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Dear Friends of Anderson's La Costa,
Greetings! Happy St. Patrick's Day and all things green and springy! Haven't we been patient while we've enjoyed one of the wettest winters in recent years? Can you just imagine what our spring will be like?! Get ready for incredible gardens, amazing blooms throughout the county, and in some cases, lots of allergies. It's gonna be a big one.

Now more than ever is the time to plant. The ground is still soft and the rains are not quite finished...take advantage of the conditions this winter and plant the garden you have always dreamed of. We would love to help you make that happen and we have lots of amazing and beautiful choices for your garden! First, our specials...

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California Lilac
You will not believe these beauties! Drought tolerant and native to our golden state...they are blooming all over the east county and will flower in a neighborhood near you soon!

Su Kraus of Moosa Creek Nursery showing off gorgeous California lilac

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Veggies & Herbs
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Time to get going on your edible garden while the ground is still soft!

Below you'll find  "What's New in the 
Nursery... " by Steven,  including
some  of the awesome new plants 
we have received recently plus March Gardening Tips   to 

Irish or not, we hope you have a very happy and safe St. Patty's Day! We look forward to welcoming you to the nursery soon, especially if you are looking for a little something  green.

Marc,  Mariah and the Team at 
Anderson's La Costa Nursery
What's New at the Nursery
      Steven Froess

Hi Everyone!

I'm so glad we've gotten a few days of sunshine mixed in with this rain. The weather is starting to gear towards our typical spring weather and with the ground soft and saturated it will make for a very nice spring, delayed or not. 

Plants are starting to show signs of life as the temperatures start to warm up. I've particularly noticed the natives springing to life and showing blossoms. Ceanothus/lilac in particular are one of the first California natives to bloom in the late winter and early springtime, followed closely by poppies (what a combo!) and others. Take advantage of our 20% in stock Ceanothus sale for the next few weeks. (Pictures above in first section, nice display of plants up at the front of the nursery near bedding.) 

Plant Talk...
I've observed a surge in hummingbird and bee activity recently. Here are some top pollinator plants in bloom right now: Kalanchoe manganii (in full bloom right now, red tubular flowers pictured below left), Grevillea (lots to choose from, 'Magic lanterns', Long Jon', King's fire', and dwarf rosmarinifolia below right).  Anigozanthos a.k.a. kangaroo paw is in with different colors and sizes.  Once the flower fully opens it's perfect hummingbird nectar!

Jasmine polyanthum, or pink jasmine, the first to bloom and very fragrant - in 4-inch, 6-inch hanging baskets, one-gallon staked, and five-gallon staked all budded and starting to open!

Salvia,  the wish series: 'Ember's wish', 'Wendy's wish' and 'Love and wishes' (below left) and  Justicia rizzinii  (below right with bunnies) are budding and blooming with tubular candy corn colored flowers.  Poppies  are great for bees (Icelandic, California, and Poppy Anemones) and others...there are just too many to name the all!

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite plants at our nursery right now: Our protea and Leucospermum collection is fantastic. The Leucospermums are currently budded and blooming! They have a reputation for being difficult to grow but if you have good drainage, plenty of sunlight, and room for them you shouldn't have too much trouble. 

Crassula 'Buddha's temple' are back in limited numbers, 4-inch plants are in the succulent section. Othonna 'Ruby necklace' (shown below) is a succulent growing rapidly in popularity. Its leaves turn purple in the sun, and has a trailing habit with yellow flowers.

Phormium 'Black adder' is one of my all-time favorite dark leaved plants. There is just something about plants with dark leaves, especially when paired with plants like Podocarpus 'Icee blue', Coleonema   'Sunset gold',  or  Senecio candicans 'Angel wings'  that really compliments a garden.  'Angel wings' is a newer plant but its attributes are very promising (big fuzzy white leaves, yellow flowers, low growing habit, moderate to low water).  See how the contrasting colors work together in this collection below:

Michelia crassipes, in the same family as magnolia, is one of Marc's favorite trees with its graceful habit and fragrant white flowers (they are budded up as you read this!) 

That will conclude my plant list for this week, stay tuned for the rose and fruit tree list in the next issue. Special order roses will be in soon - roses  in bud and bloom  will arrive in another week or two!  I look forward to seeing you all at the nursery well before I see a  leprechaun

Your local horticulturalist,

We would love to help you beautify your outdoor space! If you are interested in updating or creating a new and beautiful garden, our Garden Design Team will be happy to help you! 

A one-hour professional consultation at your home or office starts at $450. During the initial at-home visit, our designer will meet with you to learn about your vision, see your location and layout, take photos and measurements, and provide you with additional recommendations. The Designer will then develop a beautiful customized garden design for you including: 
  • an itemized recommended plant listing
  • a breakdown of costs associated with the proposed design
  • a follow up meeting at the nursery for a presentation of your design including plants samples and suggestions
  • a basic placement sketch for you to review
  • information on how to care for your new garden
For questions and more detail, please c all
760-753-3153  or stop by the nursery. You may also visit our website  to preview our designs and designers at 
GardenTipsMarch Gardening Tips

Among gardening jobs, fertilizing plants is by far the most important garden chore this month. March is also one of the best times to plant ground covers and perennials and most trees, shrubs and vines. Be certain to group plants according to their water needs, their sun/shade requirements and soil type needs.
March is the last month before autumn to plant cool-season flowers and vegetables. Later this month we can start planting some of the warm-season plants. Right on target for our late winter this year!
Plant Veggies:  20% Off Now! You can still plant some cool-season vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, and kale but start planting warm-season vegetables such as beans, summer and winter squashes and early tomato varieties. No need to wait until April to put in heat-lovers such as tomatoes varieties, peppers, melons, eggplant, and okra - we have plenty of warm days ahead of us to get a jump start on these fruits & veggies. And, of course you can plant year-round crops such carrots, beets, swiss chard, and radishes.
For an attractive array of lettuce flavors, textures and colors, choose varieties from as many as you can find - dark greens, light greens, reds, bronzes; butterhead, loose leaf, romaine, and crisp head. Replant every three weeks for continuous harvests of young sweet succulent leaves and heads. Choose varieties that are heat-resistant, bolt-resistant, and less likely to turn bitter when they mature during hot weather.
To continue reading March Gardening Tips, please click here.
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California Lilac/

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