Interior Design and Feng Shui to improve the flow of positive energy
in your home or workplace, and better support you and your family.
"What you have in your home creates your story. 
I want you to surround yourself with what you love-
to be able to express yourself and live in comfort."
- Julie Ann
June, 2019

Have you tried to make life changes before, and things didn’t really work out? Maybe you struggled with motivation or getting things to stick? I just taught the principles of Infinite Possibilities in May, and let me tell you, this class can show you how to make lasting changes in your life.

You may be wondering why I am talking about these internal conflicts. I have been an Interior Designer and Feng Shui consultant for the better part of my career, and Feng Shui is all about creating the life you want by how you create your outer space. Infinite Possibilities tends to your internal needs by helping you open your mind and explore better thought processes. This will create a better outward experience in your life. Feng Shui and Infinite Possibilities are the perfect complement, and lead to a fulfilling life.

I look forward to teaching more Infinite Possibilities classes; the next one will be in September. Register NOW for special early bird pricing.

Right now, I’m working on several interior design projects. I look forward to sharing some before and after photos in future newsletters and on my blog. Check out the 6 tips I offer below on creating a more restful space for your bedroom, and see a recent project I completed—a guest bedroom remodel.

If your home space is no longer serving you, I can design a space that reflects YOU. Contact me for a design consultation.

Warmest Regards,
Julie Ann
Upcoming Classes
Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Living Your Dreams
In this third class in the Change Your Space, Change Your Life Series, I’ll guide you in identifying and working with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intuition to inspire powerful transformation and find true peace and happiness. This is the “behind the scenes” work that will strengthen your Feng Shui design changes.

When: 2-part morning series: Saturday, Sept. 14th and Saturday, Sept. 21st

Where: Cambria Galleria on 7th in Minneapolis

For more information and to register click below.

6 Tips for Creating a Sleeping Sanctuary
  1. Your bedroom should be restful. Limit the use of bright, bold colors and minimize clutter.
  2. Install a solid headboard—this creates support in your life.
  3. Create the perfect vision wall—this is the wall you see when you wake up. Place inspiring art or objects that make you feel good on that wall.
  4. Eliminate storage under the bed—your energy should flow.
  5. Remove the TV or other electronics from the bedroom. If it must be there, hide it behind doors or cover with cloth when not in use.
  6. Don't put a desk in your bedroom. Work energy and restful sleep do not mix.

See how I used these design concepts in a recent guest bedroom remodel.

DIY? Save Yourself the Headache and Hire a Pro
There is a wealth of information available online about designing and buying items for your home. Social media sites such as Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, and others provide beautiful household images and give people ideas on how they can decorate and furnish their own home. Websites like Wayfair can ship you these accessories and, in some cases, window treatments and furniture. In the news recently, Mattress Firm announced they are closing stores because the trend has shifted from buying in the store to buying online with in-home guarantees of satisfaction.

While buying furnishings for your home online definitely serves a purpose, I want you to be aware that there are many situations in which this do-it-yourself process doesn’t work out so well.
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