The Star Inside Your Heart
May you always have a light
Like the morning sun inside you
And through the darkest night
May a dreaming moon guide you
May all your dreams be blessed
And your wishes all come true
May you have the very best
This world can offer you
And whatever road you journey down
Whether you fly or dance
Or sometimes hug the ground -
May your every tomorrow bring
A brave new start
And may the star you follow
Be the star inside your heart

© Terah Cox


Warm Greetings Fellow Travelers
and welcome to the 28 day
      Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Organic Balance
December 13th 2015 - January 9th 2016
6th Moon in the Dreamspell System of 13 Moons in this
White Planetary Wizard Year of Refining our Essence  
Selves and Re-Enchanting the World
 This Rhythmic Lizard Moon
Invites the Questions and Contemplations:
How do I balance the Yin and Yang energies, Being and Doing, and Sacredness with Irreverence within myself?
Do I honor my need for solitude and self-care in the hustle bustle of the Holiday season? And in addition how do I honor my need for community and closeness?
How do I best dance in Rhythm and Resonance with Lifes' Cycles while honoring the TRUTH of my Heart
What special brand of Magic do I share with the world? What does bridging heaven and earth mean to me and how does or might this express in my everyday life? 
Can I let go and experience Joy? What fills my heart and makes me want to dance? How can I share this Joy with others?
"Magic is the art of sensing the subtle, unseen forces that flow through the world, awakening levels of consciousness beyond the rational" ~Starhawk
What Dreams and New Ways of Being am I gestating?
Do I hide my Light? If so, why?
Am I ready and willing to forgive myself and others for what I have not yet forgiven?

Reflect on what feels most important in the Now
 and, listening deeply, open to the 
many ways in which an insight could be revealed.....

What is Organic Balance
and how do we Re-enchant the World?
 "Music is behind life and rules life: from music springs all life. The whole of creation exists in rhythm, and in a general phrase it may be said that there is one common source of human dis-ease and that is disorder in Rhythm"
~Hazrat Inayat Khan
Organic Balance is the Dance of Life. How do we adapt? How do we flow? How do we move with ease and grace in the ever fluctuating river?
By Trusting and Letting Go.
There are no missteps in this Dance for every step we take is a process of learning and growing and learning to Love ourselves and others just the way we are. Through our stepping we acquire new and important skills and insights. We learn to Trust ourselves more and Trust the process - and Remembering that all is a PROCESS feels key.
Through the process we become more masterful at weaving our own personal rhythm within the celestially rhythmic music of the spheres.
And thus is our multilayered 'Dance Journey' following our Stars of Inner Awakening, the Star within our Heart, very individual and yet completely transpersonal too, guiding us to the ways in which we may discover Unconditional Love and Joy.  
When each of us is Sparkling with our own special brand of magic we collectively Re-Enchant the World through our Embodied Rhythmic Dance, one Step, one Star, Initiating, Refining, Transforming, Ripening and Flowering, one Open-hearted Magical Child at a time.
May our ripples be...
"Deep, Wide and Sustaining"
text in red
Don't Forget to Twinkle!


Venus Descends through the Heart Chakra Gate

On December 7th  Venus entered the Heart Chakra Gate in her "Morningstar" descent into the underworld in the current Overtone Leo Synodic Cycle which began in August 2015. She will be traversing the Heart Chakra through Jan 6, 2016.
This Morningstar Passage symbolically enacts the myth of Innana's descent into the underworld. Moon Venus conjunctions mark the Chakra gates. At this Heart Chakra Gate, the Moon and Venus were conjunct at 4 Scorpio signaling intensity and deep diving with opportunity for transformation, and a comet called Catalina is flying closeby. Messenger Catalina seems to signal big changes ahead.
The name Catalina has Greek/Romanian roots and means PURE.
At the Heart Chakra Gate Inanna is asked to give up her Breastplate, Symbolic of the ways in which she has protected her heart that are now outmoded. She stands vulnerable and challenged to live as openheartedly as she is now capable of. This is her opportunity.
Pandora Panda - Jan 7 2011
"I realize that each ripple I create moves outward and has effects that I can't begin to Know - So, let each ripple be filled with Love."

Heart Chakra issues are up for review with opportunities for Deep Healing and Purification. Questions we might ask
ourselves during this time include:
Am I ready for a Quantum Leap in Living and Loving?
What is the most open-hearted expression of Love that I am capable of at this time? What may I do to embody and express this?
What new Ways of Being am I gestating?
What is in need of Release?
Being aware of emotions and triggered reactions feels important. Allow yourself to express emotion in constructive ways and to move through what it is you are feeling. Explore, Alchemize,  Release what needs to be- while being compassionate with yourself as you do. And remember that we are all experiencing this passage in some way or another so have compassion for others too

Heart Magic
Upon the wings of condor we Soar, entering into the Sacred Garden of the Hearts true delight that we have Seeded well and Nurtured long with Dreams, Visions and Loving Light. My how our Gardens have grown Lush and Full and Heavenly!
"We are the ones who are allowing the numinous magic of the broken open heart to paint our days with beauty and continually fill us with joy and wonder."
 May we fill our cups with Love so that its sweet nectar may
overflow into the world.
This Rhythmic Lizard Moon b egins on Day 7 of the 13 day Dreamspell Yellow Star Wavespell  of Expanded Love, Harmony, and Way-Shower-ship, contains the entire 13 day Red Dragon Wavespell of Trust, Receptivity and Nourishment, and ends on Day 8 of the White Wizard Wavespell of Integrity, Magician-ship and
Deep Heart Knowing

White Wizard  (Ix), has Myriad faces,  also known as Sun Runner,Torchbearer, Night-Seer, Enchanter/tress. Healer. Mystic Builder and is a Focalizer this Moon, Appearing as the DREAMSPELL galactic signature on the First day of the Moon (December 13) and as NEW EARTH RESONANCE on the last day of the Moon (January 9).  This Moon also contains 8 of the 13 days of the White Wizard Wavespell, and we are in a Dreamspell White Wizard year!
White Wizard (IX)
(hand drawn glyph by Aurora)
White Wizard invites us to be Authentic in each moment, to show up and to be PRESENT for life, shape-shifting to meet the moment, connecting soul to soul without guard,  and to "dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth."

White Wizards Affirmation:

Through Heart Knowing I am in natural alignment with Divine Will
"I have learned, as you can, to spread my galactic dream-coat into a spirit sail that traverses the galaxies of times past, present, and future to retrieve many gifts empowering your present expression 
But now I will reveal to you my most precious magical offerings:
the innocence, wisdom and clarity embodied in the transparency of the magical child"
Ariel Spilsbury, the Mayan Oracle



Trinity of Kin

(joining Heaven and Earth through the Wisdom of the Heart)
for the Opening and Closing Days of Moon 6

Please find additional information about the Trinity of Kin and all Mayan information at Loominosity by clicking on the link and hovering over the Header Dreamspell 

Day 1 - December 13, 2015


Last Day, Day 28 - January 9, 2015
  Keynote this Moon:
The Promise of the 'Torchbearer of the Larger Vision' Blossoms in the Hearts of those who are willing to Trust and to 'Follow that Star'
Honor your Light and the Star Within
Embrace the Darkness
Know the Magic of the Everyday
See from the Deepest Widest Place you are Capable of
Take the Leap
Open your Heart
Dance Like no one is Watching
Hold a Light High
Inner Light Illumines the Way
for Self and Others too

This Issue:  
There's much to contemplate in this issue.  If so moved, I hope that you'll take your time reading and digesting, sampling the amazing links to books, music, and wonderful websites, and referring to this issue of Loominosity periodically during the coming month
If you are interested in more specific information about the 13 Moons, Dreamspell, Longcount (aka New Earth Resonance) , the Trinity of Kin weaving, Mayan archetypes and Tones etc visit Loominosity and hover over the header Dreamspell to find a variety of links. This section is still in process. Also read the Introduction page on the link below


Deep and Wide





A beautiful expression of Sparkling with ones own special brand of Magic in an Embodied Rhythmic Dance is Will Clipman and his CD Pathfinder.


Check out his website and sample some of this music on the links below.


Will Clipman



Sacred Birth
...Star of Wonder, Star of Night
Star with Royal Beauty Bright
Westward Leading, Still Proceeding
Guide us to thy Perfect Light...


A Prayer for All Seasons

We are the Physical Manifestation of Earth Power coupled with the Wisdom of Cosmic Intelligence. We hold these two apparent contradictions easily in a Sacred Creative Cauldron.
Reconciling oppositional forces through the all-encompassing power of Love, Our Bodies become  Prayer Sticks for the World.
We understand that the true gateway to Life is through the Womb of the Heart. Our Hearts are Open and Radiant with Colors True. It is from our Centers that we move on Rainbow's Frequency. Our Purpose is to BE Love, Radiating our Frequency of Light in Joyous Freedom.
The time is NOW to acknowledge our Power and to Celebrate the Journey of Life that has brought us such great Strength. The time is NOW to share our Gifts, giving Form to Divine Intention, and we DO.
In The Darkest of Days we Release what is Finished, and Honor the Brightest of Lights Within Ourselves, Nurturing and Planting Seeds for our time of Flowering
with Love and Care in ALL we do,
Magic is made, Grace pours through

"Every intentional act is a magical act"
Joyful Blessings to All this Holiday Season
May we be carried softly in Love. Joy, Peace 
into the New Year




The Rhythmic Lizard Moon

Week 1: December 13 - 19  Red Week to INITIATE
Week 2: December 20 -26 - White Week to REFINE
Week 3: Dec 27- Jan 2  - Blue Week to TRANSFORM
Week 4: January 4 - 9- Yellow Week to RIPEN and ready for Moon 7 - The Resonant Monkey Moon of Attunement
December 11 - New Moon in Sagittarius - Bold New Beginnings and Focused Intention - New Direction - Ripening and Flowering of long-in-process abilities - Excitement in the Quest
December 21 - Winter Solstice - Candles and Hearth Fires, the Eternal Flame Within, Solitude and Community  "Light is returning, even though it is the darkest night. No one can hold back the dawn." (Charlie Murphy)
December 25 - Full Moon in Cancer - opportunity to refine our family relationships and relating through a willingness to be vulnerable - greater awareness of 'other' available should we choose to 'see' - emotions peak - opportunity for greater conscious access to our own emotional depths and to the collective unconscious - Forgiveness, Broadening concepts of Family - Embracing the Human Family - accessing the energy of Divine Mother
Jan 1, 2016 - Gregorian New Year - Bridging Years, Bridging Worlds - World-Changers Arise - Freedom Calls - Phoenix Ascends
Jan 9, 2016 - New Moon in Capricorn - Divine Feminine is tangibly supported by Divine Masculine contained within her - 1+1 = 3 Two Whole and Complete creates Love anew - A Visionary Cauldron of Magic and Enchantment - Catalyzing Opportunity


 ~ Magic Butterfly Dreams ~


"Trust in the power of the invisible,

for the Butterfly's wings create a typhoon":

 Archangel Sandalphon, Gentle Guardian

of our Kingdom on Earth, assist us in actualizing our best gifts to share with Joy and Gratitude.

Envelop us in your Love


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In Lak'ech

Sarah Gallant


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