Looking back at 2020...
2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, but we are grateful for your support. While we have experienced many difficulties, we have also experienced moments of resilience. During this year, BayREN shifted to virtual trainings and workshops, and we were able to provide more educational resources than ever before.

Before we dive into 2021, we want to highlight other accomplishments and bright spots during a difficult year:
BayREN's National Association of Realtors Green Real Estate Classes trained over 200 real estate professionals on the importance of energy efficiency in the housing market, exceeding our attendance goals by 100 people. Attendees gained the tools for buyers and sellers to quantify the value of energy-efficient homes and how best to connect homeowner programs and financing.
The BayREN Codes & Standards program saw a record number of participants this year, with over 50 jurisdictions and over 1,000 people attending the 30 trainings and quarterly regional forums.
The Bay Area Multifamily Buildings Program completed over 35 projects this year and paid over 2.9 million in rebates, helping over 3,900 thousand units save energy and make their homes more comfortable. 
All participating BayREN contractors completed our Health and Safety Training to ensure that they could safely help our communities amidst the pandemic.
In partnership with the California Center for Sustainable Communities, BayREN launched the Bay Area Energy Atlas. The tool is a database of electricity and gas consumption, and it can assist local governments with climate action planning. 
In December, BayREN hosted its first series of Healthy Homes Workshops in Spanish, entitled “Programas de Gobierno Para Mejorar la Comodidad, Salud, y Ahorro de Energía". This series is the first of many Spanish language workshops.
The BayREN Residential team provided over 100 free energy efficiency kits to renters and homeowners to help keep their homes comfortable and reduce their electricity bills. 
Looking Forward to 2021
Cheers to 2021 and another chance to work with, learn from, and empower our local governments. In 2021, we look forward to further expanding our programs and striving to fit the needs of the larger Bay Area. Stay tuned to see what comes next!