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Work Family Resource Center (WFRC) is a  501(c) 3 non-profit child care resource and referral agency committed 
to providing consumer education, child care referrals 
and resources to support quality child care.

 Attend our Children's Champion Luncheon  April 25th to meet new  people and eat great food while celebrating leaders who  are  making 
a difference in early education.   Register   by April 21.


Benefits Five Ways to Celebrate and Support the Success of Children With Learning Disabilities.

By celebrating your child's success, you are building their confidence and self-esteem. This is especially important when dealing with children who have learning disabilities because they may have a low self-esteem about their learning disability and their ability to do things in general. Learn more  here

Having Trouble Getting Kids to Sleep For Daylight Savings? Follow our sleeping Tips.

A bedtime routine is a great way to help to help your child get enough sleep.  It will also help the child know what to expect and in many cases, be more cooperative. Learn more  here

Check it Out!
Looking for Summer Camps?  Let Work Family Resource Center help!  We have an extensive list of summer camps in our referral database. We can run FREE customized searches in your area to help you narrow down the best choices based your family's needs.  Learn more here

Have you ever had a passion for working with children, but you think you could not possibly make a career out of it? Learn more here

Job Help! 

Looking for Child Care Financial Assistance?

WFRC offers scholarships to assist families with children ages 
0-5  years, who are not able to afford the full cost of child care.  Families are encouraged to apply.

We currently have a waiting list in which all wait-list families will be contacted to discuss next steps as funds become  available. Get ahead  of the  curve and apply today .