February 2020
Looking for Career Support?
Many internationally trained professionals face barriers when moving to Canada. While they may have been dentists, engineers, or teachers in their home country, a lack of credentials recognized by Canadian employers may prevent them from returning to their career.
As newcomers in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Career Loans wants to give you the best chance to get back to what you do best – your career! Our expert counselors will work with you to develop action plans to help you return to your desired career. These personalized plans may include recommendations for training, bridging courses, or certification examinations.
We understand that these steps may be time-consuming and expensive. Whether you need career support services or financial assistance, Career Loans is here to help you get back to your desired job. Through our partnership with HSBC, you may be eligible to qualify for a microloan of up to $15,000 to help with training costs.
Want to find out more? Fill out a program application form and speak to our counselors today. Joining the program and accessing our career support services is completely free! 

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