Looser Regulations for the ACA? The Dept. of Health & Human Services Says Maybe.

Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar, told insurers the Trump administration could loosen the regulations for ACA compliance.

These regulations limit the kinds of products insurers are able to offer their customers, but the federal government would like customers to have more choices. Azar said the administration would work with insurers to “open up new affordable and flexible options.” Read more.

(Source: Modern Healthcare)
Health Care Spending in the United States and Other High-Income Countries

The United States has higher cost health care with poorer health outcomes compared to other high-income nations, but studies indicate the reason may be related more to prices in labor and goods including pharmaceuticals and administrative costs. Read more .

(Source: Journals of the American Medical Association, JAMA)
The Digital Age of Medicine

More and more people are contacting their doctor digitally, through smartphone apps and websites—in fact, according to Healthcare IT, 54% of people are comfortable contacting their doctor digitally and a 21% are interested in telemedicine tactics such as video conferencing. Most doctors agree digital technology and sharing will help increase efficiencies and enable personalized health care plans. Find the full story here.

(Source: Healthcare IT)
Microsoft/Malwarebytes Tech Support Scam is Resurfacing

A new twist on an old scam may trick some users into sending credit card and bank information to hackers disguised as Microsoft and Malwarebytes support.
The hackers will send out a pop up warning to a computer with no issues, then lock the browser to make the user believe there is an issue. When a victim calls the number for support on the pop up, they are sent to a criminal who tries to get bank and financial information for a “support plan”. Read more.

(Source: SC Media)
SIIA Files Formal Comments with the Department of Labor

The Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) has filed formal comments with the Department of Labor to get a “class exemption” so that self-insured MEWA can offer health coverage in every state. Read more.

(Source: Self-Insurance Institute of America)
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