Edition 9 - Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention and Realization

Keeper of Tomorrows Dreams

Mother of the star-filled night,

show me how to live my truth

and bring my dreams to light


Teach me how to use my will

living the truth I find within,

Discovering all the parts of me

where light and shadow blend.


Let me sing the song of future

with concern for what will be,

upholding all of nature's laws

for creatures, stones and trees.


Mother, I see you in the sunset

and I hear you in the rain.

You teach me inner knowing

through your hearts sweet refrain.


~Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clanmothers

Clanmother 9 - Setting Sun Woman






March 7th - April 3 2015


Dreamspell Kin #233 (Red Crystal Skywalker) -

Kin #260 (Yellow Cosmic Sun)


 Greetings Fellow Travelers! 


Welcome to the 28 day cycle of the 

Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention


 9th Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons. 



This Solar Jaguar Moon invites the Questions:

  • How do I Shine my Light for Others?
  • Do I listen to and Hear the unspoken language of nature and honor its cycles, rhythms, seasons?
  •  Do I use internal and external resources wisely? Am I considering the next 7 generations?
  • What does the "right use of Will" mean to me?
  • Am I shedding old patterns that no longer support my growth?
  • Am I operating from a place of Authentic Power?
  •  Am I attuning myself more and more to the larger story? To Universal Movement and the workings of Destiny?  Am I tapping into limitless Life Force Energy?
  • Do I take the Time to Nourish myself in addition to tending to the needs of others?
  • Right Here Right Now - How do I LIVE my Truth?


       Reflect on the questions that feel most important

to you and, listening for an answer, open to the

many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....



In the Eyes you will see the Power of her Intent 


Jaguar is a powerful totem for this 9th Solar moon in a Red Solar Moon Year as she beautifully blends Yin and Yang, truly centered in her core power. Jaguar also feels to be linked with the current 584 day Venus Cycle.  

This particular Venus cycle began in Jan 2014 when Venus rose as Morning Star in the sign of Capricorn and then began her DESCENT into the Underworld where (symbolized by the story of the Sumerian Goddess Innana) she gives up a vestment and a power linked with each of the Chakras beginning at Crown: Authority, Perception, Communication, Compassion, Personal Power, Creativity, Manifestation and then goes through Death by Intent (all taking place Feb 25 - August 23 2014) in preparation to be born anew. How might this myth have played out in your life? How is it continuing to unfold?

Venus then disappears from the Morning Sky (the Underworld Phase)  September 16 2014, meets with the Sun October 24 2014 and rises as Evening Star Dec 4 2014 thus beginning her ASCENT.

On Feb 20th, 2015 Venus (in her current position in the 2nd half of the cycle as Evening Star) is ASCENDING through the gates in reverse order and entered the 3rd Chakra gate of reclaiming her Power. On Feb 21 she made a conjunction with Mars (both in 1st degree of Aries)

Venus and Mars together in Aries symbolize a Spirit dance of new beginnings and the conjoining of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of ourselves  - an opportunity for this Mystical Union...and for that union to be reflected in our outer lives

On March 22nd, Venus then in Taurus, enters the 4th chakra HEART gate of Compassion signaling the opportunity for deep Heart Healing and the potential ability to truly Love ourselves thus others.

Some of the energies about at this time challenge us to love ourselves just as we are and to love ourselves to wholeness. We may have gotten to a place of relative self-love, yet in changing times and energies we find ourselves in a space of re-evaluation. We never ever stop learning and growing and evolving.

Many of us are taking a deeper look at the dynamics of self doubt, inadequacy, comparison, competition, outward success, the need for approval and powerlessness. Humanity is on an accelerated journey of EMPOWERMENT and that includes embracing all aspects of both shadow and light within ourselves. Acknowledgement and acceptance leads to unconditional love and compassion and then to creating something new: Empowered Individuals and World Changers working Cooperatively and diligently for Cultural Change and who value balance, equal partnership and the ability to just Be and to enjoy life and each other, having fun (serious fun) along the way!

 We are WORTHY of all this privileged Earth Walk has to offer - and from this space of feeling worthy we can be Receiver. We then can Give freely of ourselves and our gifts in multi-colored, multi-faceted, magical ways that energize and beautify and as we give with Gratitude and Love we are a Beacon. 

In Flow, in Mystical Union, Realizing our Sacred Work - Trusting Ourselves as we enter the Sacred Garden of the Heart.


Magic is Realized



The Power and Symbolism of Jaguar


Confidence. Power, Supreme Focus, Preparation, Fertility, Femininity, Breath Work, Attunement to the Earth, Visualization, Manifestation, Shamanism, Magic, Mystery. Night Vision, Inner Guidance


Acutely attuned to the subtle energies of the Earth, Jaguar feels and hears all that is happening around her. She observes and takes it all in as she sits in stillness centered in her Core Power. She represents a beautiful balance between the silent spiritual breath and the primal needs of the hunter.


Sitting high in the branches of trees she/he breathes from the center of being bringing physical and spiritual endurance. She/he sits quietly conserving energy for the time when she/he must persevere.


She commands getting in touch with both inner and outer strength. Her teaching is not mental or verbal, but feeling based. Jaguar knows center in every cell of her body -  Supreme PRESENCE 


She knows that magic's dimensional doorway opens by

Simply Being


"Walk with me and I will show you the power of your Vision"

says Jaguar



Jaguar is also associated with White Wizard, 14th solar tribe in the Dreamspell system. The next Mayan Dreamsell Year that begins July 26, 2015 will be a White Planetary Wizard year - thus a year that carries the energy of Jaguar.


White Wizards Affirmation: Through Heart Knowing I am in natural alignment with Divine Will


Innocence and Transparency allows magic to come though you rather than you needing to create it


"As a wise instrument for the Divine, I set myself free of the past and walk into the future now. With integrity, I stand in the light, in alignment with Divine Will. I know whatever serves the larger vision also serves me, and I act in alignment with that knowing. I understand that all things are possible, and from that knowledge springs my magician-ship. In humility, my clear presence magnifies to include all abilities that appear magical to limited consciousness. I am complete. All of myself dances around the center of my being in alignment with cosmic consciousness. I stand in unmarred correspondence with the original condition of the light"


~Ariel Spilsbury, the Mayan Oracle





Week 1: March 7 - 13 Red Week to INITIATE

Week 2: March 14 - 20 - White Week to REFINE

Week 3: March 21 - 27 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM

Week 4: March 28 - April 3- Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 10, The Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation


Each day will carry a different energy that will contribute to the unfolding of the Solar Jaguar Moon...


This Solar Jaguar Moon is housed in the Green Castle of MAGIC beginning on the 12th day of the White Wind Wavespell of co-creation, integration, the Breath of Spirit and the dance of Polarity and Paradox. It contains the entire 13 day Blue Eagle Wavespell of Vision, Hope, Belief in Self and Compassionate Service  and the entire Yellow Star Wavespell of Harmony, the Wayshower. and Expanded Love. This Solar Jaguar Moon ends on the 13th and last day of the Yellow Star Wavespell at Kin #260, Yellow Cosmic Sun, which is also the last Kin of the Tzolkin.


A new round begins on April 4th with Kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon, signaling the Red Dragon Wavespell of Trust in Divine Nurturance and New Beginnings.


Until then...Riding on Waves of Love and Freedom....Rippling outward infinitely



Jaguar Priestess

"I am one who turns my face to the Sun; who knows that every rock and flower has a story to tell - I listen - they are part of me. My colors remain true, though I may take many forms. I own my own power and shape my own destiny. In my own solitary way I lead, never losing my sense of connection to all that is or relinquishing my humanity. I am Jaguar Priestess"
October 2010
Synchronistically I drew Jaguar Priestess as one of the cards for my Daily Practice on March 7th, the first day of this Jaguar Moon .
It is interesting to look back on this now and to feel the connection in deeper, new,  and empowering ways...
Affirmation For this Solar Jaguar Moon and Beyond
I hold vibrations of balanced masculine and feminine energies
I balance feminine intuitive dreaming with masculine action and manifestation
As I master this balance I realize myself as Divine Child
Magical. Transparent, Innocent, Loving...
Creating balance in my own life is reflected out into the world
and assists both personal and planetary healing
I hold the Vibration of Oneness
I know within Heart and Mind that I am a part of All that Is
what affects one affects the whole
I am a unique and beautiful facet of creation
I choose to Awaken
to my Full and True and Infinite Potential,
to the Vastness of my Being,
 and to the Love that I Am




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with Love and Appreciation

In Lak'ech

Sarah Gallant



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