Thousands of pictures on Instagram have been tagged with the hashtag  #MadewithaBailey. Lora Shelley's lovely whimsical, illustrative, ceramic work caught our eye and she agreed to an interview. Follow Lora on Instagram at @lorashelley.

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Tell us about yourself, how did you get started working in clay? 

"I consider myself a painter/printmaker who likes to learn new mediums. My friend Zoya Geacintov invited me into her studio to play with her. She is an amazing local potter based in High Falls. She has a whimsical style and encouraged me to play. We collaborated on several projects and that is where my bears started.

Soon I found my two-dimensional creatures coming out into the clay and I loved it. I was immediately hooked. I started with pinch pots (which I still love to make) and pendants featuring cats and bears, Lots of bears!"
Lora Loves Her Amaco Underglazes!
"I love how the technique of painting underglazes on bisqueware is very similar to watercolor painting. I like to use Bailey’s Amaco underglaze pans for fine details. My absolute "can’t live without" tool is a fine brush and my black Amaco semi-moist underglaze pan for detail in my paintings on clay. The dark green and blue-green are great colors too. I run out of the black the most.

Bisqueware uniquely absorbs underglaze. I can layer thin coats and achieve very interesting effects. Also, I can wipe away excess with a damp sponge. In the painting world, they have formulated a ‘clayboard’ surface. It is buttery smooth but it does not have the same thirstiness as real bisqueware."
Lora's Everyday Tools!
What’s a tool that you could not live without?

"I'm including a photo of my favorite tools. Notice that they are dirty in the photo, that's because I use them all the time. I have this little wooden tool — it has a u-shape at one end, that is a go-to tool. Also, my rubber-tipped “brushes” are my favorite for smoothing and burnishing my bears and handmade mugs.
I find my Sherrill red, rubber rib very useful. Also, the Mudtools cleanup sponge is great for handbuilt edges and surface clean up."
Bailey Equipment at Women's Studio Workshop
"We are so lucky to live in the Hudson Valley where there are so many art resources. There are many studios to take ceramic classes and opportunities to rent kiln space. I have taken many classes at the Women’s Studio Workshop , where they offer studio access for the duration of the class which is so helpful. 

The clay community is so lovely and welcoming. I have found my clay friends to be so generous with their knowledge and techniques. They welcomed me, a clay novice, ten years ago and have nurtured my love and admiration for this art form ever since."
-Lora Shelley
Lora has been fortunate to be nurtured by the generous women of WSW. This Ulster County, NY, non-profit women's art center has supported and been supported by Bailey Pottery for many years. Pictured above is some of their Bailey Pottery equipment.
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