalty, and support this past year. I look forward to see you again in the new year! I've been doing work with the tuning forks for over a year now and with Bemer for six years so I fell it is time for them to make headlines along with MFR

Feldenkrais Practitioner at Office

I'm trying a new thing - having another practitioner in the office on Friday's.

I'm doing so for selfish reasons... So I don't have to drive to Irving to see him...

But I'd like you to welcome Russ Mitchell to the office on Fridays. He practices out of Irving Feldenkrais and as I hate driving in Dallas Traffic and want regular sessions... I'm hosting him at my office. He did his first day yesterday and I got rave reviews from each person he saw. You are welcome to see him at his office in Irving for $65 or in Denton for $70.... So depending on where you live... He also does zoom lessons but in person is worth it for me...

Text Russ 972-281-7733

Biofield Tuning Special

And if you also fall into that - "I'd rather not drive so far today especially in this cold..."- I invite you to try out a distance session with me in January with Biofield Tuning. For the Month of January you can book three sessions for $285 (savings of 105) The founder of Biofield Tuning recommends three sessions in a block -( once a week is ideal.)

check out Eileen's site for more information. This is also a neat review of Sacred Geometry that she did that I think you'll find interesting

Text Sharon or book on line 940-372-1072

MFR Special

On the MFR Home front - my special for January is Birthday Make up Month - If you did not get your Birthday discount last year - I will allow you to claim your Birthday discount of $25 in January. Please tell me at time of check out. John Barnes Myofascial Release is an amazing treatment. Here is a video he did several years ago that really helps explain it. In the new year - sometimes it's that we need to remember what we know and built on it. Or we need to realize what beliefs are running in the background and make sure they serve us. MFR helps you free your system - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - it's up to you - I'm just here to assist.

Text Sharon or book on line 940-372-1072

Bemer Session Membership Special

Introducing Bemer Membership - $99 a month gets you access the the amazing German Medical Device. It increases your circulation in the microvascular system where 74% of your blood is at any giving moment. Bemer is available in 42 countries and has been improving people's health and well being for 25 years! The ultimate is having one in your own home but... second best is getting some... I've seen changes with people in as little as twice a week. The ultimate is twice a day but... For $99 a month you can come to the office for sessions 4 days a week. January Special - for current clients - fee is waved.

Text Sharon or book on line 940-372-1072

I'm emphasizing the text Sharon as I've had some computer glitches as I try to add the services in my computer system... I often see the inability to book as session time despite the session time being open and have been trying to figure out how to change it. I believe I have it fixed now but... when in doubt feel free to call or text... And the computer will not allow you to book the day of so a quick text to see if there are any cancellations or openings is always welcome.

Again - I wish you the Best in the New Year!!!

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