The Electric Deer Moon of
                    Service, Creativity, and Love made Visible
"If what we love is at the Heart of all our being and doing, then we will attract and grow love in so many different ways in our life that we will experience living not as a spending of time, but as a gathering of it.
We will master the secrets of time that can reveal to us the mysteries of the eternal while we are still here. And we will leave this world richer than when we came because we will have increased the only thing we can leave behind and still take with us,
which is love, love, love"
Terah Cox, Birth Angels Book of Days Volume 3

Greetings, Fellow Travelers!
   Welcome to
 The 28 day
Electric Deer Moon of Service,Creativity,
and Love Made Visible
3rd Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons
in this
White Planetary Wizard Year of
Refining our Essence Selves and Re-Enchanting the World
  September 20 - October 17, 2015
a world where we See through the Eyes of Love
This Moon began with Day 1 of the 13 day Dreamspell White Dog Wavespell of Love, Emotional Healing, Compassion. Breakthroughs and New Beginnings, contains the entire 13 day Blue Night Wavespell of the Journey Within and Conscious Dreaming and ends on Day 2 of the Yellow Warrior Wavespell of Grace, Trust in Inner Wisdom, Courage, and Cosmic Consciousness.

Trinity of Kin for the
Opening and Closing Days of Moon 3
White Dog
White Dog (OC), also known as The Compassionate One, is a Focalizer this Moon, Appearing as the DREAMSPELL galactic signature on the First day of the Moon (September 20th) and as NEW EARTH RESONANCE on the last day of the Moon (October 17).  Please find addition information about the Trinity of Kin at Loominosity by clicking on the link and hovering over the Header Dreamspell
Day 1, Deer Moon
Last Day, Deer Moon
Keynote this Moon: Opportunity for "Love made Visible" to become increasingly manifest in our Collective every day lives through our willingness to integrate all aspects of our Being, to honor the Gifts in Polarity, to Transform Ourselves and all Negativity from the Past, to be guided by our own Inner Wisdom and the Magic of Synchronicity, (the Souls Crumb Trail) and to act Courageously as Creative Catalysts in the World

White Dog

"The Compassionate One" with a desire to Serve
Honoring Ourselves and Our Heart Connections on the Spiritual Journey
The Essence of White Dog is an expression of intimacy and devotion to the larger Patterns and Story; to our Essence Selves.  White Dog asks that we see our lives (and connections to others) through the eyes of LOVE and in the context of a journey of healing and wholing.
White Dog recognizes companions of Destiny and promotes partnerships that support and challenge us to be in and to live our Truth.
This includes the recognizing and recasting of emotional patterns from the past that no longer serve and partnering with others in the authentic soul-feeding ways.
White Dog affords us a deeper understanding of the Human Emotional Nature and White Dog's passage offers the opportunity for Radical Self Acceptance and Deep and Abiding Love of Self and Others.
Keywords and phrases for White Dog include Love, Heart, Spiritual  Strength,  Breakthrough, New Beginnings, Relationships, Recasting the Past, Companions of Destiny, Unconditional Love, Loyalty, Devotion
Mercury is the planetary Association for White Dog in the Dreamspell System and White Dog  is linked with the Crown Chakra. (see Mercury Retrograde below)
Affinity is the Harmonic Wisdom of White Dog, the energy that draws like vibrations together.

Meditation for White Dog from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury:
"I am the faithful arrow that flies into destiny's dawning"

We've navigated the 2nd Lunar Scorpion Moon, experiencing/contemplating the phenomenon of Polarity, identifying and facing challenges and perhaps we have reached out to create new opportunities
We may have discovered or be in the process of discovering new ways to view and express our inspiration...finding the Gifts inherent in polarity and the Opportunities in perceived challenges that we face...
Venus in her new role as Sovereign Queen  has now turned direct continuing her passage through Leo and on September 17th Mercury went retrograde in the Venus ruled sign of Libra. and will remain retrograde through October 9th. It's  a potent time for Reflection and to be an open channel for Inspiration. (Mercury. Messenger of the Gods).
Its a time of Reviewing, Renewing, Restorying...and of Changing our Thoughts to Change our Lives. Its a time for detaching and being an Observer of situations in order to remain free of any emotional drama, seeing and experiencing the Larger Story View
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
On Sunday September 27. there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 Aries. The Aries/Libra Axis is really highlighted now, as the Transiting nodes of the Moon are also finishing up their present passage through Libra/Aries... 
With Sun and asteroid Juno (relationships) conjunct in Libra, and Mercury (soul-centered ruler of Aries) retrograde in Libra opposing the Eclipse point and with transiting asteroid Vesta conjunct the Lunar Eclipse, there's a focus on FOCUS and Commitment. to Service,  (whatever that means for each of us) and to showing up for Life Courageously and Confidently and on Soul Purpose exclaiming I AM/WE ARE, balancing Being and Doing, Passion and Compassion, Self and Other, Work and Play  in a skilled dance of Organic Balance.
Now is the Time to release all that prevents us from standing in and bonding with
the Fullness of our Beauty and Power
Now is the Time to Access Ancient Wisdom that can be  Expressed in Exciting and Innovative New Ways
Through the next 28 days we may be focused upon reevaluating and cultivating anew relationships with those who challenge and support us to live in our own Truth; our 'companions of destiny' who feed our souls with the Love of Shared Purpose and desire for Deep Meaning.
Journeying within, we have an energetically supported opportunity let go of self-doubt and judgement to find and activate the Gold of Consciousness courageously in our Hearts and in our Lives and to BREAKTHROUGH into something new and wonderful and life affirming.

Magical Adventures in Timeless Time
As the third point of Light, I open to the Realm of
All Things Possible.
Uniting Light and Shadow in an Ecstatic Co-Creational Dance, I stand in the fullness of my Beauty and Power...
  "Now is the time for Great Mystery to Express herself through you. Know yourself as the capstone of Light. Allow your creativity to express your Spiritual Journey."
~Ariel Spilsbury
This Electric Deer Moon invites
the Questions and Contemplations :
How do I release fear and self doubt?
Am I open to the new and to the possibility of change?
What do I need to integrate into the natural flow of my Life?
If I am or feel Scattered, My intention is to FOCUS
Do I see my self as a Co-Creator and  a Conscious Dreamer?
What does Service mean to me?
I Live Consciously as the Third Point of Light
How do I best focus the energy of my inspiration?
Does my relating and do my relationships challenge me to live in my own Truth? 
Do I utilize emotions and feelings to discover the truth of my own Heart and to hear the whisper of what is unspoken in the Hearts of others?

Am I committed to DOING from that centered place of BEING, balancing the yin/yang/masculine/feminine energies within myself?
How do I best achieve Balance in any and all
aspects of my life?
Am I able to alternate times of stillness with times of activity and connect with my own internal rhythm while dancing gracefully in the ever-fluctuating river of life?
Do I Love myself and others unconditionally?
Am I Empowered and Sovereign? Am I able to work and play successfully in equal and supportive partnership?
Am I inspired to spread all the Love that I can?
Do I take the time to simply BEE, entering the stillness and allowing Spirit to move me and move through me?
Reflect on what feels most important
 and, listening deeply, open to the
many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....
"I am Truth and my purpose is to enlighten the world.  But you,  Love - -  only you can change the world"
passage from the Story of Love and Truth by Terah Cox
The Story of Love and Truth is a beautiful Gift to the World.
I hope you'll consider exploring the Link above
and  possibly be inspired to read this Timeless Tale

Putting our Insides Outside 


Since March 1st, 2012, (in the Trinity of Kin premise and way of figuring) We've had energetically supported opportunities to Align Heart and Head and the Being and Doing of Life as the DREAMSPELL Galactic Signature on the FIRST DAY of Each Moon has been Reflected in the NEW EARTH RESONANCE signature on the LAST DAY of each Moon. (the Same Solar Tribe - see Trinity of Kin Diagrams Above - White Dog as this Energetic Focalizer)


We've been stepping out and trying on our "putting our Insides Outside" shoes, Deeping our Relationship with Essence,  and realizing such shoes and ways of Dancing are Essential to a Truly Meaningful Life. The Beginning of the White Wizard Year (July 26, 2015) began a vibration shift in the Colors showing up on the First and Last days of each Moon.


From July 26 2015 - March 1 2016 - there has been,  is and will be an Emphasis on the color Pale Violet for the FIRST and LAST days of each Moon, a Super Focus on Transformation, Transmutation and Being a Creative Catalyst at the Point of Choice for Ourselves and in the World.


(See the Trinity of Kin diagrams above where each has 1 Blue, 1 Red and 1 White Solar tribe in the threesome creating composite Pale violet. Blue+Red+White=Pale Violet)


According to the Aura-Soma Color Care System, this color is linked with Ascended Master St Germain and the Violet Flame and Corresponds to Bottle B56. If called to you may wish to incorporate the energy of St Germain and/or associated color and vibration into your life.


Ariel Spilsbury, in the Mayan Oracle, links the color pale Violet with Blue Eagle:  Keywords and phrases are commitment, compassionate service, global consciousness, dreams and visions, belief in oneself,  Creates, Vision, Mind. Blue Eagle soars above and also connects with the Earth.


"With Vision and Hope I dance and Sing here for the One Heart"


Affirmation  for Blue Eagle


What does the color Pale Violet mean to you and what does it evoke? If so inspired, how might you use this color creatively in your our life and utilize it in meaningful and supportive ways? What color/s might you combine it with?



May we all be inspired to bring our unique and heart-felt best into this New Galactic Year of White Planetary Wizard as we Dream a New Earth into Being, Dance like no one is Watching and Love like we've never been Hurt. And, as Venus in Leo might decree -
lets have some FUN along the BEAUTY WAY!
Enjoy times of solitude and meaningful connection, giving and receiving, laughing and loving, tend to your garden, tangible and metaphorical. delight in Nature, all with Deep Devotion to the
Spirit of the One Heart that Permeates All


Week 1: September 20 -  26 Red Week to INITIATE
Week 2: Sept 27 - Oct 3 - White Week to REFINE
Week 3: October 4 - 10 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM
Week 4: October 11  - 17 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 4 - The Self-Existing Owl Moon of Form

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - 5 Aries - September 27
" I Allow Rainbow Rays to activate my Inner Knowing. I hold the vibrations of Strength, Courage, Honor and Integrity. I place Absolute Trust in what I know to be True. I allow this inner Knowing to Illuminate my Path. I feel Passion awakening within as I step into my Life Purpose."
Dreamspell Wavespells:

September 20 - October 2 - White Dog Wavespell of Love, Emotional Healing, Compassion. Breakthroughs and New Beginnings,
October 3 - October 15 - Blue Night Wavespell of the Journey Within. Finding the Gold, Releasing Limitation and Self-Doubt and Conscious Dreaming
October 16 begins the Dreamspell Yellow Warrior Wavespell of Grace Trust, Courage, and Cosmic Consciousness that carries us into Moon 4






Are you interested in learning more about Mayan Cosmology and how you can utilize it to enrich your life?


Are you interested in connecting with others who are working with the symbols and archetypes on this magical work and play ground?


There is an ongoing small Study Group in process that meets fairly regularly. Those participating have studied fundamentals, and we have worked personally with what calls to us about the process.


We are all interested in learning, sharing and growing together. Besides the Cosmology we use image and color to deepen understanding.


If interested please contact me, Sarah Gallant, at  for details. I am willing to work with anyone interested, providing insights and study materials as a 'catch-up' so that you can join in the study group and create your own journey path of growth and discovery. If you have already begun your study and are ready to join us we'd welcome you!




~ Magic Butterfly Dreams ~


 Archangel Sandalphon, Gentle Guardian

of our Kingdom on Earth, assist us in actualizing our best gifts to share with Joy and Gratitude.

Envelop us in your Love



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