4th Quarter News
2017 Statistics
Men Housed - 443
Men Employed - 200
Meals Served - 120,450
Taxes Paid - $220,199.51
Child Support Paid - $69,822.97

Men Housed - 80
Men Employed - 63
Letter from the Director
This has been a great year for Safe Harbor of Nashville. As of January 1 st  2018 we implemented a whole new program with a savings plan. Our clients are experiencing the habit of the savings plan and how to implement it. They are setting themselves up for success after graduation. Because of this program we were able to almost double our graduations putting 47 men of God back into their family’s lives.

I would like to take this time to thank my staff for all they do!

- Assistant Director – Louis Brown
- Reliable/Transportation Coordinator – Carson Danley
- Chaplin – James Jensen
- Program Coordinator - Jordan Lane
- Program Coordinator - Rick Snodgrass
- Kitchen Manager - Amber Ellis
- Maintenance - Jeff Weyant

 This facility would not be what it is without all the hard work you put into it.

Happy New Year to All!

Paul Garner 
Christmas in Nashville
Partner of the Quarter - Nashville Wrecker & SteelSummit
One of the hardest tasks assigned to me, as Director, is to pick a partner of the quarter for our newsletter. If you ask me every one of our partners deserves this. This quarter I was only able to narrow it down to two.

Safe Harbor of Nashville would like to recognize West Nashville Wrecker and SteelSummit as our partner(s) of the quarter. We would like to thank both companies (and all of our partners) for their PLATINUM Sponsorship in our Battle in the Saddle fundraiser.

West Nashville Wrecker Service is a local Nashville towing company that is committed to delivering expert, fast and affordable towing services and roadside assistance in the greater Nashville area. For over 67 years, they have been the premier towing Nashville service provider throughout Central Tennessee.

SteelSummit , a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, is dedicated to meeting the needs of the automotive, HVAC, and construction industries, as well as other manufacturers. Their two locations allow them to provide competitive pricing and continuous on-time delivery to customers. SteelSummit  is committed to assuring their customers a consistent high quality product with each and every shipment.

Thank you to West Nashville Wrecker, SteelSummit, and all of partners!
Client Testimony - Dwight Shockley
I am a simple man with a simple life. I work and I am a devoted father to my daughter. Although my wife of 22 years passed away it made the bond with my daughter even stronger, but it came with a cost.

Over passing time I had turned to drinking as a get-a-way from my problems and I used drinking until it finally took everything I had worked for. I had let my guard down and the devil made his way into my life. I saw no way out or though this bump in the road. Then I came to Safe Harbor of Nashville. At first I was skeptical. Wondering if I had made the right choice. I was left wandering if I could do this, if I could change.

The staff took me in and set out helping me get my life in order. Yes, they are stern and have rules to follow. As in life, it too has its own set of rules that are much more demanding.

Everyone here took me under their wing and showed me that I could not do this alone. They guided me step-by-step. They showed me how to pick myself up, dust myself off, and take the next right step. All the while showing how to read and apply Gods word in the Bible to my life. They gave me meaning and hope, work ethic, and a sense of responsibility. They showed me how to humble myself before God. This was very new to me to say the least. In other words: In a world of people seeing fault, they looked beyond my faults and saw my needs. They help pick up the pieces and put them back together.

Now I have almost graduated and have a light in my eyes that has never been there before. I have renewed the relationship with my daughter and family. Safe Harbor has shown me how to stay clean and sober and to put God first in all I do. To Paul, Carson, Jimmy, Louis, Jordan, and all the people that I have become friends with God bless you and you will always be a part of my life.

Dwight Shockley 
Thanksgiving Festivities
We would like to thank New Hope Church out of Franklin for taking the time to come and share a word, great music, and gift bags with our clients. The service was awesome and our doors are always open!
Battle in the Saddle 2019

We invite you to attend our largest annual fundraiser, Battle in the Saddle! It will be held once again in Tunica, MS, January 18 - 20. We look forward to an exciting weekend seeing our contestants compete and being able to share more about Safe Harbor!

If you are interested in being a sponsor for Battle in the Saddle please contact mlyell@lhmm.org for more information!