Edition 6 - Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Organic Balance and Equality


"Organic Balance emerges from who you are in ALL dimensions. The Stars too have roots"


Ariel Spilsbury, the Mayan Oracle





 December 13th  2014 - January 9, 2015


Dreamspell Kin #149 (Red Rhythmic Moon) - Kin #176 (Yellow Resonant Warrior)


 Greetings Fellow Travelers! 


Welcome to the 28 day cycle of the Rhythmic Lizard Moon

of Organic Balance and Equality


 6th Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons


This Rhythmic Lizard Moon invites the Questions:

  • How do I balance the Yin and Yang energies, Being and Doing, and sacredness with irreverence within myself in order to bring Heaven to Earth?
  • What does equality mean to me and how do I extend equality to others?
  • How do I best dance in Rhythm and Resonance with Lifes' Cycles while honoring the TRUTH of my Heart
  • How do I move out from my Radiant Center and begin to share my Dreams with the World enacting ever greater balance in my life?
  • How do I SPEAK the Truth and use Story to share what I perceive and have learned in contribution to the Whole?

Try asking in the stillness the questions that feel important

to you and listening for the answer, open to the

many ways an answer could be revealed.

Each of us will have our own responses....

Entering A Dream Web 


The beginning and ending Solar Tribes in this cycle, Red Moon and Yellow Warrior, are octaves of each other. Red Moon the 9th Solar Tribe and Yellow Warrior the 16th (7 apart) of the 20, they mark a point at which a shift in consciousness can occur, a higher octave and then a new note achieved individually and for all of humanity.


This 28 day cycle beginning with the 6th (Rhythmic) and ending with the 7th (Resonant) tone also is supportive of an ongoing dance of Organic Balance that ultimately Honors the TRUTH of who we are...


...A Balance not only felt and a Truth not only known from within,  but also that will be courageously enacted in the World. Yellow Resonant Warrior prepares us for the Yellow Warrior Wavespell that will begin on January 29 in the Resonant Monkey Moon of Attunement. We may be feeling an energy now that is creating the space for new purposeful and purpose-filled action and/or a new and Magical way of Being that embraces fun and our mythic selves as we fearlessly dance in Rhythm and Resonance with our true natures...building and building and flowing into the Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity (February 7- March 6) that asks "Do I live what I believe?" . How will we answer when the time arrives?


We are the ones we have been waiting for



A Moon of Radiance Collective Prayer that Extends through the Rhythmic Lizard Moon

We are the Physical Manifestation of Earth Power coupled with the Wisdom of Cosmic Intelligence. We hold these two apparent contradictions easily in a Sacred Creative Cauldron.

Reconciling oppositional forces through the all-encompassing power of Love, Our Bodies become  Prayer Sticks for the World.

We understand that the true gateway to Life is through the Womb of the Heart. Our Hearts are Open and Radiant with Colors True. It is from our Centers that we move on Rainbow's Frequency. Our Purpose is to BE Love, Radiating our Frequency of Light in Joyous Freedom.

In communion with the White Butterfly of Spirit, we hear the Call to lead others into the New World and from our own Cocoons, Fly Free.

The time is NOW to BE the LOVE; to acknowledge our Power and to Celebrate the Journey of Life that has brought us such great Strength. The time is NOW to share our Gifts, giving Form to Divine Intention: and we DO.



In The Darkest of Days we Honor the Brightest of Lights Within Ourselves and Plant Seeds for our next time of Flowering



This Moon also bridges the Gregorian Years 2014 and 2015 





With Love and In Lak'ech



Week 1: December 13-19 - Red Week to INITIATE

Week 2:December 20 - 26 - White Week to REFINE

Week 3: December 27 - Jan 2 2015 - December 5 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM

Week 4: January 3 -9 2015 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 7






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with Love and Appreciation

In Lak'ech

Sarah Gallant



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