Wishing you Blessings of good times, good cheer
& a healing, rebuilding new year.
Hello Friends!
I want to thank you for your business even though it was limited this year due to Covid, plus your loyalty, & invaluable support this past year. 2020 is no doubt a year that will be boldly etched in the history books! During this year, I personally "grew" finding my inner strength to pursue higher goals to apply in the future. I became a certified Digital Professor at Valencia College & after 8 years there, taught my 1st semester (Belly Dance) virtually. I also got my Zumba certification/license to teach at Valencia College, too. Although all the entertainment gigs that normally sustain me were all but gone, & the
A MAGI Temple closing, I found the blessings & "silver linings" in the little things I could accomplish & resources I found within myself to survive & nourish my Art. My fellow
A MAGI Dance Members & I produced a fun "Halloween Spirits Show" & Winter Holiday Spirit Dance Videos (see video links below!) plus I taught classes virtually for dancers all over the world, & started some live classes to continue in 2021. Another "silver lining" for me and maybe you, is that I "found" myself letting go of that which I didn't need, finding what I needed & feeling the Blessings! I let go of excess & overindulgence (except during Holiday eatings!) & felt the weight of life's load easing. 2020 was a Zen experience! Plus the beauty of 2020 was the incredible amount of love, compassion & support from people who could help & felt others' pain while helping to replenish a lack of resources. I am so grateful for the beauty & Blessings these people bestowed upon me & others. Let's continue to be there for one another in whatever capacity we can to rebuild & buildup each other while nourishing ourselves into a better year: 2021, a year to be Light. As we close 2020, I'm taking advantage of the Covid vaccination. This way more immunity will help to lower the Covid rates & we'll begin to collectively heal & get back to "business as usual." Until then, I am looking forward to seeing & dancing with you again in
Have a Blessed Christmas Season & New Year!
Melanie LaJoie - A MAGI Founder/Owner/Director
A MAGI World Belly Dance Videos
Winter Holiday Season 2020 Creations!
A MAGI Dancers: Cathy "Katriana," Bethany, Wanda, Wendy & Melanie LaJoie
2021 January Belly Dance Classes by Melanie
Live & Virtual!
All Levels - Level 1 & Up: Belly Dance FIT FUN
Saturdays 11am-Noon - Zoom
(Fun Warmups, Exhilerting Raks Sharqi Combos!) watch for Upcoming LIVE classes

Level 2: (Classical & Shaabi combos & choreography: Cairo Balady & Leylet Houb)
Wednesdays 4:30pm-dark Live in Park Sodo
(limited RSVPs, weather permitting, passed Level 1)

Advanced Workshops (Vintage Belly Dance: "Aziza")
Mondays 7-8pm Zoom & Live (Classical Choreography to a Belly Dance Classic!)

Coming! Live In-Person Workshops - stay tuned!
Belly Dance for College Credit At Valencia College with Professor "Ms. Melanie!"
Psychic Readings for 2021
Ask A MAGI Melanie
What do 2021 Stars say?
Astrology, Cards, Runes & Angel Messages
$25/Reading (Reg. $30) book by 1/10/2021 Virtual on Zoom or Skype
Also Live or Virtual Psychic Parties & Events!
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