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August 2021 | Issue 7
Solutions Spotlight
Medicare Part A - Therapeutic Pass, Home Visit, LOA, and Midnight Rule - Top 6 Things to Know

Through our national medical record reviews, HHI finds that Medicare Part A patients may be erroneously prevented from taking a therapeutic pass, home visit or a clinically beneficial leave of absence due to the lack of education and understanding at the skilled nursing facility.
B Integrated Dining & Therapeutic Hospitality™

Rooted in science and expert insights, B Integrated Dining & Therapeutic Hospitalityis an enhanced dining approach engineered for communities serving people with mild cognitive impairments and dementia. With B, you can leverage food services and person-centered care strategies to evolve nutrition and wellness while empowering staff members with training that improves resident engagement and supports employee retention.
COVID-19 Aftereffects and the Healthcare Workforce: Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue

Worry, exhaustion, constantly changing safety rules, and long hours of wearing PPE are just a few challenges healthcare personnel have faced during the past 15 months. We are now witnessing the aftereffects of COVID-19 with amped-up levels of burn out amongst healthcare workers including an exodus from the healthcare field. According to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll, roughly 3-in-10 health-care workers have weighed leaving their profession. More than half are suffering burn out, and about 6-in-10 say stress from the pandemic has harmed their mental health.
HHS Provider Relief Fund Portal Opens

The highly-anticipated and often delayed HHS Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal officially opened on July 1, 2021 here. Along with the portal itself, a user guide, an excel template workbook, and several new FAQs were also issued. These are in addition to updated reporting guidance that was released on June 11, 2021 here. These new resources clarified and resolved several important issues.
Telehealth Roadmap: A Path to Capture Opportunities in Long-Term Care
Given the opportunity to quickly prove its efficacy and customer appetite for connecting with care providers virtually, telehealth has more than proven the model works and works well. There is also consensus in the industry that the former regulatory and reimbursement barriers that were rapidly removed during COVID will not go back to the old normal. Evidence of this keeps emerging with CMS rulings and clarifications that signal this intent. The question for those in Senior and Long-Term Care who are now looking at their post-pandemic clinical, operational and business environment to make IT strategy decisions is: Where to go next in telehealth and virtual care?
CORE Analytics Releases Medicare Advantage Platform 

The Medicare Advantage Post-Acute eXchange (MAPAX) delivers the industry’s first claims-based intelligence on current SNF-MA reimbursement, outcomes and value proposition. This data does not exist elsewhere, despite Medicare Advantage enrollment exceeding 40% of all beneficiaries nationally. Learn more here!
How to Build Equity Into Your Employee's Health Benefits

The converging crises in 2020 shed light on the lack of access to affordable healthcare for Black and Brown peoples and persons from economically marginalized communities. We all witnessed the crippling compound effect of health inequity shouldered by economically distressed communities - many New York nonprofits responded in turn.
Employee Health Benefits in a Pandemic
One major area where health inequities still exist in the workplace is in employer-sponsored health benefits plan design. Traditional insurance plans—premiums, copayments, deductibles and coinsurance—frequently create barriers to care. They also can exacerbate inequities in healthcare by inhibiting the use of services - such as primary care - that benefit health and wellbeing.
Special Savings from Value First!

Germ free is the way to be - save on COVID related costs!
Using Technology As Part of a Multifactorial Approach to Falls

Revolutionizing care for seniors by reducing adverse events using artificial intelligence (AI), with predictive analytics based on balance and gait analysis to identify deficits and forecast fall risk.
Health Benefits: The Future Employer - Protecting Your Most Important Asset

Would you be surprised to know that nearly 4 million people quit their jobs in April 2021, pushing the quit rate to 2.7 percent of those employed and departure costs averaged about one-third of that worker's annual earnings?* 

Join us on Thursday, September 9 at Noon ET, where we focus on what you can do to protect your workforce and help ensure that you remain a competitive and desirable employer. We’ll begin with health insurance, focusing on an innovative approach designed to lower the overall costs of both premiums and employee out-of-pocket expenses.
WATCH NOW - Demystifying Nursing Home A/R

There is a common stigma amongst Nursing Home Facilities – “the A/R struggle we are facing cannot get any better”.

15 years ago, Comprehensive A/R Solutions set out on a vision to create innovative processes and software for efficient collection of Nursing Home A/R so that Nursing Home management teams can focus their energies on the day-to-day operations while we took full responsibility for their A/R.
As of the end last year, we have been entrusted in billing over $3.3 Billion in annual revenue and have successfully collected over 99% of that amount with limited bad debt. This being in the midst of the most unprecedented year of struggle our industry has ever faced.
Being that full revenue cycle management and collections is what we breathe, eat and sleep – allow our expertise to be your gain.
Why Skilled Nursing Facilities Need Guardianship Proceedings to Preserve Their Bottom Line

Guardianships can be an important legal tool to address a myriad of challenges for nursing homes when a resident lacks capacity. For example, a nursing home may be compelled to bring a guardianship proceeding in order to have a Guardian appointed who can make health care decisions on behalf of the resident. In many other cases, guardianship proceedings are brought because the resident lacks the ability to manage their financial affairs on his or her own behalf.
PBJ Submissions: Key to 5 Star Rating & NYS Minimum Staffing Standards Compliance

In the Post-COVID environment, consumers focus on nursing home staffing as a core element in a facility’s ability to provide quality care and patient safety. The CMS Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) quarterly submissions are the basis for calculating the facility’s Nursing Home Compare Staffing Star rating and, starting in 2022, will be used to monitor compliance with the New York State Nursing Home minimum staffing standards that were signed into law on June 18, 2021.

In this webinar we will provide the following insights to successfully evaluate your submission process and how to meet your goals for your 5 Star rating while maintaining compliance with the New York requirements:
  • Discuss the PBJ submission process requirements and common areas that result in inaccurate reporting of nursing hours
  • Discuss the Staffing Star methodology and ways to project the staffing hours needed to achieve higher Stars
  • Review the NYS minimum staffing standards and how the methodology is different than the 5 Star Staffing rating
  • Discuss ways to identify current compliance level with minimum standards and staffing changes necessary to achieve compliance
  • Discuss tools to monitor nursing hours per resident day on an ongoing basis to maintain compliance.
A Proactive, Resident-Centric Approach to Infection Control 

Senior living communities are increasingly grappling with occupancy challenges driven by health and safety concerns of older adults and their families.
More rigorous CMS infection control standards and staffing issues caused by employee health fears are putting pressure on budgets and overextended team members.
Sodexo’s ReAssure Program keeps senior communities safer by maintaining regulatory compliance and providing valuable safety reassurance to residents, families, and staff.
Earn Free CEU Credits with Pharmscript

All webinars are approved for 1 NAB Credit for Nursing Home Administrators and Nurses. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information on how to join the webinar. All webinars are recorded, archived, and posted on our website:
Budding Issues in New York State Employment Law

On March 31, 2021, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) into law. This law provides protection to individuals over the age of 21 for the legal consumption of recreational marijuana. In this upcoming webinar, join Pullano & Farrow attorney, Daniel Christian, Esq., to learn how these recent provisions effect the workplace in New York State.
Nursing Homes Save Money with Community Solar

Nursing homes are typically master metered, meaning one electricity account encompasses the electricity usage for all residents in a building, rather than each resident having their own account. Community solar subscriptions are usually capped at a specific amount of demand (kW) per account. However, master metering allows a customer to circumvent this cap. A common cap for a direct metered account is 30kW. If the account is master metered, the customer can exceed this cap and be granted a subscription several times this amount, depending on the number of residents. With a larger subscription, the customer will see greater savings.
Insurance Marketplace Continues to Harden
For 2021, the insurance market continues to harden with significantly higher pricing. After approximately 20 years of a soft, buyer-friendly insurance market, the past few years have seen a firming or hardening market—one that is less friendly to insurance buyers.

While the effects of this hardening insurance market on long term care will depend on a variety of factors, most facilities will see premium increases for their insurance coverage overall. In fact, most facilities may see double-digit rate increases at their renewal.
Turn Your Program Into a Profit Center
When most companies think about
cybersecurity, they’re considering things
like regulatory compliance, loss prevention,
and qualitative risk reduction – all valuable
facets of a well-rounded program. But with
the right strategies and implementation,
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Companies of all sizes are exploring digital
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Help Your Employees Be Financially
Prepared for the Unexpected
Today’s workforce is complex, which makes voluntary benefits especially important. While auto and home insurance may not be top of mind for your benefits program, these coverages provide more options for your employees to improve their financial wellness.
Time to consider?

Just like medical, premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for auto and home insurance are going
up. From auto accidents to natural disasters, there has been an increase in the severity and
frequency of incidents. And without the right coverage, an accident or storm can be devastating
to your employees’ financial wellbeing. With MetLife Auto & Home®, you can give your employees
access to the protection they need to stay prepared for the unexpected. And the support they
need to get back on track.