The Lunar Scorpion Moon of
                            The Gifts in Polarity and Reflection
"Polarity is the Loom on which Reality is Strung, the Magnetic Dance of Universal Forces"
~Ariel Spilsbury
The Mayan Oracle

Greetings, Fellow Travelers!
   Welcome to
 The 28 day
Lunar Scorpion Moon of the Gifts
in Polarity and Reflection
(and Flowers and Bees!)
2nd Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons
  August 23 - September 19, 2015

  The Maya claim that the Honey Bees are sent to Earth from her twin sister, Venus.
This Lunar Scorpion Moon invites
the Questions and Contemplations :
Do I see the gift/s in polarity and in other?
Do I honor the Truth as it is seen from
Each Person's Sacred Point of View?
Do I use life experiences as vehicles to expand my consciousness and foster my growth? Can I use my experiences as guidelines to hone my awareness skills?
Do I utilize emotions and feelings to discover the truth of my own Heart and to hear the whisper of what is unspoken in the Hearts of others?

Am I committed to DOING from that centered place of BEING, balancing the yin/yang/masculine/feminine energies within myself?
How do I best achieve Balance in any and all
aspects of my life?
Am I able to alternate times of stillness with times of activity and connect with my own internal rhythm while dancing gracefully in the ever-fluctuating river of life?
Am I devoted to discovering and to sharing lifes Sweetness
and to finding my own special  gifts that I share with Joy and that bring Hope and Joy to others?
Do I Love myself and others unconditionally?
Am I Empowered and Sovereign? Am I able to work and play successfully in equal and supportive partnership?
Am I inspired to spread all the Love that I can?
Do I take the time to simply BEE, entering the stillness and allowing Spirit to move me and move through me?
Am I committed to being an Earth Keeper, caring for the Earth and all of her creatures in the ways that I can?
Reflect on what feels most important
 and, listening deeply, open to the
many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....
Bee Priestess
(March 22, 2015)

Venus Retrograde in Leo Sets a Tone
for this Lunar Moon 

Venus rose as Morningstar (while retrograde) in Leo on August 21 - 22, right before this Lunar Moon began, marking the beginning of her new 584 day Synodic Cycle Journey.

Venus, throughout cultures and time, is often connected with Bees and the Beauty of Love, Flowers, Romance, Sweetness, Unconditional Love and the Pollen Path of spreading all the Love that we can. There are many dimensions and cycles of this Loves expression.

Venus is and has also been viewed as the Earths Twin Sister and "Higher Octave" or Soul Quality/Inner Light. She is connected to the inner yin/feminine path of Heart, Reflection, Inner Navigation, Receptivity and Presence. In each sign of the Zodiac Venus claims a special aspect of her Divine Feminine birthright and she is never more than 30 degrees from the Sun. the outer light

Rising in Leo (ruled by the Sun), Venus is particularly resonant with the Queen Bee, Sovereignty, Feminine Leadership, and that very special Gift that we Are and that we can Offer to the World with Love. How do we, Will we, cultivate these qualities in our lives? 
  When Venus is retrograde we might find ourselves turning
inward and reflecting on the nature of our values,
resources (inner and outer) ,
relationships including with ourselves
and the True nature of
what is in our Heart.
Venus is connected to the Heart Chakra
that place of Synthesis and Unity Consciousness
Venus Sta r Point

The Venus Morning Star point in this Cycle occurred at 23 Leo when Venus was embraced in the Heart of the Sun (conjunct) on August 15th. The Venus Morning Star Point is one that blends the inner (Venus)  and outer (Sun) Lights at their first interior conjunction in the beginning of each new Synodic Cycle.
With Saturn squaring this point in Scorpio (on August 15) as well as the Earth point at 23 Aquarius, we are simultaneously challenged and supported in releasing old story and structure that no longer serves an Authentic Expression of ourselves in the NOW.
We may experience the urge to return to deep Sacred Places within always known, and finding ease there as we strip away another layer of façade to discover our truest nature. We may enter the process, giving ourselves over as we remember the inside of the outside and may discover real strength and new Joy in entering formless spaces where there is no binding reality, feeling elated with the freedom there...
Embracing the Wisdom of what is real and true from before while entering into new, boundless and inventive play, we may deepen into contemplation on what it means to simultaneously serve our evolution and the evolution of the whole and each and together enter greater cycles of Beeing and Becoming. healing the Timeline
At 23 Leo we have an energetically supported opportunity to create a new pathway, a golden royal road, in alignment with inner knowing, charged with collective power, and embracing God and Goddess as we become both selflessly and uninhibitedly ourselves.
We have an opportunity to consciously BEE in the process of co-creating this golden new pathway each and together...

Golden Bee
(April 16, 2011)
 Nurturing the golden seeds of possibility, contemplating in the space between harvest and new birth. I/We remember and honor what has been whilst holding a light for what is to Bee."

Retrograde Motion

Retrograde motion is in actuality an optical illusion, yet has an amazing impact upon our Psyches.  A  retrograde planet appears to be moving backward from our view on Earth because it HAS SLOWED DOWN SO MUCH to RELATIVE STILLNESS! As the energy of the planet directs us to take the opportunity to slow down and turn within, an opening to deepen our experience and embodiment of the energy of the planet appears - in this case Venus in Leo. What do we Love? How do we Love? How do we/WILL we express the Joy and Radiance of our True Divine Natures? Do we allow ourselves the time and space to Simply BEE?

For each one of us, the inner exploration will be different and consonant with our own energetic journeys, yet will also carry this overarching collective theme. How will we choose to be weaving, in the special ways that we are called to, Luminous Heart threads in the creating of our own New Story and our Collective Tapestry New Earth story
I invite you in the coming months to explore
your own Venus placement,
check into secondary progressed Venus if you feel so called
 to explore flowers in all their aspects
beginning with your favorite Flowers perhaps
and what significance they have to you
(and what others share about them)
and the nature and lifestyle of BEES
Take time each day for your own version of FUN
 how might the above explorations and all elements about the Venus in Leo cycle shared, relate to your life passage now?

Heart Reset
During this Lunar Moon and from the Trinity of Kin perspective, another "Heart Reset" will take place on September 4th, shortly before Venus turns direct again on September 7th.
The Heart Placement of the Trinity returns to the very first Kin in the Tzolkin, Kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon, initiating the opportunity for a HEART REBIRTHING - A NEW LEVEL OF TRUST in the Source of Divine Nurturance and our own Heart Knowing and an openness to Infinite Potential
Dancing with White Spectral Wizard and Blue Electric Hand. the other 2 members of the Trinity for the day, this Heart Reset Day supports the process of ongoing Liberation from the Past, Deep Acceptance and Trust in Self and Life, Healing and Wholing, and Stepping into a new way of Beeing in Service to Self and Others, allowing all that we are, and all that we do to be extensions of the Magic of the Wisdom of the Heart.
This is a beautiful day for reflection on our own Heart Knowing and setting an intention to create greater Inner to Outer Resonance in our lives. 
Explore more about the Trinity of Kin and Mayan Cosmology at Loominosity. Hover over the Header Dreamspell to find writings and resources for the process.
May we all be inspired to bring our unique and heart-felt best into this New Galactic Year of White Planetary Wizard as we Dream a New Earth into Being, Dance like no one is Watching and Love like we've never been Hurt. And, as Venus in Leo might decree -
lets have some FUN along the BEAUTY WAY!
Enjoy times of solitude and meaningful connection, giving and receiving, laughing and loving, tend to your garden, tangible and metaphorical. delight in Nature, all with Deep Devotion to the
Spirit of the One Heart that Permeates All

An image in the Spirit of Moving Toward Moon 3,
the Electric Deer Moon of Service and Love made Visible
Journey #3
(November, 2011)

"I am one who is rejoining the dance of Light as a child of the Sacred. I am in Goddess and Goddess is in me.
I open my heart like a flower to the Sun, bathing in love's essence and connecting with others in joyous union.
I enjoy all seasons and am grateful for the sweetness and nectar of life
My gift to you is doing from that centered place of being and an understanding of your own unique rhythms and energetic ebb and flow. "




Week 1: August 23 - 29 Red Week to INITIATE

Week 2: August 30  - Sept. 5 - White Week to REFINE

Week 3: Sept. 6 - 12 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM

Week 4: Sept. 13  - 19 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 3. The Electric Deer Moon of Love made Visible


Heart Reset: September 4, 2015 - Radical Trust, Rebirth 


Venus turns Direct September 7th







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~ Magic Butterfly Dreams ~


 Archangel Sandalphon, Gentle Guardian

of our Kingdom on Earth, assist us in actualizing our best gifts to share with Joy and Gratitude.

Envelop us in your Love



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