The Handy PEA+: Ideal for rapid, large-scale screening of samples in the field or the greenhouse.
Compact & highly portable. Perfect for both teaching & research applications.
Simple to configure and operate. Define basic measurement functionality directly on the Handy PEA+!
The sensor unit consists of an array of 3 ultra-bright red LEDs which are optically filtered to a peak wavelength of 650 nm at a maximum intensity of up to 3,500 µmol m-2 s-1 at the sample surface. The LEDs are focused via lenses onto the leaf surface to provide uniform illumination over the area of leaf exposed by the leafclip. An optical feedback circuit monitors and corrects changes in the LED output intensity and compensates for intensity changes caused by variation in ambient temperature.

Up to 1,000 recordings of between 0.1 seconds – 300 seconds may be saved in the onboard memory of the Handy PEA+. Calculated parameters may be viewed onscreen with more comprehensive data display achieved by transferring saved data via USB to a PC where the supplied PEA+ Windows® software allows a variety of numerical and graphical presentation options.
Advanced Continuous Excitation Chlorophyll Fluorimeter

Features include:
  • Compact: 170mm x 85mm x 40mm & Lightweight: 565g
  • Large-scale screening capacity up to 1000 full trace data files
  • High time resolution detection for discrimination of fast chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics
  • Saturating high intensity focused LED array for accurate determination of Fmax
  • Upload user-defined, repeatable protocols for automatic field execution
  • Interchangeable sensor unit cables with lengths of up to 20 meters
  • Powerful Windows® data transfer & analysis software included
Leafclips & Dark Adaptation

Leafclips shield the fluorescence detector from ambient light which would otherwise “blind” the sensor due to the comparatively high levels of red/infrared light within the same waveband as the fluorescence itself. They also precondition or dark adapt a section of the sample prior to measurement.
The ideal continuous-excitation chlorophyll fluorimeter for rapid, large-scale screening of samples in the field or the greenhouse.
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