Edition 11 - Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation



May 2 - May 29 2015 


Snake-Out-The-Box and Setting Sail :

Finding the Gold within

Co-Creating a New Paradigm

Seeding New Story

Leading by Example

Releasing Allegiance to Limitation


Service through Transformation/Transmutation


 Release and surrender all energies that hold us back from a full and radiant acknowledgement and expression of our inner light, our Essence Self, our God Nature.




 Greetings Fellow Travelers! 


Welcome to the 28 day cycle of the 


Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation


 11th Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons.


This Moon begins with

Dreamspell Kin #29 (Red Electric Moon) 

and ends with

Kin #56 (Yellow Self Existing Warrior)



This Spectral Serpent Moon invites

the Questions and Contemplations:


What in my life no longer serves me and how can I release it?


Am I seeing life in terms of the prismatic range of possibility?


Is my identity or are my concepts too fixed to allow new perceptions? 


What gifts have I to share that can assist others in transforming their lives?


What is my role in assisting in the Healing of Earth and All her Creatures?


How am I or Can I be a Catalyst for Transformation and A Beacon of Hope?


Am I walking in Balance and Walking in Truth? Am I able to both Give and Receive Love and Dance Skillfully with Paradox and in the ever-fluctuating River of Life?


Reflect on the question/s that feel most important

to you and, listening deeply for an answer, open to the

many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....




Communication with and without Words


Through finding new and expansive ways to live and love we transform ourselves and create the gold of our lives. We sing our Soul Song, communicating deeply from our hearts in ways that not only enrich us, but also enrich the lives of all that we touch. This time invites us to look at the ways in which we communicate and this includes first with and within ourselves.


Such heartfelt communication carries great and gentle power that can heal and transform.


Do we listen deeply enough to hear what is being said and also what is not being said yet felt and 'heard' between the lines? Do we listen to and hear the Silent whisperings of our hearts and souls? Can we feel love and compassion for ourselves through the fires of transformation that extends to others? Do we recognize the Healing Power of Love and the experiences that Unite rather than Divide us? Can we feel that flow of Divinity through the Universal Waters of the Collective Unconscious and recognize/remember our mythic and mystical connection to the Cosmos and to each other?


May 3rd is the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus that marks the Buddhist Festival of Wesak - which takes place each year when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Scorpio.  It is seen as a time to stimulate the spirit of Love, Community, and Good Will on Earth and to evoke the Energies of Enlightenment.


Each year at the time of Wesak, two great streams of energy,  one focussed through the Buddha (Light/Wisdom) and the other through the Christ (Love) are fused and blended.


May is the month of the Great Cosmic Mother


Keynote of Taurus in Esoteric Astrology is:


"I see and when the eye is opened, all is Light"


Keynote of Scorpio:


"Warrior am I and from the battle, I emerge triumphant." 


How do we Show up for Life as Fully Embodied agents of Light and Love. in the all embracing ways that honor our Essence Selves and all of Humanity?


Try setting a magical tone in this Full Moon window with Prayer and Ceremony and Fun 



The Moon in Relationship to this Time


We are presently in a Red Solar Moon year according to the Dreamspell 13 Moon Calendar. Red Moon is the 9th of 20 Solar Seals and Solar is the 9th of 13 Tones.

This year began on July 26, 2014. 


"Nine is the emblem of matter which, while changing and in constant flux, yet retains its identity and resists complete destruction. This is manifest in the strange phenomenon of 9 remaining 9 in its power no matter by what number it is multiplied. It eternally reproduces itself. It is the master vibratory power governing human evolution"  ~Corinne Heline, the Sacred Science of Numbers


A focus of this year has been. is, and will be Deep healing on all levels and integrating the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves. The energy of the Divine Feminine is Reborn within us and through our inner Union and Reunion The Serpent find its wings and takes magical flight..  On the website Loominosity you'll find a more detailed article on the Red Moon Year by hovering over the Header Dreamspell and clicking on Red Solar Moon Year.


The last day of the previous Moon, the Planetary Dog Moon, that ended May 1st, contained the energy of Red Solar Moon (Kin 9) as Heart Bridge. On May 2nd, the first day of this current Spectral Moon, Red Electric Moon graces the Dreampell Imaginal Position (Kin 29). On the final day of this Moon, May 29th, Red Solar Moon (Kin 9) shows up again, this time in the position of New Earth Resonance (Root) position where we have the opportunity to most tangibly create new story in our lives. Thus Red Moon has occupied all 3 of the Trinity of Kin positions in ways that create a special flow from Moon 10 to Moon 11 and that 'bookend' this Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation.



This feels like powerful Red Moon "weaving in flow", joining together  Imaginal-(Crown)-Being and Phenomenal-(Root)-Doing Realms via the Deeply Experienced Resonance of the Heart. You may wish to revisit the Special Edition Liberating Heart Seeds Issue and Planetary Dog Moon 10.


[Please find an explanation of the Trinity of Kin (the weaving of Dreamspell and Mayan Longcount) HERE and also at Loominosity.]



Red Moon is related to Universal Water, Flow, Fluidity and Adaptability. She is the Cosmic Seed of Awakened Awareness that gradually opens the third eye. She/he is both Beacon and Receiver alight through her growing connection to the Divine and she is becoming adept at balancing giving and receiving in her life She understands the importance of both and the necessity of dancing in the ever fluctuating rivers of life.



"Revealer of Rainbow Blessings"

gratitude for the opportunities in life to transform


 Spectral as 11th Tone and

its connection to the Serpent


Spectral is the 11th tone in the Dreamspell System. It is said to be a tone of dissonance and also of liberation. 11 is a master number and can be viewed as a doorway or portal to another place. 11 might also be envisioned as the two pillars on the tree of life;  the two pillars, one light, one dark,  that when embraced in balance and equanimity create the Middle Way, the Path of High Priestess and our personal connection with the Divine. The 11 might also be depicted as the 2 snake like energies that intertwine as the forces of Shiva and Shakti making their way from Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven up and down our spines. 11 is also the Number of Blue Monkey, the 11th Solar Tribe - the Divine Child/Magician


And what of the Serpent? Red Serpent (also known as the Serpent Initiate) is the 5th Mayan Archetype (aka Solar Seal). Red Serpent represents our Primal Instinctual life Force and also our conscious embracing of Body Wisdom and our Bodies as Temple and Gateways to the Divine. As an Ancient Story,  Red Serpent has had survival issues of all kinds. Yet the more conscious she/he becomes, the keyword Survive is Replaced with THRIVE.


The Serpent is also linked with Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden story, as well as to Lilith, the primal energy of the Cosmic Feminine. These two stories side by side (like the 11) seem to mark the point at which the masculine and feminine were experienced as polarizing energies in ways that separate us from ourselves and each other. Judgment of all kinds shadowed Acceptance and the full embracing of our Divine/Human natures. Arriving at the 11 Door is an opportunity to look more deeply and without judgment at our lives and how we choose to create them. It is an opportunity to establish a deeper connection to the essence of our being and to our innate Divinity.


Red Serpent and Red Moon may well resonate with an evolution of Lilith who is both praised and reviled, lauded and excluded  - and an 'is as it is' authentic expression of essence and the light and shadow within the self, symbol of virgin-whore, inherited and heirloom seed, God Seed, that awakens the Universal Implications and Larger Story of which our Personal Story is a part.  Read a dramatic dialogue "Lilith Speaks" by Kelley Hunter.


11 and 5 have an interesting connection in Christianity: 11 is the number that the name Jesus vibrates to. Christ vibrates to 5. Thus the life of Master Jesus is one example of a shift in vibration of an initiate on the path, signaling an evolution of and for humanity as we fully embrace our divine human nature in the ways that are right and resonant and in right timing for each one of us.


In addition the 11 and 5 combine to create 16, the number of Yellow Warrior (CIB) , 16th Solar Seal and symbolic of the energy of Courage, Questioning, and becoming an Agent of Cosmic Forces. Ariel Spilsbury refers to Yellow Warrior as Galactic Guide and Mystic Ferryman one who is a conduit for cosmic consciousness. CIB also represents the next Octave of Red Moon (from 9 - 16)


"CIB is the Grace of the descent of the Dove, emboding the mystic gift of TRUST in Direct Guidance.  Through TRUST, you journey to the place of "no time" and limitless light. There you will undergo the transformations to embody solar heart and mind. Cib's colors are indigo and gold, combining the limitlessness of the night sky with the freedom of the daytime sun"


Ariel Spilsbury the Mayan Oracle





Trinity of Kin for first and last days of this Moon


the words express several of of many facets of their combined energies.


May 2, 2015


Divine Child's Spirit Healing creates

Release and sparks new Creative Flow


Divine Star Child as Magician Harmonizes Action, Flowing on the Breath of Spirit and Attuned to the Galactic Heart 



May 29, 2015


Serpent Initiate's Healing Staff connects

Heaven and Earth -


Trust in Inner Knowing and Divine Connection

inspires Taking Magical Flight


Shifting Octaves, new Forms for Healing

and Mystical Connection are created


 Renewed Vitality inspires

Realized Magic in the World 



 Serpent Weaving


Using the Trinity of Kin premise uncovers another triple weave in our fabric on the last day of the Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation. 


1. On this final day . May 29, Red Planetary Serpent appears as what is most commonly known as Hidden/Occult power to Yellow Warrior - (through our collective evolution and embracing it is not so hidden anymore)

and is seen pictured in lower smaller square below


2. Red Cosmic Serpent is the Heart Bridge (uniting Crown and Root, Dreamspell and New Earth Resonance) and is guided by Red Moon (upper smaller square)


 3. Red Solar Serpent appears as Higher Self/Guide (smaller square above the larger) to Red Moon


As I contemplated this Trinity complete with its other 4 energies as indicated by the smaller squares that you will see in the image below, that the image of the constellation Ophiuchus, the Snake Charmer or Serpent Bearer could be superimposed and reflect the serpent placements in this configuration became clear.  


Red Serpent






Ophiuchus is referred to as the 13th Constellation spanning parts of both Scorpio and Sagittarius. It is said to tell the story of Aesculapius, student of Chiron and talented Healer in Ancient Greece. Depicted is Aesculapius wresting with/dancing with a Snake, serpent energy.There are several versions of this story that have a violent edge as so many ancient myths do.


And yet we are given opportunity to rewrite these mythic stories and to create and embody new archetypes in the Now.


Aesculapius is a wonderful example of a healer (and a Yellow Warrior) who was attuned to the Cosmic Forces and who utilized his intuitive imaginative ability as well as his earth honed skill to share his gifts with others. We can practice accessing our own intuitive abilities and direct connection to the Divine and hone our skills through dedication and practice, utilizing these both together as we show up in our everyday lives.  We have an opportunity to clearly define what dancing with Serpent energy means to us.


What an amazing time on Planet Earth; a time that is not always easy and is presently challenging for many. It is also a time of great Light and Hope and Healing, A Time of Expansion and for Expressing Love and Joy - A time for Rewriting Empowering Stories for ourselves and Assisting others in doing the same, for attaining and sharing Self-Mastery  - for Freedom and Liberation - for Love and Compassion and for Consciously Embracing Suffering


The Compassionate and All Embracing energy of the Great Mother is Alive and Well. May we all feel her embrace and may we become extensions of Her as we participate more consciously in the collective evolutionary process.


May we embrace both our wildness and our divinity. May we laugh love and pray with equal passion and intensity. May we surrender to that which is passing away and kindle the fires of newness and creativity. May we Love and Bee loved deeply and completely and know that we are worthy and beautiful beyond measure.


May We Glide Effortlessly Through Wildly Sacred Openings, Magically Arriving at Just Exactly Where We Need To Be




Weaving Together Heaven and Earth

through our Hearts: Trinity of Kin


Since the First Issue of this Newsletter on June 25, 2014, I've been sharing about the Trinity of Kin process of weaving the Mayan Dreamspell count with the traditional Mayan Longcount. Practicing this daily has opened up a magical and holographic playground, and a liberating one at that!


There are many doors to enter and many ways and levels to interpret and understand. This Exploration is an ongoing journey whose magical unfoldings highlight the premise that it is the Journey not the destination that is most important.


My own understandings of each Mayan Solar Seal has evolved (and will continue to) over time as will my personal relationship to them.  They have come alive in everyday story. Utilizing Imagery and Color has enhanced the experience immensely. All experiences have eventually translated more tangibly into new and more helpful ways of being and doing in Life aka Restorying, Re-visioning, Reweaving


My attraction to these particular Dreamspell Archetypes and the system is in the opening and limitless way that all can be explored. Its like an outline that supports ongoing growth and evolution and increasing depth without boxing one in - truly open-ended. It feels like there are many treasures here within any map I may choose to create or follow and in any way that I seek to explore.


Exploration can be colored (or not) any way that you wish, can be explored simply or in complex fashion. You can create your own phrases and words as you go and be inspired to create imagery. I have delighted in opening to the creative people who have depth insights to share, all of which have been incredibly valuable to me. Some of these links are shared on the links page at Loominosity.


Beginning with my own personal Solar Seals and tones (connected with birthday) was a great place to start. And in getting to know these I became aware of having more access to the others and to their energetic interplay. Indeed there have been many moments of Deep Recognition and Remembering along the way.


It is not officially a part of the Dreamspell System to explore the Trinity of Kin in the ways I have been exploring here. This came from personal explorations over time and those shared with friends.  It is another lens through which to view and has been a powerful one for me.  I share it in the hope that it will have meaning for you too - if not in the actual doing/understanding of the outlined practice, then in the insights shared that come from my own weaving.


 More insights and information as well as resources for your further exploration coming soon







Week 1: May 2 - 8 Red Week to INITIATE

Week 2: May 9- 15 - White Week to REFINE

Week 3: May 16 - 22 - Blue Week to TRANSFORM

Week 4: May 23 - 29 - Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 12, The Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation


Each day will carry a different energy that will contribute to the unfolding of the Spectral Serpent Moon...


This Moon begins on the 3rd day of the Dreamspell Blue Hand Wavespell of Healing and Cosmic Wave Riding, contains the entire 13 day Yellow Sun Wavespell that honors the Solar Life Force, Radiance, and the Inner Gold, and ends of the fourth day of the Red Skywalker Wavepell of Wakefullness, Prophecy, and exploring dimensions inside and out.


May 18 - New Moon in 26Taurus 56 - Dreamspell Kin 45 - Red Rhythmic Serpent - Dancing in ebb and flow in ways that adjust to meet the needs of the moment while remaining centered

Mercury also turns Retrograde in Gemini


May 21st, Venus in Cancer conjunct the Moon in Cancer enters the 6th Chakra Gate in her ascent as Evening Star in the current Synodic Cycle Reclaiming her Visionary Power


also On May 21st, the New Earth Resonance  position in the Trinity of Kin resets to 1 Red Magnetic Dragon - and a new cycle begins ever more tangibly - TRUST still underscored - New Beginnings are enhanced by Venus in Cancer ascending through the Third Eye Gate







Let us fall in love again and scatter gold dust all over the world. Let us become a new spring and feel the breeze drift in heaven's scent. Let us dress the earth in green and like the sap of a young tree let the grace from within us sustain us. Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts and let them light our path to Love. The glance of Love is crystal clear and we are blessed by its light
* Rumi * 




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with Love and Appreciation

In Lak'ech

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