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Hybrid Meeting at the

Meredith Library

7:00 pm, September 20th, 2023

additional Meredith Sculpture Walk images & Sandwich Fair possibles

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more "Meredith Sculpture Walk" images and some you may wish to consider for Sandwich fair to Arabella - no more than 4 images per member by September 17th please!

PROGRAM for Sept 20th:
more on discussion about Meredith Sculpture Walk images and possibles for the Sandwich Fair
Wayne Justason on Topaz AI
NECCC Competitions

Recap of the LRCC meeting on Sept 6th 2023

Attending in person:June Blake, Carolyn Sharp, Jim Owens, Ian Bryson & his guest, Wayne Justason, Nancy Rand, Mark & Linda, Schocken, Kristin Hand, Dan Robusto, Jeff McEvoy, Arabella & Nat Dane & Traci Hoyt

Attending via Zoom: Melanie Thoenes, Tony Canzano

Linda And Mark gave a brilliant presentation about the impact of rodenticides on the owl population via power point "The Owls of Philippe Park" . It is attached. The recording of the meeting holds the audio of their program.

We reviewed the members images of the Meredith Sculpture Walk, and here is a selection of them.


  • Sandwich Fair's Photo Division:
  • If you are planning on
Entering the Sandwich Fair - Oct 7-9, 2023 here is the information about the photography classes.
On Oct 4th We will have a presentation about the Sandwich Fair Photo Division by Jeff McEvoy.

Upcoming competitions

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please send a check for $30 (per family) made out to
Sharon Nahill, Treasurer,
17 Forest Hill Rd., Meredith NH 03253
if you can't remember if you have paid or not, her email is:

Sincerely, Arabella Dane, LRCC Sec.


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