4th Quarter News
2017 Statistics
Men Housed -274
Men Employed - 224
Meals Served - 68,797
Taxes Paid - $151,160.40
Child Support Paid - $33,303.75

Men Housed - 76
Men Employed - 67

Letter from the Director - Charles Sims
Greetings from Safe Harbor of Memphis!

2018 has been a good year for Memphis. We got off to a slow start, but finished the race in a sprint!

With new programs applied, 2019 is looking very prosperous. SHOM plans to continue our journey on this road to success by helping the transition of more lives being converted and more full-time jobs, allowing our clients to move forward with their goals and preparation for graduation.

SHOM is working diligently to raise and edify clientele for leadership positions.

As always, we are thankful for our partners who play a major role in the success of SHOM.

The staff and I would like to thank our President and Vice President, as well as our Director of Operations, for their God given wisdom, knowledge and vision.

Happy 2019!
Partner of the Quarter - Warren Oil
Warren Oil is a contract one hopes to find. Full of people striving to make their company one of the greatest. Our men at Safe Harbor enjoy working at Warren Oil and are often times hired on into permanent positions greatly benefiting their lives. Our contact at Warren Oil, Ms. Olga Terry, is a joy to work with and is often helpful in scheduling and placement. Without her in place our jobs would be more difficult by far. From the staff and clients here at Safe Harbor we want to thank Warren Oil for their commitment and help in reaching our goal of true rehabilitation. Through this quarter we’ve sent over 50 people to Warren Oil and this number would have been higher if a large number of our clients who worked out there didn’t stay on permanently enriching their lives with a steady source of income and responsibility. 

Celebration Sunday
Client Testimony - Bobby McDonald Jr.
"I've learned a lot here at Safe Harbor. There are things that I've accomplished that I never thought I'd do. Another thing since I have been here that I accomplished is that I graduated IOP classes.

My personal relationship with God has also taught me that I have been forgiven of my past sins. It helps me everyday. They have taught me how to be supportive and shown me that I have their support. I have a good job and look forward to graduating."
Fall Revival
Battle in the Saddle 2019

We invite you to attend our largest annual fundraiser, Battle in the Saddle! It will be held once again in Tunica, MS, January 18 - 20. We look forward to an exciting weekend seeing our contestants compete and being able to share more about Safe Harbor!

If you are interested in being a sponsor for Battle in the Saddle please contact mlyell@lhmm.org for more information!