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 Let's really look into ourselves, for once, candidly and unstintingly. What are we seeking? What are we missing, if anything? What do we want? Let's put it very crassly. Not just what do we "aspire to," but what the hell do we really want? And then try to go for that. Even if it's just money or a new car or love interest. Because then when we have that, we might still find that we want more. Then we must go on and look deeper until we find what is really satisfying, fulfilling, and leads to long term contentment. But if we are afraid to reach out, afraid to ask, to want or take anything for ourselves; if we pretend we don't want anything; if we deny all our impulses, desires, hopes, wishes and needs, then we don't get anywhere. We take all the passion and energy, drive and juice out of our path.

So I ask you: Ask yourself what you are really seeking and want, your greatest desire? Also, what are you afraid of? What is holding you back? What is your greatest fear, and would you be willing to face it? I assure you that fear is already motivating and conditioning you, unconsciously or obviously. The Dharma is the end of all desire. Not the end of passion, but the end of craving and grasping at desire in unhealthy ways. Spiritual freedom and autonomy brings liberation and the immense untapped raw energy that awaits us just below the surface of desire and passion.

I take refuge in awareness and reality-testing, and awaken warm and empathic compassion in recognizing others in similar situations. Fearlessly seek what we are after, and penetrate deeply. We can't control our conditioning and karma, but we can learn how to be more skillful with them, and ultimately how to be accepting and one with them as well as free of their unhappy effects.

With love & blessings, 
Lama Surya Das
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Duncan & Lama Surya discuss  past lives, present lives, and Surya teaches a simple way to access the monumental glory of the present moment.
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April 16           Full-day Workshop
"Make Me One with Everything"
Location: Highland Park CC, Highland Park, IL
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May 1       Full-day Workshop 
                May 2       Evening Dharma Talk             
"Moving from Me-ditation to We-ditation
Location: Spirit Rock, Woodacre, CA
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        May 4-9       Spring On Maui Retreat
"Renew, Refresh and Revitalize with Ram Dass, Mirabai Bush, & Lama Surya Das"
Location: Napili Kai Beach Resort @ Napili Bay, HI


               July 16-22         Dzogchen Center Summer Retreat
"The Natural Great Awakening"
Location: The Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY


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