Edition 12 - Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation



Thank you Mother for teaching me

To lift my heart in Praise

Filling my Spirit with gladness

For the blessings of the Beauty Way


 You have taught me how to sing

How to rejoice, dance, and drum,

And how to show my gratitude

For the abundance that will come.


You have shown me the magic of

A change in the mind and heart,

An attitude made of the Wisdom

That Celebration of Life imparts.


I sing the Truth of thankfulness

When I greet Grandfather Sun,

Then send my Love to Mother Earth

for the Life Force that makes us One.


Jamie Sams

12th Clanmother - Gives Praise

the Thirteen Original Clanmothers


Crystal Rabbit Moon 

May 30 - June 26 2015 




Moon Kisses Earth in the House of Sun:


Complex Stability

Dancing with Paradox

Empowered Navigation

Awareness of Synchronicity



Greater Constellation

Framework of Connectedness

Stability in Expansion




Liberating new Perceptions

Crystal Grid Network

Healing and Wholing

Dancing into New Beginnings

Navigating and Birthing with Heart

Love and Compassion

Gratitude for the Journey

Seeding From Center

Opening into New Dimensions



 Greetings Fellow Travelers! 


Welcome to the 28 day cycle of the 


Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation 


 12th Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons.


This Moon begins with

Dreamspell Kin #57 (Red Overtone Earth) 

on day 5 of the Red Skywalker Wavespell


and ends with


Dreamspell Kin #84 (Yellow Rhythmic Seed)

on day 6 of the Blue Storm Wavespell





This Crystal Rabbit Moon invites

the Questions and Contemplations:



How do I dedicate myself to All that Lives?


What is my Contribution to the

Whole of Which I am a Part?

What form can I incarnate into to best make this contribution?


How do I best work Synergistically with Others?


Am I in alignment with Earth and Heaven, attuned and grounding my insights, bringing inspiration Home for myself and for all to share? Is my Vision both Deep and Wide?


How am I integrating what I have learned so far on my Journey?


Am in in Need of New and Liberating Perspectives?


Am I listening to and heeding the 'Still Small Voice' within?


Do I take the Time to get in touch with and listen to the messages of the Natural World ? How might I best do this?


Am I experiencing Life as an Adventure, embracing opportunities for Fun, Learning, Deep Transformation, and New Insights?

Do I experience Dissonance as an opportunity for growth, and Polarity as an opportunity to expand my vision?


Am I prepared to take the leap into Un-patterned Potential?



Try Reflecting on what feels most important

to you and, listening deeply for an answer, open to the

many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....





Insights for the Time


The Crystal Rabbit Moon is the 12th of the 13 Moons in a Dreamspell Cycle. It always signals a time of integrating and beginning to prepare for a new round of experience. It marks a time of reflecting on what has been for the last 11 moons (and prior) and a time for looking ahead with new Hope and for opening to New and Expanded Vision, all the while learning to Savor and Bee in the Moment. It is a time for integrating all that we have learned (after having released what no longer serves) and for doing what we need to do to stabilize and find our present place of Dancing in Flow.


The words and phrases listed under the "Moon Kisses Earth in the House of Sun" image above are multilayered themes and focuses that we may now be experiencing in our lives. For each of us, different aspects may be highlighted, expressing in a variety of ways and combinations and at different levels of intensity and awareness. Some we may be able to identify as ongoing themes for us as we peel away yet another layer to find what treasure and simple truth  lie underneath. Our journeys are our own.


While writing about each of the Moon Cycles in this Red Solar Moon Year (July 26 2014 - July 24 2015) a 'common thread' pattern came to light that it feels important to share. This pattern seems to express through Solar Seal and Color the process of putting our insides outside. highlighting the move toward Authentic Expression in the World of Form that is inherently transformative by its very nature. I'd bet most of us have felt it.


It was exciting to see more tangibly via SolarTribe and Color the energetic support of this Cycle of Becoming and Unfolding that we have been experiencing as I work my own process in the weaving of systems. The insights are shared in the Trinity of Kin section below.


Synodic Cycle of Venus: Current Cycle Overtone Capricorn


Venus is a 'sacred planet' which means that it has reached a perfected stage of evolution within the solar system. Hence it is able to impart its harmonious vibrations and bring into wholeness that which is 'non-sacred', in conflict or separation. Venus is to the Earth what the soul is to the personality, hence it plays an extremely important role in human evolution. ~Philip Lindsey 


Divine Feminine Overtone in Play:

Grandmother, Wise Woman, Crone. Council of Elders , Loving Responsibility


Venus is hierarchical (spirit centered) ruler of Capricorn


On May 21st. 2015 Venus in Cancer (while conjunct the Moon) entered the 3rd Eye Chakra Gate of Perception reclaiming her Visionary Power in her Ascent as Evening Star in the Current Venus Synodic Cycle. This particular Cycle began on January 17, 2014 at her Heliacal rise at 21 Capricorn and ends August 20, 2015 as she rises again in Leo .


This 584 day cycle chronicles the mythic story of Inanna and her descent into the underworld and her empowered ascent into a new Divine Feminine archetype (represented by Venus). The actual orbital cycle of Venus uniquely traces a 5-pointed star in the sky,


It may be a wonderful time to reflect on your life back to January 17 2014 as well. What types of processes have you been through? What have you been encouraged to let go of? What new insights have you gleaned? How do you feel that you have been empowered (or not)? Do you feel that you are seeing with more clarity since January 2014? What are you noticing and feeling in the world in general?


On June 20th, in week 4 (Ripening) of this Moon, Venus enters the Crown Chakra gate at 13 Leo, reclaiming her  Crown of Authority on her continued ascent. Her "Crown" was the first vestment she relinquished on her Descent into the Underworld on February 25 2014 at 24 Capricorn. Can you draw any correlations between then and now? How does your sense of Authority feel different (or not)? Do you feel you surrendered in a moment surrounding a certain issue, perhaps felt a sense of loss, and eventually gained something more transcendent (an inner strength/security) as a result?


Each Venus Synodic Cycle is an energetic passage for everyone. As a Collective the overtone Capricorn connects with Wisdom and Responsibility. Its a concern  "For the Next 7 Generations" kind of expression (in its positive light) weighing issues and decisions with long term vision and concern for our tribe. Its a practical and pragmatic kind of vision Venus here imparts. A question she may ask of an idea or concept could be "Does it grow corn?". Each sign Venus then transits during this 584 days carries its own vibration with the additional overtone of Capricorn.


 Every 8 years, however, each of us will have a personal return which often indicates a more personal experience of the Synodic Passage (and the Inanna myth). What an opportunity to create new Story!


So turning 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72. 80, 88. 96, 104 etc somewhere within the Synodic Cycle's beginning and ending dates would make it a personal Venus Cycle for you


If you are interested in the Synodic Cycles of Venus (or other planets) I encourage you to explore Shamanic Astrology and other resources available online.


 Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

and Connection to Venus


Mercury turned retrograde in Gemini on May 18th coinciding with the New Moon in Taurus and a few days before Venus entered the Third Eye gate of Perception reclaiming her Visionary Power. (May 21).


Mercury retrograde in a sign it rules (Gemini) and in the sign that Venus rules esoterically (Gemini) seems to suggest an opportunity to reflect deeply on the nature of Paradox and Polarity, finding a place of Clarity and Acceptance within ourselves that is Healing, Wholing and Empowering - A place of HEART. All very supportive of this Crystal Rabbit Moon


Rather than view this retrograde phenomenon as disruptive to Communication (if you do) try considering it as a deepening and harmonizing time of reflection and integration. of new insights, and of networking in ever more meaningful ways.


Venus herself will turn retrograde on July 25, 2015 (Dreamspell Day Out of Time)  in the first degree of Virgo. It feels as though there is an opportunity to arrive at more clarity during this time  that will assist in the Soul Level decisions and understandings to come revealing more to us about the Essence of the Art of Living and what that means to and for each of us and as a collective passage.




Patterns, Symmetry and the Trinity of Kin



Exploring the Trinity of Kin that draws from both the Dreamspell and Longcount calendars and that utilizes a synthesis of the two has been a rewarding and expanding practice that contains beautiful symmetry.


The Dreamspell calendar is a revised modern version of the more traditional Mayan Longcount. These seem to represent individually the Imaginal Visionary Realm linked with the Crown Chakra (Dreamspell) and the Phenomenal Earth  Realm (Longcount aka New Earth Resonance) connected with the Root Chakra. Together they hold clues about the energy that brings Heaven to Earth. A third Kin, the Ecstatic Realm Heart Bridge is found through combining the 2 - an energy of harmonizing.


During the current Red Solar Moon year, on Day 1 of every Moon, the Solar Tribe in the Dreamspell Position (Imaginal Visionary) is repeated on the last Day of the Moon in the 3rd Phenomanal New Earth Resonance Position. In all cases they are in the Red-East-Earth-Initiating Family that includes Red Dragon, Red Serpent, Red Moon, Red Skywalker, and Red Earth.


Note the Dreamspell's Red Moon is repeated  in the New Earth Resonance position on the Last day. This feels to reflect a process each moon of working imaginally (Dreamspell) with an energetic principle/archetype (Red Moon) that seeks to ground itself more fully (New Earth Resonance) by the end of the 28 day cycle


Day 1:

Last Day:




This Red Solar Moon year is in the 13 Year Red Dragon Wavepell thus linked also with nurturing and birthing new archetypes into the collective through the completion of cycles and the beginning of new ones.  .Red Dragon's Catalytic phrase is "Establish the Genesis" and Red Moon "Opens the Portals"


Red is a color of energy, passion, awakening, courage, action, survival and also potentially of anger. It generally is associated with the Root Chakra and as mentioned above in this system corresponds to East, Earth and Initiating.


The first and last days of each moon in this year have specific color associations as well. The first day always a PALE VIOLET day (Red + Blue + White) , and the last day a CORAL day ( Yellow + Red + Red)


Violet generally has an association with spirituality and with the Crown Chakra. Pale Violet is Violet to which light has been introduced. In the Aura-Soma color care system this is referred to as intense violet and linked with the Ascended Master St Germain and the Violet Flame. St Germain invites us to transmute the negativity of the past. release the desire to be invisible, refine our expression, and to step forth to act as a CATALYST in the world. This begins as we express ourselves authentically, putting our insides outside...birthing our Butterfly Selves -


When reflecting on the Coral that lives in the Sea, it is notable that its spiny bony structure is on the outside - a contrast to its soft spongy interior - quite the opposite from us with our flesh on the outside covering our bony skeletal structures within; rich food for contemplation should you care to do so.


Coral lives a symbiotic life undersea providing home and shelter for a diverse population of fish. In healthy symbiotic relationships all parties benefit equally (although not necessarily in the same fashion) providing helpful services and modes for each other and modeling interdependent living.


As we transform we will come to more consciously and intimately know,  without question, the nature of the Butterfly Effect as well as our deep connection to Universal Water and the Oceans of our world.



More will be written and posted at Loominosity soon about patterns unfolding - in the Planetary Wizard Year beginning on July 26 2015, a shift in pattern will emerge and on March 1 2016 a more dramatic shift will take place. Until then, visit Loominosity to find additional pages posted under the header  Dreamspell: tools for your ongoing treasure mapping and discovery. Others to follow soon.





Magic Butterfly Dreams 



Trinity of Kin for first and last days of this

Crystal Rabbit Moon


the words express several of many facets of their combined energies.


May 30, 2015



Cosmic Dancer Initiates Navigating New Beginnings,

 Empowered and Aligned


Compassionately Embracing ALL of Self and Others

 is Healing, Wholing.

I/We experience the Power of Truth, Reflection and Unconditional Love


Synergistically, I/We Work and Play together

opening doorways to New Understanding and Creating Passages into a Love-Filled World





June 26, 2015



 Primordial Mother's Synchronicity Seeds

Create Forms that express Equal Opportunity

and allow for New Perspectives and

the Balanced use of Vital Energy


Seeding the Earth with Trust in the Source of Divine Nurturance is Liberating. I/We dance life shape-shifting to meet the moment in just-right timing.


Trusting that WE CAN and Knowing that WE WILL: The Power of Flowering supports Earth Keepers Planting, Harvesting, Birthing Anew and Humanity living in Harmony with each other and the Natural World. 





Week 1: May 30 - June 5 Red Week to INITIATE

Week 2: June 6 - 12 - White Week to REFINE

Week 3: June 13 - 19 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM

Week 4: June 20 - 26 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 13, The Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence where Complexity moves toward Simplicity and from where we take magical flight! 




(A Poem/Story of Hope, Magic, Empowerment and Bridging Worlds)


"This satisfies my urgent need for solitude",
Kaya thought to herself as she sat quietly on a tree stump deep in the forest. 

 The scents of pine and honeysuckle hung delightfully heavy in the air. 

Treetops bowed to some invisible entity as the wind whistled past
sounding notes she faintly recognized.  Kaya watched and listened, mesmerized.

So deep was the connection she felt to earth and heaven,
both seemed to merge in iridescent hues, swirling spiraling designs
that melded with the remnants of long-forgotten dreams. 

All motion ceased and a bridge stood before her with a sign pointing
that read 'To The Future'. 

Millions of bubbles rising from a stream below floated around the bridge,  dancing on the breeze.

Extending her arm with open hand, a delicately formed sphere 
came to rest on her palm. 


It seemed to breathe, then to vibrate, and bursting open, a tiny fairy appeared!

"Who are you?" Kaya questioned her, surprised. 

 "I am", she replied, "Does it matter who?
Isn't the fact that I am enough for you?"  

 "Well....um" Kaya stammered, at a loss for words.  

 "Follow me!" said the Fairy. with dainty wings drumming the air.

And so Kaya followed that captivating creature, so bold and yet so small; that tiny fantasy, or was she?
(real or the makings of a broken mind or an overactive imagination?)
across the bridge to the other side. 

What lie beyond the bridge, much to Kaya's dismay, was a vast, vast space filled with unidentifiable shape-shifting forms in spectra grey;
nothing at all like the glorious colors and designs that she had seen just ? mile behind.

"So this is it?", Kaya thought. "Interesting, no doubt...
but so drab, so vague, and certainly not what I had envisioned".

And that tiny little being who somehow knew, said as she handed Kaya a rainbow colors palette and paintbrush with crystal handle:
"Paint the day, I have uncovered the Way, the rest is up to you!"

She then quickly withdrew into a circle of vibrant light,
scattering fairy dust before its radius diminished and disappeared from sight.

Kaya was again aware of the tree stump, the honeysuckle, and the pine.  "How long have I been sitting here?" she thought aloud,
"It must be way past early afternoon". 

Feeling something in her pocket, she reached inside, pulling out a paintbrush with a finely-faceted crystal handle.

Kaya held it up in front of her, enchanted as the setting sun's rays
became refracted beams splayed into exquisite patterns at her feet.... ....




To be continued in Issue 13 - The Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence






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