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Devote Yourself to Something That can Help
Devote Yourself to Something That Can Help
by Barbara Bowyer, Presbytery Moderator

During the past several weeks, we have been encouraged by our local congregations, Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery, and PC(USA) to get involved in current events especially as they relate to racial justice. Reverend Travis Winckler, pastor of Second Presbyterian (my home church), acknowledged to his congregation that, for many of us, marching in the streets during this time of pandemic is not a viable option. Frankly, I count myself among those who are hesitant to take to the streets. We realize that our age puts us at higher risk to experience serious outcomes should we contract COVID-19. For others, prevailing health issues necessitate that they refrain from large gatherings. But take heart! “Not everyone is a front-liner, and that’s OK because we need all types of people,” says Andréa Hudson, an activist based in North Carolina. “There are many ways people can help out from their homes, and we need people to do it. We need everyone to show up.” What does that look like? I’d like to offer a few suggestions (in no particular order) on how you might join the protest from home.  Click here to continue to read
General Assembly #224 Events
Giddings-Lovejoy Commissioners
Elder, Carrie Schildroth
First Presbyterian, Alton, IL

Rev. Erin Counihan
Oak Hill Presbyterian, St. Louis, MO

Elder, Ellen Schroeder
Second Presbyterian, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Jeff Snell
Trinity Chapel Presbyterian, Cuba, MO
June 26-27
From Lament to Hope
To watch the assembly Live, please visit their homepage, by clicking here . They will also go live on Facebook, and can be found here.
NOTE - The Presbytery has already purchased Pre and Post GA#224 bulletin inserts for all of our congregations. There is no need for congregations to purchase them.
Upcoming Events & News
Presbytery Upcoming Virtual Meetings
June 26-27
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Mon., June 29
11 a.m. - Social Witness - Click Here
12 p.m. - Rural Pastors - Click Here
Fri., July 3
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Medicaid Expansion On the Ballot
Many Missouri families are slipping through the cracks in our healthcare system — forced to choose between paying for life-saving care and putting food on the table or making a mortgage payment to keep their home. These families earn too much to qualify for Medicaid and not enough to be able to afford coverage on the health insurance exchange.
Medicaid expansion closes that coverage gap and ensures that hardworking Missourians will have access to affordable healthcare. It helps people nearing retirement who have lost their insurance, those with chronic medical conditions, and all Missourians who earn less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level (that’s less than $18,000 for an individual or $30,000 for a family of three). Medicaid expansion would provide healthcare to more than 230,000 Missourians - including more than 50,000 parents and 18,000 near retirees.
Devotionals Welcomed
Pastors and friends,
Would you like to share a 3-5” YouTube devotional with a community of senior adults? Residents at Aberdeen Heights Sr Living would enjoy hearing different faces and voices for a brief morning devotional on our CCTV. Listeners would be residents and staff, mostly mainline Christian, with some Jewish and Muslim members of the community as well. If interested, please contact Chaplain Julie A Berger at jaberger@pmma.org o r send me your YouTube link(s). Short and sweet, thoughtful and sensitive to all faith traditions is the idea.
June 30, 2020 • 1:00 p.m.
We are living in history. What is our context for thanksgiving and praise? This season is more than challenging. But, we are not alone. We worship as a community of faith. We are God’s household. This webinar will look at foundational images of the Body of Christ. We will use those images to formulate how we structure and create our thanksgiving and what we do and say when we are at a loss for words.
New Worshiping Communities
Dreaming and Discerning
Tues., Aug. 18 at 7:00 p.m.

Although many of our buildings may be closed for now, our churches are creatively open, continuing and even expanding the reach of their mission and ministry, with God’s Spirit inspiring many of us to see visions and dream dreams in ways we might not have imagined a few short months ago.  Learn more here.
Please RSVP your interest to Leigh Porter at lporter@glpby.org . A Zoom link will be sent to you before the meeting in August.
Social Action
The Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy has a new tab on the home page of their website , dedicated to Social Action. If you have questions on how you can engage in the work of combating racial inequality and injustice, please visit the resources under the Social Action tab.
If you have questions or suggestions of additional resources, please email: communication@glpby.org
Kids Bored? Consider Virtual Camp
Summer Camp 2020
Campers go to   https://moundridge.org/virtual-camp/   to register for this free program. We then send packages of supplies to the campers and they follow along online! Space is limited so please register asap!
Camp runs June 15- July 17th and the website is open until August 1st. 
Self-Care and Mental Health
Let's Talk about Self-Care
These days, it is more and more clear there are those who know the practices of self-care and those who don't. In this short video, Synod Executive Landon Whitsitt offers a brief introduction to caring for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Click here
Light for the Darkness
Feeling anxious or depressed, or know someone who is? Light for the Darkness has started a virtual group for anyone struggling with mental health to connect with others who understand and explore where God may be in the midst. Sundays at 4:30pm. Please connect with Thirza Sayers, who is intimately aware of these struggles, if you have any questions at thirzasayers@gmail.com or 404.313.4549
FREE 24 Hour Counseling

Pastors and other Board of Pension members, Cigna is offering a separate 24-hour toll-free help line, to support resiliency during this time of high stress and anxiety, and can be reached by calling 866-912-1687 to connect with qualified clinicians, including licensed social workers, professional counselors, and psychologists, who can provide support and guidance.
Keep Connected
Presbytery COVID19 Response
Matthew 25 - In Difficult Times
We want to hear your stories!
  • How is your congregation remaining or becoming even more vibrant?
  • How are you reaching out to your neighbors in creative ways?
  • How have you participated in the Presbyterians Care Movement?
Send us your comments to lporter@glpby.org o r call 314-772-2395. We hope to hear from you soon!