Keep Your Property Safe:

As we approach the fall and winter seasons, the Police Department asks that you be particularly vigilant in making sure that the keys are out of your vehicle(s) and that they are secured. The Police Department also asks that you leave exterior lights on at night. A well-lit property is a deterrent to thieves and it assists our officers in monitoring your property.

At night, Police Department third shift Officers are watching out for the community. When an Officer sees an open car door, a dome light on, or an open garage door they will do their best to secure the property.

Some residents may have found brochures in their unlocked cars or garages from the Police Department informing them of the #9pmROUTINE.
At 9:00 pm make it a routine to:
  • Bring In Your Valuables
  • Lock Your Cars
  • Lock Your Doors
  • Lock Your Windows