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GTSC and Homeland Security Today bring you the foremost contacts in border security - online or in-person.

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2020 proved incredibly difficult for many venues, so with recent cancellations of many border security events and activities, HSToday invites you to join us to increase your visibility, maintain your contacts, and find new leads with our traditional offerings, some new launches, and the foremost digital presence in border security: www.HSToday.us

What started as a day-long conference in 2011 became weeks of the top leadership and decision-makers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection joining us to share insights, directions and information about the future of border security. Gaining speakers and contacts that increase every year, we expanded our program to 3 weeks of speakers from every division in CBP. NEW in 2021 we'll be adding a virtual expo for you to share your innovations, new products and services online!

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Given many of the recent cancellations, GTSC will host an International Border Symposium to discuss the challenges, technologies, and policies that will maintain trade and reinforce the security of people and cargo. Includes a virtual expo!

HSToday will release a series of interviews, articles and freatures focused on the Southern Border. The special addition will include government and industry interviews, feature innovative technology, and visit some of the bleeding edge companies evolving the technologies needed to protect and defend the border.

HSToday's border security subject matter page AND our Border Security and Immigration newsletter is one of the most visited in our portfolio. Annually, hundreds of thousands of border security officials -- from leadership to front-line operators - come to HSToday to learn the state of border security. Start your advertising campaign today and start reaching new clients as early as next week!

Homeland Security Today brings you exposure to 85,000+ subscribed leaders, and is read by the uppermost echelons of the agencies that matter. In 2020 1.8 million users visited us to learn more about the facts, people, and policies protecting and supporting the nations borders.

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For the last two years, Homeland Security Today has redefined and developed the most comprehensive database of homeland security professionals in the nation. Our subscribers from U.S. Customs & Border Protection, is unrivalled. Leaders in homeland read, write, and collaborate with Homeland Security Today to bring the ideas, solutions, and collaborations to the nation's border security leadership.