Electric Deer Moon of Service Edition



September 20th - October 17th, 2014


Dreamspell Kin #65 (Red Cosmic Serpent) - Kin #92 (Yellow Magnetic Human)


 Greetings Fellow Travelers! 


September 20th begins the Electric Deer Moon of Service, 3rd Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons. This Electric Moon begins with Kin 65, Red Cosmic Serpent, on the 13th and final day of the Red Skywalker Wavespell of Wakefulness, Exploring, and New Directions. It is also in the Red Solar Moon Year.

 The 13th tone, Cosmic, is the Tone of Presence and Transcendence, a tone of Universal Movement inviting us to take the leap and surrender to the workings of destiny. Red Skywalker is also the 13th Solar Tribe, so the number 13 and its vibration is really emphasized.

This third Electric Deer Moon ends on a Magnetic (1) tone day (Yellow Magnetic Human) so that there is an Alpha Omega feel to this time...Through our Presence we Serve by taking magical flight, creating new beginnings that align with our purpose and destiny and releasing what no longer serves us as we Transform,  discovering anew our Cornucopia of Gifts and Divine Connection.


The Electric Deer Moon of Service invites the Questions:

  •  How might I Best be of Service?
  • How does my Creativity Express my Spiritual Journey?
  • What is my Truth?


Tone 3 (Electric) infuses the Deer Moon with Movement and Rhythm. It is a time of change and of integration. In whatever ways we have felt polarized, we may feel inspired to change the ways in which we have been perceiving. 3 Activates 2 (Polarity) so that both sides are acknowledged and embraced as parts of the whole. In 3 something totally new can be created. Challenge is seen as Opportunity and Gift. A new perspective can be incredibly healing and liberating!

Imagine the phases of the Moon.  When waxing and waning only part of the moon can be seen - the rest is in shadow. At the Full Moon it is glowing and showing its entire face. The Full Moon takes place when the Moon is Opposing the Sun - Polarity - and yet the potential for expanded awareness in the fullness of its  reflected Light is great. The Fullness of its light is also the screen upon which Shadow is exposed for clear viewing and for acceptance for all ready to do so. Within that expanded awareness we find our present truth and may see that truth and the truths of others more clearly and without judgment.

Through connecting with the Divine and our own inner light, we invoke a Sacred Trinity of Love and can become the third point of light that illumines our own landscape and assists others by reflecting outwardly all that we are inside: Love made visible. 


A Container For Transformation  

This Deer Moon contains the entire White Worldbridger and Blue Storm Wavespells (and begins on the last day of the Red Skywalker Wavespell and ends on the first day of Yellow Human as stated above). The Human Body of the World (and that is ALL of us) is realizing a new Celestial Connection - with the opportunity to Activate and/or Refine our Light Bodies so that collectively we may shine brighter and more harmoniously than ever before.


Flow with the sacred river - ride the changing currents; all possibilities exist within flow. Your Dreams are guiding you to your Sacred work in the world. Follow your Soul's Calling - Follow your Heart - Sometimes it can feel dark; the light at the end of the tunnel cannot be seen - Have faith and remain connected to the Light within - feel comfort, awe, and amazingness in Divine Darkness - All that you experience is in Preparation for your Emergence!  


"Banish the word 'struggle' from your attitude and your vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we've been waiting for. "

Hopi Elders Oraibi

Arizona Hopi Nation 




 Kin 65 - Red Cosmic Serpent

I endure (enjoy)

in order to survive (thrive)

Transcending Instinct

I seal the store of Life Force

with the Cosmic tone of Presence

I am guided by the power of Universal Water


"Enduring and Surviving are wonderful instinctual skills necessary for existing - EnJOYing and Thriving are born of Presence and Transcendence and the gifts of truly living! Conscious Dreamer I have found my wings to Fly"

 This is the Serpents Liberation Freedom Mantra as he/she writes a new story, sings a new song....heals...awakens...takes magical flight



Considering A Sacred Trinity of Kin


In Considering a Sacred Trinity of Kin for the first Day of this Moon and as suggestive of its Tone we find: (You can read about this Process Here)

A Sacred Trinity of Kin Reveal this Opportunity...


Dreamers Bigger-Picture Self:

Conscious Dreamer steps through the Mirror

into the Greater Reality, Diamond Bodied,

Empowered, Whole


A Time of Awakening


As I was preparing this newsletter, a wonderful Synchronicity came to light when I received Ariel Spilsbury's 13 Moon Mystery School Autumn Equinox Newsletter and read her message that focused on Awakening and the life cycle of Dragonfly. I had been reflecting upon the nature of that very passage (Dragonfly) while looking at a SoulCollage�  card (#92 below) in my deck and how all relates to my own life work and passage as well as how this storyline connected collectively.


The Dragonfly Cycle is certainly one symbolic of Awakening, Emergence, and following a deeply rooted Soul code, albeit unconscious at first. Like the 13th Cosmic tone of Creation the Dragonfly Cycle calls this incredible being as nymph to venture forth into the unknown, and crawl up a blade of grass into the Sun to ultimately surrender and awaken to its destiny and to become 'empowered' through that process.


Ariel also speaks, in her newsletter, about the Mayan's masterfully mapping out hidden mutations for us should we choose to discover and make use of them.


What I know for sure about my own experience is that in the time that I have been actively working with Mayan Codices a magical playing field has opened up wide and connects with all else. Indeed it has been an experience of Re-Union, Re-Connection, and a Grand Adventure that is always showing me something new and valuable.


Its not about specific facts or one Truth because (as we know) there are many. Its about the Process and a Journey that consistently reveals yet another aspect of the expansive, inclusive  and ever evolving Web of Life.  There are many doors to enter. It may look complicated at first and feel foreign, yet if drawn here at all,  having patience and an open Heart is rewarded as the Simplicity within this apparent complexity  begins to reveal itself.


The journey for all of us, I feel,  is about becoming more Conscious in the Dream in whatever way that applies to each one of us specifically and regardless of what path we choose to arrive. So let us Unite as Conscious Dreamers, on the Journey to Embody and Express the Radiance of who we Each and All Truly are!


Here is a LINK to Ariel's beautiful message...


Her book that accompanies the Mayan Oracle is magical and a beautiful resource to discover more about Mayan Archetypes and Tones


 In Lak'ech





The tone is set for the Electric Deer Moon. Each day will bring a new energetic overlay as the flow of tones from 1-13 and kin sequences continue to unfold.


Week 1: September 20 -26 - Red Week to INITIATE

Week 2: September 27 - October 3 - White Week to REFINE

Week 3: October 4 - 10 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM

Week 4: October 11-17 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 4





 Inspirations for The Electric Deer Moon of Service



SoulCollage Card #65: Small in the Mystery - 8/20/11


"I am one who has come to the place where time stands still; where all time is one time - The Time.

I am one who has lost self to find Self, the pedestal to a New Day.

I am one who has felt lost and small in the Mystery, yet Significant, and Significantly Connected when realizing and playing my part.

Light as a feather and experiencing deeply. I am opened and enlivened as the theatre of life becomes the bridge connecting worlds."




SoulCollage Card #92 - Dragonfly Dance - 2/1/12



I Am One Who..

Understands the Power of Emotion

Believes in the Power of Light

Knows the Necessity of Darkness

And the Value of Reflection and Refraction

To Freedom's Flight

I Emerge Fiercely Delicate

And Rainbow Hued

Passion Wrapped In Colors True

I am Dragonfly Warrioress






I love and feel called to share about and to weave SoulCollage� with Color, Dreamspell, and other systems and practices and do so working with individuals as well as groups. If you are interested contact me for more information at sarahsnowowl@gmail.com 



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with Love and Appreciation

In Lak'ech

Sarah Gallant



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