Lunar Scorpion Moon Edition 1 




Lunar Scorpion Moon of Challenge


August 23rd - September 19th, 2014


 Greetings Fellow Travelers! 


Today begins the Lunar Scorpion Moon of Challenge, 2nd Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons. This Lunar Moon begins with Kin 37, Red Spectral Earth, on the 11th day of the Blue Hand Wavespell of accomplishment and healing and in the Red Solar Moon Year.



I dissolve in order to evolve
Releasing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled


The 11th tone, Spectral, is the Tone of Liberation, a Self-directed Tone. Red Earth encourages alignment with Earth Force and Cosmic Force, becoming aware of and Navigating from that place of Centeredness and Synchronicity.

The energy of this Lunar Moon asks us to see the gifts in polarity and 'other', challenges as opportunities, and opens the way for us to  liberate ourselves from what no longer is serving our personal and collective evolution. This Lunar Moon also contains the entire Yellow Sun wavespell and most of the Red Skywalker wavespell affording an energetic opportunity that is supportive of the building of a Time Travelers' Bridge to the Sacred Garden : Heaven and Earth are United as our Angelic Human Selves are realized.  

In Considering the Three Kin for the first Day of this Moon and as suggestive of its Tone we find: (You can read about this Process Here)

 This Threesome in blended Color combine to pale violet,  a color associated with St. Germain, the violet flame, inspiration, liberation from the past, and once liberated, acting as a catalyst in the world. It is Bottle 56 in the Aura-Soma Color Care System.


If the 3 kin above were speaking as ONE, they might say:


"As I Serve Oneness by serving my Purpose with Sincerity and Heart, I heal, I accomplish.  My Soul takes flight and is liberated into Service as I release what no longer serves, open to change, and flow  creatively with others and the natural current of my life. 


Aligned with Earth Force and Cosmic Force I become life's Dancer, the Avatar who skillfully rides the Cosmic Wave ever aware of Synchronicity and compassionately attuned to the magic of the Heart. Open to new beginnings, I consciously Navigate my life joining with others in Love on a new evolutionary course " 


The tone is set for the lunar Scorpion Moon. Each day will bring a new energetic overlay as the flow of tones from 1-13 and kin sequences continue to unfold. This first week (August 23rd - 29th) is known as the week to Initiate. The second week is to Refine, third week, Transform, and 4th week Ripen and ready for Moon 3.


Week 2, Refine (August 30 - September 5)  begins with Dreamspell Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed,  5th day of the Yellow Sun Wavespell


I empower in order to target
Commanding awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of free will


This second week has the potential to strengthen the original intent of healing, purposeful accomplishment, liberation and shared evolution, adding a sense of joy and empowerment, the innocence of original condition,  and deep trust in the process unfolding.  The New Earth Resonance on the first day of this week is Red Planetary Earth and the Heart Bridge,  Red Lunar Dragon.


Red Earth shifts position from Dreamspell Galactic Signature (Lunar Tone 2 - Polarity) in Week 1 to New Earth Resonance with Planetary tone, (10 - perfect, produce, manifestation) gathering strength in experience and providing Expansive as well as fertile soil for Yellow Overtone Seed...


If these 3 Kin were to speak as One, they might say:


"Acknowledging and Embracing All of me/All of you,  I Center, Align and Create the space in fertile ground to Manifest my Essence Self.   I Reach, I Nurture. I Trust in the Divine, I Allow, turning my face to the Sun.  I am Present with my Dream and with Others in the Collective Dream for a New Earth. Synchronicity and the Power of Free Will guide my ability to Navigate Life as I engage the Power of Flowering"


This threesome in blended color is CORAL, color of the new consciousness and is linked with Archangel Azrael according to the Aura-Soma color care system. The Bottle is B105. It is said in this system that B105 assists in ushering in "A new Golden Age of Consciousness" the receptivity of the feminine and the release of karmic patterns



More on the last 2 weeks Of the Lunar Scorpion Moon in a later edition!


Week 3, Transform (September 6 - 12) begins with Kin 51, Blue Crystal Monkey


Week 4, Ripen (September 13 - 19) begins with Kin 58, White Rhythmic Mirror


To follow along energetically with these waves and cycles feels like a great and rewarding adventure. Any portal of entry seems to take the one entering exactly where they need to go. Please find on my links page at Loominosity.net a list that will be helpful if you'd like to learn and discover more...


May every Challenge be a Portal to Golden Opportunities beyond your wildest Dreams!


In Lak'ech




A Story of Change and Synchronicity


As I was preparing this newsletter and contemplating what to include a wonderful Synchronicity came to light that seemed to fit with the tone of this Lunar Scorpion Moon as stated above and the weaving of systems and practices that has become such a part of my life and sharing. 


Week 2 (Refine) of the Lunar Scorpion Moon begins with Dreamspell Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed. A story I had contemplated sharing this month includes as illustration and focus card #44 in my SoulCollage�  deck; a synchronicity indeed!!


In my first newsletter I shared about the process of numbering the cards in my SoulCollage deck and how that numbering has proven to be so valuable as I weave Dreamspell with SoulCollage and the Aura-Soma color care System. You can read about that here, and scroll down to where the paragraph "On January 7" begins.


The story shared below is an ongoing process that continues to unfold...a process that I'm certain has elements of familiarity for you as well as we evolve and emerge, cocoon...evolve, emerge, cocoon...



Nature Lover Self - Card #44 SoulCollage

(Dreamspell Kin #44 - Yellow Overtone Seed)
I empower in order to target
Commanding awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of free will
"I am one who feels transformed by Natures Magical Places"
Created on Day 6 of the Dreamspell Yellow Seed Wavespell,
May 22 2011 (Red Rhythmic Moon)
 One of the most profound experiences I feel I've had to date with Aura-Soma and SoulCollage� is the continuing journey surrounding a card  called "Nature Lover Self".  I created this card on the 6th day of the Dreamspell Yellow Seed Wavespell in May, 2011. This was before I'd ever heard of Aura-Soma (which I discovered in the fall of 2011).

In these fast-paced times of often frenetic energy it feels even more important to take the time to slow down, connect with the earth and our inner selves and listen to the whisperings of the Heart.


I'd like to share the story of how a time of retreat, refocus and reconnection began for me and how the facets of the story in turn connect the dots of systems and bodies of wisdom/knowledge and life experience in amazing ways. My intention was not to do so when I sat on the back porch in May 2011. I was simply creating a SoulCollage� card. 

It is in the Spirit of Butterfly, the Delicate Transformer, (and in particular the Monarch and the color orange as well as green), that I share the story and continuing insights.



Who knew that when I sat to create a SoulCollage� card on May 22nd, 2011, that the day would become filled with butterflies? As I sat on my back sun porch on that beautiful sunny day, scissors cutting paper wings I was sifting and sorting many things in my mind and heart. I was ready for and needed change. Today there was a staff meeting scheduled where I work and I just could not make myself go.


I knew there was a butterfly show happening at the Krohn Conservatory very near where I live. The Butterfly show takes place every year and is a magical event where hundreds of butterflies fly loose within a greenhouse type structure dotting the landscape with glorious bursts of color.


And so I went to the Butterfly show  because this is what my soul needed most; to be nourished in this way. It felt very right. In retrospect it was a pivotal day in my life when I began to follow without guilt the dictates of my Heart and thus began a series of major shifts and transformations that continue. It was time.


Butterfly is a delicate and graceful transformer who has assisted me in empowering myself to be the change; to continually become a truer version of myself. I am inspired by this beautiful creature to live in the moment with Joy and to honor with grace the many cycles of Life. Once entering the Butterfly Path and Promise of Creative Indwelling there is no turning back.

 In mid August, 2012, I took a 6 month leave of absence from my job. At that point I didn't know whether I'd return, only that I needed the space to reevaluate my life and direction as well as physically rest and rejuvenate. During that time I traveled to Santa Fe to take Level 2 Aura-Soma training with a friend and then stayed in beautiful Sedona Arizona for a month. The energy there (to me) is amazing and I felt so clear upon returning about what I needed to do...clear as a bell...


I'm going to jump ahead in time a little now, then circle back around to connect the dots and the sequence of events...


On April 28, 2013, my card "Nature Lover Self" and accompanying writing was sent out on Daily Oasis, a beautiful mailing that features a SoulCollage� card each day from people all over the world.


At 1 PM the very same day (April 28), fellow SoulCollage� facilitators and friends were to arrive at my home for a SoulCollage�  and Aura-Soma  gathering, sharing in the experience of how the systems (and bodies of wisdom/knowledge) can work together to assist in shedding further light for individuals and groups.


We opened the Circle and I had planned on sharing a particular card as example to begin. Yet spontaneously and prompted by the synchronicity of the day, I chose the card featured on Daily Oasis as example. #44, Nature Lover Self.  It's actually a fine card for a color illustration because it primarily features one bottle, #82, Calypso, also linked with the Return Journey of the Emperor in their system of Tarot correspondences.


Although I saw and understood the connection with my card, its 'story'  and this bottle in a variety of ways, sharing about it in this circle opened it up for me even more. I was thrilled that as I spoke with imagery in hand the eyes of those present were alight with signs of recognition and understanding.


Amazing questions were asked by some in attendance that shed more light on the card and colors for me as well. Each person present had the opportunity that day to tell color stories with their cards -and the cards and stories came to life. All of us were enriched by the experience.


B82 is a combination of orange and green and has an affirmation that really got my attention when I read it. "I am open to the possibility of making a new decision that will bring clarity to a new direction".



And according to the system of Aura-Soma, this bottles Keynote is:

Insight revealed as we make space for ourselves. The revelation of the deepest joy coming from the Heart (taken from the Aura-Soma Sourcebook by Mike Booth with Carol McKnight)

Indeed the card and my process surrounding it culminated in a decision to attend the butterfly show that day in May 2011 rather than the staff meeting. That decision was the beginning of a process wherein I seriously re-evaluated my life direction, took a 6 month leave of absence from my job, and at 6 months end decided I was not going back.


The process of creating the space that I needed allowed me to let go of the past and the way I'd defined myself and reconnect with what was truly in my Heart at that time. 

That bottle B82 is linked with the return Journey of the Emperor in Tarot and my card features a Monarch Butterfly resonated deeply with me as well. The entire process was definitely empowering and I did feel that all was so right!


In Aura-Soma orange is also explained as a color that heals the timeline. The Orange Butterfly felt symbolic of that, where guilt at the prospect of walking away from a job that had given me so much was replaced with the Joy of discovering and following a path of Heart! (Joy and Bliss, other keywords for orange)


I've  realized since that the colors of the landscape in Sedona are  reminiscent of B82 as well  ...amazing!  Green is a Heart color and is also about Space, creating it for ourselves and allowing it for others...in our search for truth and deep connection on and to Earth 




And speaking of timelines....
Even more recently I realized anther link with this color bottle.  My dear Mom had a photograph of me when I was 19 that she wanted an artist to paint like a portrait. (and one of my brother too!)
In the photograph I  was wearing a green sweater (a favorite color of mine) Mom asked the artist when painting that the sweater color be changed to a pumpkin/coral/orange tone to match her d�cor in the room where it would hang.
My teen rebel and one who wanted to be seen as who I really am was so upset at the time at having been altered to match d�cor! And yet how fitting it truly was and is (and so wise from a color and personal passage viewpoint) that I wear and later seek to embody the color/s and qualities that will heal the timeline and birth new energy into the collective.
Just last weekend I shared  card  #44 and its story again, (this time with the photo/painting mentioned above ) in a group setting. An amazing and exciting insight was shared by a friend that connects with how I am experiencing the evolution of color and daykeepers in my life. She in turn was inspired to look more closely at the colors and their significance in her own life. I hope to share more about this next time....

There are other color connections I've identified and explored and more synchronicities to discover I'm certain. Yet I'll close for now with gratitude for the continuing Journey and for all I've had the opportunity to learn and to share along the way!  I hope that my sharing has inspired you in some way and that possibly you'll decide to do some exploring of your own!








I love and feel called to share about and to weave SoulCollage� with Color and other systems and practices and do so working with individuals as well as groups. If you are interested contact me for details at sarahsnowowl@gmail.com



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with Love and Appreciation

Sarah Gallant


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