Looking for Protective Face Shields?

Bob Yowler, former APSC Board member and pharmacist for Erik and Jennifer Grove at Bluegrass Drug Center in Bedford and Carrollton, Kentucky, has found a product he thinks will be useful to pharmacies, their employees and their patients.

The product is a plastic protective face shield. It can be worn with or without cloth masks or N95 masks underneath it. It can be cleaned and sanitized as often as you want. It is more open than other masks to make breathing easier and there is no fogging. Click here for the specs .

This plastic protective face shield is being manufactured by Royer Corporation in Madison, Indiana. The company was manufacturing swizzle sticks and stirrers prior to COVID-19. They have made changes to be able to manufacturer products to help with PPE shortages. Royer has been in business for over 40 years.

Royer will accept orders as little as one case. Capacity on high end orders is unlimited. Click here for a price quote .

To order, call Tom Seaver, Director of Sales and Marketing, or Lindsey Lafflyn at 800-457-8997.
Above is Mr. Bob Yowler wearing the protective face shield made by Royer Corporation.
Royer Corporation Face Shield
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