Edition 8 - Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity

"Embrace the potent energies that are raising the harmonic frequencies of the planet. Breathe easy; you are the song being sung by the new golden octave. Sound the resonant tone of the One Heart"


~Ariel Spilsbury, the Mayan Oracle





February 7th - March 6th, 2015


Dreamspell Kin #205 (Red Planetary Serpent) -

Kin #232 (Yellow Spectral Human)


 Greetings Fellow Travelers! 


Welcome to the 28 day cycle of the 

Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity


 8th Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons. 



This Galactic Hawk Moon invites the Questions:

  • How do I (Do I) Live what I Believe?
  •  How do I heal my heart so that I might see and utilize, for the good of all, the gifts that can live through me?
  • How do I best serve my Truth?
  • What is (will be) my contribution to a New World awakening and unfolding?


       Reflect on the questions that feel most important

to you and, listening for an answer, open to the

many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....





Warm Greetings from Deep Space!


It doesn't really matter whether Inner or Outer - it's really all ONE space isn't it? We are multidimensional Star beings just like you. We are in you, you are in us - our collective consciousness exists in every flower, rock, tree, water droplet and indeed in the very ground you walk upon on Gaia and in every heavenly being and body.


We have long resided as an image in a stack carefully and lovingly preserved for a special collage card-making moment, one that would be certain to make you smile. Yet our Essence is everywhere you look.


We make ourselves more tangibly known to you at this time to say that we come in Peace...


...In DEEP PEACE from DEEP SPACE and with ONE VOICE that encourages us all to deepen our connection to each other and to all living things in whatever form that may take for each of us - for surely in doing this, beginning in small ways, all together we are co-creating a new collective form; a Star Ship whose capacities we've only just begun to imagine. Whilst we are imagining, let us not forget that we as individuals, and our ways of contributing and working, may be very different yet are equally valuable.


We are world-bridgers of sorts, rainbow riders and fun-loving spirits who raise a hand in friendship and co-operative alliance and in a high-five appreciation of YOU.


We hear the Music of the Spheres and join the Universal Dance contributing our Steps and our Notes to Freedom's Song.


Standing open we allow our growing awareness of the Interconnectedness of all of Life to inform us and permeate each of our Hearts, and from the One Heart space we are committed to Spreading all the Love that we can.


Will you join us as we glide on Resonant Sparks and Rainbow Arcs, Singing in Praise of Mother Earth while poised at Heaven's Door? We plan on having some serious fun along the way!





The Galactic Hawk Moon



This Galactic Hawk Moon begins with Dreamspell Kin 205, Red Planetary Serpent in the Yellow Warrior Wavespell and Ends with Kin 232, Yellow Spectral Human in the White Wind Wavespell. This 28 day Cycle also contains the entire 13 day Red Moon Wavespell. All falls within this

Red Solar Moon Year


As we Heal our Hearts and contemplate Stepping with renewed Vitality, Love and Courage out of our comfort zones and into the realm of infinite possibility we not only Heal ourselves, we contribute to the healing of the Whole. May we find ourselves, inspired by Spirit, bringing Harmony into the situations in which we find ourselves where and when we can. Like Hawk may our vision be both wide and keen.


May we dance Life being flexible and strong, letting go of what no longer serves us.  May we live our ideals elegantly and in integrity with our own values as well as bending to meet others when there are personal attachments that we can let go of for the greater good. May we cease to define ourselves in limiting ways and mine the gold of consciousness from shadow.


May we also have the courage to stand strong in our Truth when it feels right and resonant to do so, cultivating the Wisdom to know the whens and hows. May we love ourselves and each other through the process allowing ourselves to grow in Skill and Grace


The two Trinity of Kin, one for the beginning and another for the closing of this 28 day cycle are pictured below with a Trinity Phrase  that I feel expresses a facet of the combined energies


(if interested, read about this Trinity of Kin way of viewing by visiting Loominosity. Hover over the header Dreamspell to access the link "Weaving Dreamspell and Longcount" .  Its here you will find further information on the process. You will also find more information on Tones and about the individual Solar Tribes at Loominosity and can access many resources on the links page. The way the webpage is set up sometimes prevents direct links)


In brief it is a process of uniting 3 worlds and energy centers within ourselves  Spirit, Crown, to  Physical, Root, (and return) via the Heart that unties the two




 Dreamers Bigger Picture Self Manifesting...

Trinity of Kin for February 7, 2015 - begins the cycle







...Ignited by the Fire of Passion and

supported by Instinctual Body Wisdom,

Golden Seeds of Possibility are Erupting:

Activating our Navigators Light Body

and the Desire to Compassionately

and Authentically Serve the One



Trinity of Kin for March 6, 2014 - ends the cycle



Week 1: February 7 -13 - Red Week to INITIATE

Week 2:February 14 - 20 - White Week to REFINE

Week 3: February 21 - 27 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM

Week 4: February 28 - March 6 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 9, The Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention 


Each day will carry a different energy that will contribute to the unfolding of the Galactic Hawk Moon...


This Galactic Hawk Moon begins on the 10th day of the Yellow Warrior Wavespell of Courage, Cosmic Consciousness, and Pioneers of the Future. It contains the entire 13 day Red Moon Wavespell of Deep Healing, Flow, and Universal Water and ends on the 11th day of the White Wind Wavespell of the Breath Spirit and the dance of Polarity and Paradox



A Contemplation as we move through Moon 8,
the Galactic Hawk Moon
and into Moon 9, the Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention on March 7
Nested in the Starry Medicine Bowl
Venus as Morning and Evening Star
For 8 days in the 13 Moon Cycles between its appearance as evening and then morning Star, Venus disappears from sight and is said to go into the great Medicine Bowl of the sky to be reborn.  Venus then visits the Sacred Spiral of the 8 directional powers East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North and Northeast living for 1 day in each learning the necessary lessons for her transformation and re-emergence into a new life cycle and set of experiences. Her disappearance is a crucial time for evaluating, planning, review, preparation, balancing and completion before beginning anew. Its complete orbit traces a 5 pointed Star in the sky.
According to Jamie Sams, the Venus cycle shows the "infinite possibilities found in the number 8. When humankind develops the understanding of how the Spirit World and the tangible world form two Medicine Wheels, they will find that the two are really one infinite set of lessons" and that "the Earth Tribe could be assured of a bright future by balancing both sides of their natures with the Spiritual Essence that connects them to their infinite capacity to create tomorrow by living in Harmony today"

The following is an excerpt from the

13 Original Clanmothers by Jamie Sams 

in the story of the 9th Clanmother,

Setting Sun Woman



"Wata-jis (Evening Star), when you go through the Sacred Spiral, what happens to you?"


"I reconnect to my Orenda (Spirit) and let go of the past by being grateful for all I have learned. I see the spiral around me because I am in the center of my Sacred Space, but I also see the steps formed by each of the directions of the spiral inside myself. In the night sky I am living the feminine side of my nature. In the void of the spiral, I am all and nothing - pure spirit. After eight days, as the Morning Star, I live the masculine, demonstrative side of my nature. The directions of the Eight Powers inside the spiral teach me that I am both masculine and feminine. When I ride the night sky, I go within and seek the truth of my free will and my will to show my gifts to the world. As the morning Star I bring all those personal truths to light, sharing what I am with all those who seek the breaking dawn."


  • Venus rose as Evening Star on December 4  2014 at 22 Sagittarius
  • She begins her retrograde phase in the evening sky July 25 2015 at 00 Virgo
  •  on the Dreamspell Day Out Of Time
  • Venus is retrograde for 40 days, disappearing from the Night Sky on
  • Aug 9 2015 at 27 Leo.
  • She then travels with the Sun for the 7 to 8 day cycle of entering the Great Medicine Bowl, meeting with the Sun in conjunction on August 15 2015 at 23 Leo
  • Venus emerges as Morning Star on August 21 at 19 Leo as a whole new archetype of the feminine


 In the coming months and throughout the Moons ending this Red Solar Moon Year, we will be learning more about planning and Becoming our Visions , Perfecting what we do, and manifesting Purpose with Heart in the World as we move into the White Planetary Wizard Year beginning on July 26 2015.


All may not be what we think it is now  or dream it will be - remain open to possibility and flexible in the dance of life - dream and be open to the most expanded outcomes yet without attachment to those outcomes - Stand as torchbearer for the larger vision that emanates from the wisdom of the heart


Earth and Sky Way: Weaving Rainbows

I am a Vessel opening myself
so that Creation may lovingly
express itself through me




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with Love and Appreciation

In Lak'ech

Sarah Gallant



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