Enjoy the Last Month of Summer 
With These Activity Ideas
While it may seem like summer is winding down as we begin August, ActivCare at Bressi Ranch is full of energy and excitement  for a schedule of fun. This month is all about activities! How to create, plan, and execute successful activities for those with dementia. This newsletter contains:
  • Engaging with a purpose, activities that instill usefulness
  • 3 Steps for SSSuccessful activities
  • Just how important is structure for those with dementia?
  • Plus-Be on the look out for this Medicare scam 
  • Meet the Executive Director- Natasha Perez
  • Get Out & Grill- Trivia to stump your next BBQ guests
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Read on.
Sizzling Summer Activities Planned for
ActivCare at Bressi Ranch! 

August means the end of summer for most people, but for us, summer never really ends. We always have something fun planned, check out whats on the agenda for August! 

August 14 August 28 are the next  Caregiver Support Meetings  starting  at 10:30 am
All are welcome!
What's Cooking?

Check out all of the tasty meals at the community planned for August.

August Menus
Resident in the Spotlight:
John Johnson

What a treat it has been to have John as one of our residents here at ActivCare at Bressi Ranch. John is our Resident in the Spotlight this month. Read more about John's interesting life!

John was born and raised living the "lake life" in Port Huron, Michigan. He was a hard worker from the start, picking up random jobs wherever he could, often lawn-mowing. At the age of 16 he began scuba diving and helped out at his father's scuba shop retrieving lost items from the lake floor and excavating sunken ships. (How fascinating!)

John headed to a community college after high school and eventually transferred to Central Michigan University-Go Chipps! There John received a degree in Journalism which led to a job working for a newspaper. Eventually John began buying up failing newspapers and turning them into successful publications. Among some of his most memorable professional experiences was working in the courtroom on some high profile cases. In his downtime, John loves to play golf.

John has three beautiful children with his first wife. His second wife, Cherie, and he have traveled all over Europe together many times. Their favorite thing to do together? Enjoy the beautiful weather Southern California always has to offer.

You might see John's little white dog, Yum Yum, who often comes to visit and spread love to all the residents.

John is a friend to many. With his quick wit and contagious smile, he brings laughter and joy to others. Thank you for being you John, we are so lucky to have such an exceptional and intelligent member of our family here at ActivCare at Bressi Ranch.

The Value of Structure

For those living with memory loss, a sense of present time or date is something that can disappear. This can cause daily confusion, fear and anxiety. The good news is that caregivers can help. By providing loved ones with structure and a regular routine, feelings of stress and anxiety can be reduced. 

Here are some helpful tips for creating a routine in every day:
  • Make every day easy to remember by writing out the daily schedule on a white board. Include helpful hints such as the day of the week, date, and year.
  • Plan stimulating activities during their most energetic hours, plan downtime during times of tiredness.
  • Communicate each event in the day simply and kindly. Avoid getting frustrated when your loved one forgets or gets distracted.
  • Create a "daily special." For example; Mondays are coffee and donuts day, Tuesdays are favorite dessert days, and Wednesdays are omelet days. Daily specials can serve as "markers" to help aid with remembering what day it is. Sundays can serve as "newspaper days," for your loved one to flip through the paper.

Creating a Daily Care Plan
What Makes A SSSuccessful Activity?

Remember the three S's when planning an activity for your loved one.
            • Simple
            • Safe
            • Scheduled
A successful activity is one that is simple to explain, safe from any potential harm, and scheduled at the best time during your loved one's regular routine.
Purpose over perfection should be emphasized when planning activities for those with memory loss. It's about creating engaging activities that instill a feeling of usefulness, not perfection. It is okay if an activity does not go as planned, or if your loved one does not complete. 

Once something is no longer stimulating, be ready to clean up and select another activity.
Most activities can be adapted to fit the capabilities of your loved one. Think about what they used to enjoy doing and consider how the activity can be modified to meet their current abilities. For example, if your loved one used to garden, let them place flowers into pots at the table and provide them with a cup of soil to fill around with their hands. If the activity is broken down to easy steps, your loved one will enjoy contributing successfully.

Practical Tips For The Caregiver
Meaningful Activities for August 

Provided are some activity ideas that will help with instilling purpose and usefulness into every day.
  • Ask your loved one to sort socks in the laundry. Putting like items together can be helpful.
  • Help them plant a mini herb garden. Plan a time every day to water the plants and check on their progress. Plus, herbs can stimulate the senses.Try planting herbs like basil, thyme, or rosemary for their captivating aromas.
  • Make a playlist; put a few of your loved one's favorite songs on it that they can listen to when they need a pick-me-up. Add in some interactive instruments such as tambourines or maracas for a stimulating music session.
  • Box it up! Create a memory box filled with items from the past. Throw in pictures, dolls, a baseball, or an old pair of gardening gloves to spark conversation.
  • Find a furry friend. Schedule time for a dementia-friendly animal to visit your loved one. The connection between animal and human transcends all disabilities.
Friendly Reminder: 
Don't be scammed

Something to be aware of: Scammers are using the recent re-distribution of Medicare cards (without Social Security numbers) to solicit charges for the new card. There should be NO charge for the new cards. If you or a loved one are being told by anyone that there is a charge, report the statements to the resources provided below: 

                                          Scams & Identity Theft Resources
Natasha Perez
Meet the Executive Director  

Meet Natasha Perez, she is the warm and inviting face you may have seen around our community. Often she is helping residents into the bus for a "Scenic Bus Ride," or getting her hands dirty as she aids a resident during a gardening session. Natasha is also the hard-working Executive Director behind all the magic at ActivCare at Bressi Ranch.

Natasha grew up in San Diego and has been "spoiled" all her life with beautiful weather, Balboa Park, and her favorite thing of all...beaches. Natasha would live on the beach if she could, claiming she has "always been a beach person." One of her most memorable moments was when she traveled to France by herself to compete in an Iron Man Race. Along with competing she marveled at delicious foods and spectacular views. 

If Natasha never had to sleep she would take art classes, fulfilling the art major that she once was pursuing but eventually changed. She would also learn a new language, preferably French or Italian.

Natasha is most inspired by the people she works with. She is motivated to come into work every day with a positive attitude, knowing it will encourage others to do the best they can for the betterment of the residents.

Thank you Natasha for your positive attitude and kind heart, we appreciate all that you do for ActivCare at Bressi Ranch. Say hello to Natasha on your next visit!

Get Out & Grill Trivia
Stump your guests with these trivia questions at your next summer barbecue
          1. The name of this flying creature describes slicing a slab of meat nearly in half and unfolding it flat.
          2. Manual ice cream machines require adding this condiment to the ice before churning the ingredients.
          3. This is the term for applying a seasoned liquid while grilling to keep the food soft and moist.
          4. This is the best time to apply barbecue sauce when grilling.
          5. Salmon is often grilled on this type of wood plank to add flavor.
Answers: 1. butterfly, 2. salt, 3. basting, 4. end of grilling, 5. cedar
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