Dreamspell Moon 5: The Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance 
"To Live in total truth is to Know the Light
of the Eternal Flame of Love "
~Jamie Sams, the 13 Original Clanmothers

Greetings Fellow Travelers
and welcome to the 28 day
Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance
5th Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons
in this
White Planetary Wizard Year of
Refining our Essence Selves and Re-Enchanting the World
 November 15th - December 12th 2015

This Overtone Peacock Moon
Invites the Questions and Contemplations:
Do I honor Stillness and Listen Deeply to the Whisperings of the Heart?
Do I feel the validity of my dreams, visions and feelings and the symbolic language of psychic impressions and can I use this information to ever more clearly 'see and hear the truth' of the Now ?
Am I willing to surrender to the death of outmoded ways of being and doing so that I might be born anew?
Am I willing to face my fears, enter the void, the place of limitless possibility, finding Serenity in the merging of the world of Spirit with the world of tangible substance? Do I recognize and heed the voice of Spirit?
I Imagine myself as an ever-expanding hub of
Truth and Light
I joyfully embrace my own True Colors and support and encourage the True Colors of others to shine through.
When shining our own inner colors we inspire others to do the same
Every Transformation, regardless of how seemingly small, builds upon the last, creating the conditions for Transmutation.
I acknowledge and embrace painful processes as well as joyful processes and find value in all I do, contemplate, and experience
"We are all viewers and displayers, watchers and revealers,. We look noble and regal because we are. Proud as a Peacock is a phrase of empowerment. We think we wear it well - we hope you do too!"
Dawn Brunke - Animal Teachings
Reflect on what feels most important in the Now
 and, listening deeply, open to the 
many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....
Win dow R
Serenity, Surrender
This Overtone Peacock Moon began on Day 5 of the 13 day Dreamspell White Wind Wavespell  of Inspiration, Presence, Breath of Spirit and Integrating Polarity contains the entire 13 day Blue Eagle Wavespell of Belief in Self, Dreams and Visions, Compassionate Service, Hope and Commitment, and ends on Day 6 of the Yellow Star Wavespell of Expanded Love, Harmony, and Way-Shower-ship
Through our passage this Moon an expansive opportunity exists to HEAR with CLARITY and Heed the whispering of the Heart and to be Inspired by such whisperings and a growing belief in Self.  We may hold high a torch of Hope lighting our own way and compassionately assisting others to also leave behind the parameters of the past

White Worldbridger (Cimi), also known as Heirophant and Shaman, is a Focalizer this Moon, Appearing as the DREAMSPELL galactic signature on the First day of the Moon (November 15) and as NEW EARTH RESONANCE on the last day of the Moon (December 12).  Please find additional information about the Trinity of Kin at Loominosity by clicking on the link and hovering over the Header Dreamspell

I Am Grateful to Surrender and 
to go Harmoniously with the Ebb and Flow of Life
Trinity of Kin for the
Opening and Closing Days of Moon 5
White Worldbridger aka Hierophant aka Shaman

White Worldbridger ultimately and energetically is an Opportunity to embrace the death of all that needs to die within us and to let go of all that limits and binds us - it is an opportunity for transformation and transmutation - for new blossoming and Re-Birth.
As a Snake cyclically sheds its skin, White Worldbridger welcomes timely change and dances skillfully and gracefully in the ever fluctuating river of life.
White Worldbridger honors all colors of the rainbow, all cultures. all beliefs.... and stripping away societal convention, accesses the deepest truth that connects us all. Heaven to Earth, Earth to Heaven, White Worldbridger reveals and embodies the fullest expression of Divinity and the Flowering of the Garden of Self on Earth
Keywords and Phrases for White Worldbridger include:
Death, Rebirth, Opportunity, Humility, Transformation, Transmutation, Surrender, Release, Forgiveness, Revelation
Affirmation for White Worldbridger from The Mayan Oracle
by Ariel Spilsbury:
"I Release, I Let Go, I Surrender, I Forgive"
Day 1, Peacock Moon - November 15 2015
Last Day, Peacock Moon  - December 12, 2015
Keynote this Moon: Opportunity to be Reborn. Releasing all that no longer serves us. Like a snake shedding its skin, We learn to welcome change and gracefully release cyclically as a process of life. We may come to feel an increasing excitement knowing that each change that we make personally creates change in the Whole of which we are a part.
Although we may know this intellectually, we may begin to know it in the deepest fibers of our beingness.  As we access Timeless Time and experience kinesthetically the backwards forwards healing process we send Peace to all beings that we have been and all whom we are yet to be.
May we all step into our role as Worldchangers by facing the fire of our fears. releasing allegiance to limitation, and being reforged/reformed in the fires of Love.  As luminous numinous peacock colors swirl, - may we then be immersed in cleansing purifying waters that help solidify what is coming to be... - without hanging on too tightly - going with the flow is key
Rising like the Phoenix ...Coloring a Luminous New Story  
White Mirror and the Owl Moon of Form

Rainbow Birds in Flight
~ A Rainbow Prayer ~
~A Rainbow Prayer~
I walk Gently upon this Earth with Spirit strong
I speak my Truth, Dance Life joyfully,
Free my Spirit, and Sing my Soul Song
I Sing with you ALL of the colors
the Children of the Rainbow sing
I walk in Beauty, in Balance, and in Love
then, taking wing, I Fly
As my Life and I BEcome a Rainbow Bridge
between Earth and Sky
As I awaken more fully
I see the great Medicine Wheels of Time
as links in an even greater chain
of Universal Healing sublime
Turning, Turning ever more Consciously
I am Feeling the Power in my Hands
to become all I can Be, all that I Am
I Believe in YOU and in ME
Together WE create a Vision of Splendor
As we follow our Destinies
Now is the Time!
© Sarah Gallant 


Week 1: November 15 - 21  Red Week to INITIATE
Week 2: Nov 22 -28 - White Week to REFINE
Week 3: Nov 29 - Dec 6 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM
Week 4: Dec 6-12 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 6 - The Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Dancing in Rhythm and Balance






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~ Magic Butterfly Dreams ~


 Archangel Sandalphon, Gentle Guardian

of our Kingdom on Earth, assist us in actualizing our best gifts to share with Joy and Gratitude.

Envelop us in your Love



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