Tasveer wishes you and your loved ones health, healing, love, and brightness in the new year!

We thank you for your deep love and support through 2021. We know how challenging and heartbreaking 2021 has been for South Asians the world over.

Tasveer is grateful for your donations received at the end of 2021. We will continue to build a strong South Asian community through powerful storytelling in 2022. Your continued support lends us courage and confidence to make 2022 -the year of South Asian artists!

Here's a snapshot of upcoming events and news:

  • Invite 10 or more guests to join the Gala
  • Host a Gala watch-party in an intimate gathering at a home of their choice, or host a "virtual table" watch party via Zoom
  • In gratitude for your support and efforts you'll receive a virtual gift basket from Tasveer including a complimentary Tasveer Membership and subscription to 1yr of TasveerTV, our soon-to-launch virtual platform for year-round independent South Asian films.

Attendees will tune in from around the country, with a focus on our Seattle area core and including corporate and foundation leaders, small business owners, South Asian community organizers, and dedicated individuals.
Jayanti is a 2021 Indian Marathi-language social-drama film follows Santya as he struggles to break out of the only life he knows. Witness the journey of self-discovery of a youth navigating challenges of identity after a murder in the neighborhood. This gripping tale of events gives insight into the lives of urban India and its social dynamics.

All proceeds raised from ticket sales will go to the filmmakers. An online Q&A session will follow on Tasveer TV!

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