School Begins Wednesday August 12th!
Remote Lessons; Actual Connections

Dear OSA Family,

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and spending time safely relaxing with friends and family. Our world, as we know it, has changed and it is important that we are finding best ways to connect to one another during this challenging time.

We are greatly looking forward to seeing familiar faces and welcoming our many new families in August. We certainly wish we were in a position to see everyone in person. Please note, that as we are given direction from the state that it’s safe to return to the school site, we will convene as a community to share a detailed plan.

Mr. Oz and Ms. Zaugg worked closely with 29 faculty members over three weeks during the summer to design a remote learning schedule that takes into consideration the health and wellness of our students. Through a detailed analysis of student, family, and teacher surveys and intentional representation of all facets of the OSA community, the team was successful in creating a remote learning plan for the fall semester that carefully considers the needs of all of our students. The weekly schedule provides intensive academic and artistic instruction while building in time for advisory, grade level meetings, and assemblies. Our student support structures are robust and we are committed to ensuring all students have access to appropriate technology to be successful in remote learning. Our school day has been re-structured to utilize best practices for remote teaching and learning.

Mike Oz, OSA’s Principal, shared the following:

It is the OSA way to make the best out of our circumstances and we are committed to doing exactly that. In the decade and a half that I have been at OSA, I have worked with our team through many challenges and we have always come out stronger on the other end. With an intentional focus on building a strong school community we are confident that we are well positioned to see our students thrive both artistically and academically despite the current challenges we face. The world needs the arts now more than ever, and I feel so fortunate to be part of this community that revolves around creative expression.

We are pleased to share with you some important information below regarding:
  • Answers to Common Questions
  • Student Support
  • Remote Learning Schedules for the fall
  • Meet and Greet meeting dates for families and art departments
  • Additional upcoming meeting dates for orientations and the start of school. 

I look forward to meeting everyone in the coming weeks. 


Lisa Sherman-Colt                                           Mike Oz

Lisa Sherman-Colt                                        Mike Oz
Executive Director                                         Principal
Oakland School for the Arts                          Oakland School for the Arts

Answers to Common Questions:

  • All classes will be held remotely.
  • Student Schedules will be live on PowerSchool at the end of July, but they are still subject to change.
  • PowerSchool login information for new families will be sent out at the end of July.
  • Can't remember your PowerSchool log-in or have log in questions? Email Student Records.
  • 504 questions/documents can be sent to our Counseling Team; for 6th-9th grades, for 10th-12th graders.
  • Technology will be available for students during remote learning. To request a Chrome Book or hot spot for the fall semester, please email
  • Textbooks, technology, and additional materials will be available for students to pick up in August. 
  • Reach out to to submit transcripts and immunizations.
Student Support:
Our Student Support team has put together some amazing resources for all families during this time of remote learning. Please visit our  Family Resources Website  for information on free and low-cost mental health resources, links to free audiobooks and other educational websites, training for students and parents on how to use Zoom and Google Classroom, access to free internet and free meals, how to enroll in Medi-Cal and Cal-Fresh, summer camp options, and how to support those in our community if you are in a position to do so.  For more information about adding additional resources, please email Assistant Principal Katy Zaugg.

OSA Student Support Contacts

Katy Zaugg , Assistant Principal
Anna DeRoos , Dean of Students
Arlyle Schultz , Head Counselor
Wendy Snyder , College Counselor
Tarolyn Brown , Office of Student Records
Maya Levine , Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator
Special Ed at OSA:

The SPED team has been working diligently to create a plan for students with IEPs during remote learning. Services including specialized academic instruction, counseling services, speech, etc will still be provided in accordance with the remote learning schedule. Please look out for an invitation from the SPED department in August for a “meet and greet” where more details will be provided and questions can be answered. 
Please contact SPED Program Coordinator Sara Ordaz with questions.
Meet & Greet Meetings for Families and Art Departments:

Please calendar the dates of our upcoming Meet & Greet events for families to meet with the OSA Arts Teams. Note: Each Arts Chair or course lead will email families a link to enter the celebratory meeting.
All events will be online only; no in-person events are scheduled.
  • Audio Production and Engineering - August 4 @ 5:00 (note new date)
  • Dance - August 6 @ 7:00
  • Digital Media - August 6 @ 4:00
  • Fashion Design - August 1 @ 12:00
  • Instrumental Music - July 30 @ 5:00
  • Literary Arts - July 28 @ 5:00
  • Production Design - July 27 @ 5:00
  • Theatre (Middle School) - August 3 @ 4:00
  • Theatre (High School)- August 5 @ 4:00    
  • Visual Art - August 4 @ 3:00
  • Vocal Music (new families) - July 29 @ 6:00
  • Vocal Music (new & returning families) - August 10th @ 6:00

These dates can also be found on our school calendar .
Important Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Please calendar these dates. You may also subscribe to the school's google calendar via the link below (click the blue plus sign in the lower right corner). We will be sending links to these virtual meetings. Note that all events will be held online .

  • Orientation for Grades 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 is Wednesday, August 5 at 2:00
  • Orientation for Grade 6 is Friday August 7 at 2:00
  • Orientation for Grade 9 is Friday August 7 at 3:30
  • First Day of School is August 12
  • Back to School Night for Middle School is Tuesday August 25 at 5:00
  • Back to School Night for High School is Wednesday August 26 at 5:00   
  • Town Hall Check-ins - these informal meetings take place every three weeks and are an opportunity to hear from and ask questions of Principal Mike Oz. Scheduled dates are:
  • Tuesday August 18 at 8:30 AM
  • Tuesday September 8 at 8:30 AM
  • Tuesday September 29 at 8:30 AM
  • Tuesday October 20 at 8:30 AM
  • Tuesday November 10 at 8:30 AM
  • OSA Quarterly Reflections - these presentations are a more formal reflection on the current scholastic quarter and include data points, budget information and topics relevant to the timeframe. Scheduled dates are:
  • Q1 - Tuesday October 6 at 5:00 PM
  • Q2 - Tuesday December 8 at 5:00 PM
Oakland School for the Arts