Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and Healthy 2018!


Another season is in the books.  On behalf of Randy, Tim, Ted, Braden and Jim, THANK YOU for another great year of adventures and memories at Ignace Outposts.  This year we saw Seseganaga Joe retire from his camp attendant job.  Joe spent 8 summers at Seseganaga Lake and developed many friendships with our guests.  He has not been a stranger, but has "hung" around our base helping out and flying into Ses the odd time to assist there with our transition to a new camp attendant.  As attractive as the job description might be, it is hard to find the right person for the job.  We were fortunate to have Jim fill the position mid-summer, but until then we rotated a few guys through the lake.

As expected, operating several camps and a multitude of lakes, the camp work never ends.  This season we concentrated on docks and boat ramps.  We rebuilt the Cabin #3 dock at Metionga and built new boat ramps at Flindt and Irene Lakes.  We redid water systems at Irene and Flindt and were forced to repaired bear damage at Hilltop Lake.

"The big ones are still here!"

Fishing this summer was second to none.  We saw many large fish and many, many fish were released to fight again.  The early part of the season saw the biggest trout, June produced the largest bass. July produced the largest walleye of the season (32 inches) at Irene Lake. Check out the " Royal Flush of Fishing" post on our blog. 

I n early August a 53 inch northern was caught at Seseganaga Lake by our camp attendant, Jim.  A 53 inch northern is as large as we see in Northern Ontario and in our 32 plus years here have only ever seen a fish of that size a handful of times. Sept saw many trophy category fish at all the lakes as the fish began their fall feeding frenzy. During the early part of Sept, four groups in a row at Irene Lake saw 30 inch plus walleye. 


Fishing is a very exciting and rewarding sport.  Since fishing is best done on the water, we encourage all our guests to wear a life jacket while in the boat.  Our lakes are cold and even good swimmers can succumb to a sudden, fully-clothed emersion in the lake.  Lifejackets available now are both comfortable and stylish.  Put a life jacket on your wish list with your fishing trip, leave the list in an appropriate spot, and then gleefully find it under the tree Dec 25th and admire the consideration your loved ones have for your safety and welfare.  Or just buy one yourself.  

Please bring your life jackets and please wear them on the water. For more about safe boating in Canada, download the Boat Notes App for Google or IOS.


Our rates will see a slight increase in 2018 but are still in Canadian Dollars. Our US guests will continue to enjoy the favourable exchange rate.  At this time we are unsure if our government will be continuing the Visitor sales tax rebate program. Governments seem to want an ever increasing piece of the pie.
As is expected, dates for next summer are going quickly. If you haven't booked your 2018 trip yet, a great time to talk to your family and friends is the holiday season. Get the group on board and send us an email or give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you get set up. If you have already booked, we do require a deposit to confirm your reservation.  All indication is that 2018 will be a busy summer. We are again seeing a trend to couples and
father/son (daughter) vacations so why not think about adding a second trip with the family or grandkids?  What a Christmas present!
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Keep your stick on the ice, your lines tight and wear your life preservers!

Merry Christmas from the great, white north,
Brad & Karen Greaves