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Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m.
Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Available Signups & Links
Ash Wednesday, Today 
Wednesday, February 17
Ash Wednesday & Midweek Worship
Available on our Facebook page
under "videos"
No In-Person Midweek Services At This Time
If helpful, access bulletins and our Facebook page
on our website: www.lordoflifemn.org
As these unique times continue, though case numbers are currently improving, we continue our commitment to the safety of all; to honor our volunteers, and to creatively provide ways to spiritually connect during the season of Lent; a time of renewal for one and all.

At this time, our midweek Lenten services, beginning with Ash Wednesday, will be available on our Facebook page under "videos." Our midweek devotional style services will include a Service of the Word, music from our worship leaders, and a time of prayer.

Bulletins for midweek services will be accessible in our daily Lenten devotions each Wednesday, beginning with Ash Wednesday; and the video for each midweek service should be available beginning in the morning each Wednesday. Please let us know if you need assistance in accessing these services.
Join Us This Sunday,
February 21, 9:30 a.m.
The First Sunday In Lent
As new information and new recommendations
regarding gatherings are announced,
though we are doing everything possible to continue
to provide worship in our sanctuary, we are asking you:
If you do not feel well, please stay home!
If you or someone close to you has been exposed, please stay home!
If you or someone close to you is waiting for a test result,
please stay home!
Please join us as together, we do everything possible to honor each other,
to keep one and all safe and well, to support and serve and care for each other!
Please note: We will keep you informed should our efforts
need to be further updated or adjusted.

To attend worship in February, sign up here.
To volunteer in February, sign up here.

To attend worship in March, sign up here.
To volunteer in March, sign up here.

If interested in learning more about volunteering, sign up here.
Interested in sharing added generosity? View our wish list here.
Want to know more about what to expect with indoor worship? Click here.
Thank you to one and all!

Signing up to worship in advance, and then checking in when you arrive, will assist the safety and flow of our efforts. If you have any questions regarding these signups or the protocols, please email info@lordoflifemn.org.

A special thank you to one and all who continue to give their leadership to our collaborative efforts!
Devotions continue each Friday!
As we share and celebrate signs of God's love and grace, a devotion will come your way each Friday via email and Facebook, including access to our bulletin for indoor worship and live streaming worship, children's activity sheets, and sermon notes. You can also access these same materials and messages via our website: www.lordoflifemn.org or in the article above.
Lenten Daily Devotions
Begin Today
Ash Wednesday, February 17
Beginning today, on Ash Wednesday, we will provide our seasonal Lenten Devotions via email and Facebook. Feel free to share them and to forward them to family and friends.
Join Our Facebook Page
Live Streaming Continues!
Join Us This Sunday, February 21
A change in timing continues this Sunday!
Stay even more spiritually connected!
In an effort to explore new ways of doing things, our live streaming of worship now begins at 9:25 a.m. If you are used to joining us at 9:15 a.m. or so, we just wanted you to know of the change in start time. You will still be blessed by some beautiful prelude music, and then worship will begin at 9:30 a.m. We will also be closing out our live stream production after the closing song. Thank you to one and all who join us, and a special thank you to one and all who share a comment or like us or forward our Facebook page to others!

Thank you, and thanks be to God for one and all, who continue to stay spiritually connected each week via Facebook! A special thank you to everyone who takes the time to worship with us via live stream, or later in the week, share a like, to comment, to share, to subscribe. Your interest and energy, feeds our energy, and we are most grateful! Please note: On Sundays, we will make every effort to continue to live stream the service for you at 9:30 a.m.

Be sure to keep up to date with announcements, photos and inspirational posts by liking our Facebook Page! Search for "Lord of Life Lutheran Church - Lakeville, MN", and be sure to click follow. If you need assistance finding the devotions on our notes page, feel free to send us a message through Facebook, or email us at jamie.thompson@lordoflifemn.org or marne.luebbert@lordoflifemn.org.
Council Update
Annual Meeting Schedule Update
Sunday, February 28, 10:15 a.m.
In-person and a Remote Alternative!

We continue to finalize some logistics, and yet, plan now to join us for our Annual Meeting, Sunday, February 28, at 10:15 a.m. Thanks to those who will lead us through the budget process, nominating process, and reporting process, we are confident we will be able to execute our Annual Meeting for those who wish to join us in-person, and those who wish to join us through a remote virtual alternative. Early next week, we will provide a dedicated email and a post on Facebook including the Annual Report and Zoom details.
Director of Music Ministry Update
A special thank you to Doris McNamara and Ann Mikiska for leading our services at this time. Our Search Team is meeting regularly. The team includes: Co-Chairs: Ted Dau & Brian Rogers, Susan Bergquist, Doris McNamara, and Nancy Zaske. You are invited to spread the word about this opportunity, and you are encouraged to reach out to our Search Team or one of us or Pastor Jamie if you know people we should talk to or places we should reach out to post this opportunity. The Position Description and the Application are available on our website: www.lordoflifemn.org. More information and details to come!
Dylan Barth, Council President dylbarth@gmail.com
Holly Pemble, Council Vice President hollypemble@hotmail.com
Genal Heinsen, Council Secretary genalheinsen@hotmail.com
Susan Bergquist, Council Member susan@susanbergquist.com
Crystal Hendrix, Council Member crystalannhendrix@gmail.com
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Prayer Shawl Invite &
Prayer Shawls Available
Prayer shawls are tangible symbols of love. They are warm hugs of empathy and support; a private place to escape in which to rest, relax and renew; something to hold on to when all else seems to be slipping away. Wrapping others in shawls made with prayer and loving thoughts is the gift. Prayer begins in the heart and the creation of a prayer shawl is a spiritual journey of prayer for the shawl maker.

Winter... For me this is a time to grab the needles and yarn, cozy up to the fireplace, and knit. YOU are invited to join this very important ministry at Lord of Life. The shawls can be knit, crocheted, or stitched in any way you would like. During these challenging times, the signs of love, care, and encouragement are much needed - by those who receive, and by those who make the shawls. We encourage you to consider this invitation. Please contact me if you have questions or comments. Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you know of someone who could be blessed with a prayer shawl. crystalannhendrix@gmail.com or 952-913-1743.

Prayer shawls are an amazing gift, made and crafted by those with faith and giving hearts, creativity, and talent! More Prayer Shawls and Pocket Prayer Shawls have been completed and dedicated.

Do you know someone who would be blessed to be wrapped in prayer, to know you and others are praying for them; do you know others are praying for you? These prayer shawls and pocket prayer shawls are available to you, for you personally, or for you to give to another.

Most of those crafting prayer shawls continue to do so at home. This ministry is open to anyone interested. To share your interest, or to request a prayer shawl, contact Crystal Hendrix or Julie Blomster for more information.
A More Just World
An invitation to share your interest as those who wish, explore issues of social justice!

As we recently remembered Dr. Martin Lutheran King, Jr., as we look to February, and
Black History Month, please contact Pastor Jamie,
as we plan an initial conversation and meeting soon!
Pastor Jamie invites one and all who are interested, to begin meeting with him as together we explore new ways to grow awareness, conversations, relationships, experiences, resources, insight, opportunities, and more. Watch for an initial meeting date to be scheduled soon. Contact Pastor Jamie now to begin shaping our shared efforts. Your reply in the next week is greatly appreciated! Those who reply will be invited to share a meeting in the coming weeks! Thanks be to God for one and all!
Prayer Ministry
Prayers for so many continue!
Each week our prayers go out to our beloved brothers and sisters in so many places. Thank you to one and all who daily lift up in prayer one another, who daily call on the power of The Almighty, and the comforting presence of the One who is Present!

May our prayers surround one and all who are in the midst of grief, longing for strength and hope, facing all that is still unknown. If you personally know people who have been impacted by recent events, or if you or someone you know is in need of prayer, let Pastor Jamie know.

Please keep the following families and friends of Lord of Life and their loved ones in your prayers: Amdahl (Wagner), Anderson (Brian & Valerie), Ausen, Barth, Beck, Bergquist (Matthews), Betchwars, Beyl, Blaha, Boche, Burke, Butler, Butt, Carlson (Joy & Kelton), Chambers (Deb), Chambers (Doug & Kim) (Lecher), Chadwick, Chuchna, Claywell, Crabtree, Danielson, Dau, Craig & Kelly Davis family, Dentinger, Duden, Dwyer, Eads, Edmiston, Estenson, Gensmer, George, Gideon, Gilbertson, Glor, Gordon, Grady, Gwilt, Scott Haugen family, Hendrix, Herzberg, Hoehne, House, Hudson/Demming, Hunt, Johnson, Johnston (Kaderlik, Miller), Kalstabakken, Karelis, Kral, Krueger, Lehmann, Lindell (Hines), Luebbert, Lunde, MacDowell, Martin, Mikiska (Shaffer), Mitchell, Cheryl Nelson, Jeff Nelson, Neuman, Olson, Oslos, Pemble, Pierce, Pomasl, Popple, Reischauer, Rogers, Roiger, Rustan, Schaaf, Schentzel, Schmidt, Smith (Diane & Jess), Sny, Sohre, States (Running), Staum, Svoboda, Taft, Tank (& Bolstad), Thompson (Schultz, Pederson), Trevis, Ulland (Landowski), Undem, Vaudt (Erickson), White, Wratz (McAdams, Hiatt), Wright, Zeigler, Zieman, and Zaske.

If you have a prayer request, please talk with or email Pastor Jamie or contact our prayer email address: praying@lordoflifemn.org.
Women's Ministry Book Club via Zoom
Sunday, March 14, 6:30 p.m.
Join us to discuss The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate on Sunday, March 14 at 6:30 p.m., via Zoom.

"A new novel inspired by historical events: a story of three young women on a journey in search of family amidst the destruction of the post-Civil War South, and of a modern-day teacher who rediscovers their story and its connection to her own students' lives."

The time is usually 6:30, though the day of the week & location occasionally change. Join us at any time, for any book, as your schedule allows!
Your Generosity Is Appreciated!
Giving Cards for 2021 Available Here

You can give online here. Thank you!
As we finalize a budget for 2021, as we plan for our Annual Meeting, and update our financial forecast for this year, every giving card returned, every update to Simply Giving blesses our ministry. Please pray about your financial support, and please join us in completing and returning your 2021 giving card, as soon as possible.

Our Pandemic Response Team has identified a wish list of items including ongoing supplies and some special items. If you would like to support our efforts in this way, you can access that wish list here. Thank you!
Thank you to those who have stopped by church to drop off their offering!
Thank you to those who have sent in special one-time gifts!
Thank you to those who have initiated Simply Giving or Online Giving!
Thank you to those who continue to give weekly, regularly, by stopping by, or by continuing Simply Giving, our automated giving program!

As we journey through these very different times, we pray for one and all who are experiencing financial uncertainty, unemployment, or hardship. Please trust that you can contact Pastor Jamie if it would be best for you to change your giving at any time. We completely understand, and support you taking care of your family and loved ones! We pray God's very best for one and all!
Two Easy Ways to Raise Funds 
for Lord of Life!
Scrip & AmazonSmile  
Ways to Support Lord of Life 
As You Shop During These Times!
Though much of our shopping has changed at this time, our shopping efforts continue to benefit Lord of Life! Many of us are still purchasing gas, groceries, online, and in person. Lord of Life is participating in two programs - Scrip & AmazonSmile - that make it easy for you to benefit Lord of Life!

Here's how Scrip works: You set up an account and order physical or electronic gift cards online, or purchase directly from your phone while out shopping through the RaiseRight app. Retailers give a percentage of your purchase back to Lord of Life -- without charging you anything extra! (Except a tiny 15-cent processing fee.)

Visit www.shopwithscrip.com to see the MANY participating retailers or download their new app that is so easy to use! (It's much better than the old Scrip Wallet.) It's called RaiseRight and you can download it from Google Play or iTunes.  
You can even email e-gift cards to someone for immediate or future delivery! These days, with many of our friends and neighbors in need, that's a wonderfully helpful feature.

Here's how AmazonSmile works: If you are planning to shop with Amazon, just go to smile.amazon.com each time you shop, rather than the regular amazon.com address. The first time, you'll set Lord of Life as your designated charity, and then you just shop as normal. Amazon then gives a portion of its profits to Lord of Life.
The website is exactly the same, with the same products and features, and it also works with your Prime membership. If you forget to start at smile.amazon.com first, the website can remind you to start there so that your contribution counts.  

You can even use them together for double the fundraising power! If you're planning to shop at Amazon, you can go to shopwithscrip.com or the RaiseRight app first, to buy an eGift card from Amazon, and then easily copy the code over to smile.amazon.com when you are checking out. Or, you can add the gift card to your Amazon account so it's ready whenever you shop next. 

Need help getting started? Have any questions? Contact Doug & Kim ChambersCindy Trevis or  Marne Luebbert.

CLICK HERE for getting started instructions for Scrip.

Looking Ahead
17 - Ash Wednesday – Our service today is available on our Facebook page under “videos,” and the bulletin for today is on Facebook, and accessible through our daily devotion and website.
21 - Worship at Lord of Life, 9:30 a.m. & live-streamed. Signing up required for in-person.
24 - Midweek Service – Our service will be available on our Facebook page under “videos,” and the bulletin will be on Facebook, and accessible through our daily devotion and website.
28 - Worship at Lord of Life, 9:30 a.m. & live-streamed. Signing up required for in-person.
28 - Annual Meeting, 10:15 a.m., in-person and remote participation available – details next week.
Please sign up for in-person worship here, or plan to join us via live stream through our Facebook page.