PNSQC 2018
Thanks for coming!  
Hi PNSQC Attendee,

Thank you for attending PNSQC 2018. I hope that you found the conference useful and informative.  I know you are very busy so this will take only 60 seconds of your time.

I am the volunteer marketing chair for PNSQC. My role is to raise awareness of PNSQC within the software quality community. Our non-profit organization is 99% volunteers, so that’s why it is important to include a diverse group of supporters.

I am reaching out to ask if you or your company would be interested in becoming a sponsor for a portion of the 2019 conference. This could be in the form of paying for the morning coffee and rolls for one day of the conference, hosting an evening reception, or even becoming an exhibitor at the conference.
Please email me at if you know of someone who might want to be a sponsor.

I totally understand if you’re too busy to reply. Even a 1- to 2- line response will make my day.


Moss Drake
Marketing Chair