Edition 10 - Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation and

                                         Embodied Essence


Gossamer threads of life hold me,

Perched between Earth and Sky

Weaving the Web, Dreaming the Dream

Through the two worlds I will fly.

With you as my muse, Mother,

I create the substance of Dreams

Allowing the Artist within me

To fashion my life with esteem,

I mold the clay of experiences

Into a sacred Medicine Bowl,

Capturing the Essence of Living

As it sings deep in my Soul.

Your secrets of creation, Mother,

Have taught me when to destroy

The chains that have bound me,

Limiting the expression of my Joy.

You have taught me how to labor,

Giving birth to the visions within,

Setting them free like silver arrows,

Kindling the fire of creation once again


~Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clanmothers

Clanmother 10 - Weaves the Web


"Creative Fire" 





April 4 - May 1 2015


Dreamspell Kin #1 (Red Magnetic Dragon) -

Kin #28 (Yellow Lunar Star)


 Greetings Fellow Travelers! 


Welcome to the 28 day cycle of the 

Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation and Embodied Essence


 10th Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons. 



This Planetary Dog Moon invites the Questions:

  • What does my Heart desire to Manifest?
  • How do I perfect what I do?
  • How am I 'showing up' for Life?
  •  How do I work with the truth?
  • How am I giving Birth to New Forms for Essence Expression?
  • How am I honoring my Heart Connections?


       Reflect on the questions that feel most important

to you and, listening for an answer, open to the

many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....


White Dog

"The Compassionate One" with a desire to Serve

Honoring our Heart Connections on the Spiritual Journey


White Dog is Totem Animal for this 10th Moon and is connected with the Heart Chakra. The Essence of White Dog recognizes companions of Destiny and partnerships that support and challenge each of us to be in and live our Truth.

This includes the recognizing and recasting of emotional patterns from the past that no longer serve and partnering in the authentic soul-feeding that only companions of destiny can offer to each other. White Dog affords us a deeper understanding of the Human Emotional Nature and an opportunity for New Beginnings

Affinity is the Harmonic Wisdom of White Dog, the energy that draws like vibrations together.


"I am the faithful arrow that flies into destiny's dawning"


meditation for White Dog from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury



The Planetary Dog Moon


This Planetary Moon of Manifestation begins a whole new round of the Mayan Tzolkin from the Dreamspell System perspective. Rarely does such a new beginning (Tzolkin Reset at Kin 1 - Red Magnetic Dragon) align with a brand new moon phase and one so attuned to new beginnings at that! (White Dog). 


This current Moon also began with a Partial Lunar Eclipse in 15 degrees Libra/Aries - a balancing point. There seems to be much more to this picture, however, and though a Portal most definitely has opened there is other work to be done and additional levels of opening to be revealed that will follow shortly - a partial new beginning perhaps - a preview/review - like the nature of the partial lunar eclipse.


With Saturn having turned retrograde on March 14 in early Sagittarius (the arrow/destiny's dawning)  and not turning direct until August 2 2015 in late Scorpio, there will be much additional reflection upon (and possibly transformation and reweaving of) the form our dreams of heart may take and in the ways in which we are Present and enter into the World. A time for Patience, Consolidation and Commitment to our Sacred Work - living in that Joy of Unfolding Destiny - without over-directing or attachment to outcome.


When considering the Trinity of Kin that includes the Traditional Longcount (aka New Earth Resonance) and the Heart Bridge, in addition to Dreamspell Kin, one can see that other resets are coming soon....(note the 214 and 215 that will eventually progress through 260 and return to 1)


The last Dreamspell Tzolkin Reset took place in the 13th Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence and Freedom in July of 2014 right before the turning of the Mayan Year (July 26 2014) . Throughout this time we have been learning about what FREEDOM really means to us and how to be most PRESENT to ourselves and to others in the real life situations that we find ourselves in. The 10th Planetary Moon opens an energetic opportunity to Fully Embody our Essence selves in Bold and Heart-Centered new ways.


Below are the Trinity of Kin Glyphs that open and close this Planetary Moon with phrases that express a facet of their combined essence.


Note that the Heart Bridge Placement for the last day of this Moon is Kin 9, Red Solar Moon. the Overarching energy in this Red Solar Moon that began on July 26 2014 and that will end on July 25 2015. You may wish to review the article at Loominosity on the Red Solar Moon Year (under the header Dreamspell) to see how the sharing may be speaking to your Heart at this time.


(if interested, read about this Trinity of Kin way of viewing by visiting Loominosity. Hover over the header Dreamspell to access the link "Weaving Dreamspell and Longcount" .  Its here you will find further information on the process. You will also find more information on Tones and about the individual Solar Tribes at Loominosity and can access many resources on the links page. The way the webpage is set up sometimes prevents direct links)


In brief it is a process of uniting 3 worlds and energy centers within ourselves  Spirit, Crown, to  Physical, Root, (and return) via the Heart that unites the two.


Visionary's Trust in Heart Knowing

is Equalizer, Unifier, and Instrument for Attunement...



...and Healing through Trusting the Centering Self.

 The Birth and sharing of Higher-Self Mastery :

The Art of truly Flowing into Destiny's Dawning







Week 1: April 4 - 10 Red Week to INITIATE

Week 2: April 11- 17 - White Week to REFINE

Week 3: April 18 - 24 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM

Week 4: April 25 - May 1 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 11, The Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation


Each day will carry a different energy that will contribute to the unfolding of the Planetary Dog Moon...


This Dreamspell Plantary Dog Moon is housed in the Red Castle of Initiating beginning on the 1st day of the Red Dragon Wavespell  of Nurturing, Birth and Being. It contains the entire 13 day White Wizard Wavespell of Enchantment, and Heart-Knowing  and ends on the second day of the Blue Hand Wavespell of the Cosmic Dancer opening Doors to new dimensions and sharing ancient wisdom in new ways.


The Heart Bridge and New Earth Resonance Kin are still in the realm of the Green Castle of Magic when this Moon Cycle Begins (Kin 214 and Kin 215)- really emphasizing the Libra/Aries Partial Lunar eclipse and stressing the importance of utilizing opposites (Red and Green) as compliments in making REAL our desire to bridge Heaven on Earth..


On April 27th in the Ripening Week and final days of this Moon. The Heart Bridge resets to Kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon as well,  thus also enters the Red Castle of Initiating after completing its round in the Green castle of Magic. It happens to be a Yellow Spectral Seed day in the Dreamspell System - a day for liberating our "Heart Seeds" and dissolving anything that may prevent this empowerment and portal to joy and love-filled living.


"Heaven is where I Stand"


April 27 would be a particularly powerful day to truly focus on what is in your HEART - what is your Heart-Knowing telling you about how to work with your truth. Try also meditating upon and utilizing the Color YELLOW


Let us fall in love again and scatter gold dust all over the world. Let us become a new spring and feel the breeze drift in heaven's scent. Let us dress the earth in green and like the sap of a young tree let the grace from within us sustain us. Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts and let them light our path to Love. The glance of Love is crystal clear and we are blessed by its light
* Rumi  




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In Lak'ech

Sarah Gallant



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