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Lord of Love Update- March 18, 2020
MISSION STATEMENT : Celebrating and sharing God’s love in a welcoming community of faith, while serving others.
Dear Friends in Christ
Here is an update on Lord of Love's activities in response to the coronavirus.
The changes and actions identified here came out of our March 17th council meeting.
These decisions reflect our concern for our congregation members and others who use our building. It also complies with federal, state, and local government recommendations and mandates.
The council will meet the week of April 12th to make further determinations.
Worship Services
All worship services are canceled through April 18th.
Pastor Becky is working with the Worship Committee, Worship Staff, and others to stream Wednesday Lenten and Sunday worship services.
These recorded services will be available through our web site and Facebook pages.
Church Activities
Scheduled activities are suspended through April 18th.
This includes use of our building by non-church groups.
We need to join in efforts to restrict the spread of this virus by limiting situations where direct contact may take place.
We are also concerned about the sanitation of our building following even small group gatherings.

We are rapidly investigating options to keep connected to our worshiping community.
  • Live streaming of lessons and sermons and faith stories. These will be accessible through our website and Facebook pages.
  • Weekly and special e-announcements to help you keep informed of ongoing changes and prayer needs.
  • One Call announcements
  • Devotion and faith studies for personal use. We encourage you to engage in discussion with others over the phone with some of these resources.
  • Identifying ways we can continue to share our God sightings, prayer concerns, and other messages of hope in this troubling time.
  • Members are encouraged to reach out and speak to each other and our neighbors via the phone or online video (more than just a text or email).

The church office will continue to be open, but potentially with reduced hours.
As always, Pastor Becky is available to talk with you as needed. Please contact her by phone or email.
Loads of Love - April 4
One exception to our suspension policy is our Loads of Love event.
This event serves those with continuing and possibly expanded needs for additional support at this time.
For this event:
  • We will bag of the items to be provided for each family. There will be as many bags as we have items for (target is around 100). Each bag to contain: 4 pack of toilet paper, one roll of paper towels, one tube of toothpaste, enough toothbrushes for each family member, one deodorant, one bar of soap, shampoo/conditioner combination, and one laundry soap.  There is a limited number of diapers, wipes, and feminine hygiene products on hand as well.
  • We will hand a bag to people in their car (not in the church building)
  • We will track of the number of participants, families, and number in each family that we are serving
Items for this event were ordered last week.
Some Questions Answered
What does suspending activities mean?
During this period all activities are cancelled:
  • Wednesday Lenten suppers, services, music group practices
  • Sunday Worship services and Sunday School
  • Special events like Community Easter Egg Hunt

What about outside groups using our facility?
The coordinator for each group will be contacted indicating our building is being closed to such activities. We know that some groups provide online meeting opportunities. If they need to meet face to face, they will need to find a different location.

What happens at the end of this period?
Pastor Becky and the church council continue to evaluate the overall situation as it progresses. We will engage, as necessary, in discussion to determine impact and plans beyond mid-April. Although we are hopeful that we can resume regular ministry activities in late April, we need to be prepared to continue these actions for a longer period of time.
In Our Prayers
Phil Nickisch (friend of Dave Lueders); Patty Adams (mother-in-law of Charise Adams); Stephanie Flansburg (friend of Judy Egr); Donald Egr (uncle of David Egr); Katie (niece of Mary Lou Gustafson); Ron Salak; Alan Meyer (uncle of Todd Meyer); Betty Thompson (mother of Beth Olson); Janet Jensen (mother of Dawn Burton); Paul Barnett: Pat Wineinger; Cindy Moos (friend of Tom and Beth Olson); Vern Nemitz (uncle of Paula Foster); Mardi Fiske; Lucy Klos (sister-in-law of Mike & Christie Klos); Bill Todd (husband of Pam Todd); Kate Boarts (mother of David & grandmother of Chris Boarts); Lester (friend of Paul Barnett); Ron & Brenda Thom; Kathy Campina (cousin of Rose Roberts); Stephanie Ulrich (relative of Paula Foster); Janet Baker; Bill Pickens; Juanita Kiesel (friend of Mary Lou); Roslynn Thom (sister of Ron Thom); Sarge Schuchard; Jason Combes; Ed & Janet Guthrie; Babette Garder (mother of Kenn Garder); Eileen Nagle (mother-in-law of Tara Novak); Pr. Joe Hernandez – Missionary in the Middle East (cousin of David & Chris Boarts); Nancy Shinrock; Olivia Griffin (daughter of Scott and Dana Griffin); Steve Wiitala, (friend of Karen Mullen); Connie Bennett (cousin of Karen Armitage); Don Lueders, Lisa Lueders ((brother of Dave Lueders & sister-in-law of Dave Lueders); Caregivers and those who suffer with addictions and depression, those seeking employment, those dealing with infertility or seeking to adopt.

The family and friends of Larry Czapla
The family and friends of Dorothy Riley (aunt of Paula Foster)
The family and friends of Alan Meyer (uncle of Todd Meyer)
Those Who Are Deployed
Abel Avalos, son of Miguel & Rosie Avalos
Tanner Torosian, grandson of Lorraine Mohrlock
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The Rev. Rebecca Sells

Office Administrator, Prayer Chain, and Financial Secretary
Mary Lou Gustafson

Co-Director of Faith Formation
Heather Christensen
2020 Church Council
Vision and Coordination:
 Brian Lund, President; Paul Murphy, Vice-President;
Renae Rich, Secretary;
Rett Messerschmidt, Treasurer
Nurture: Rosie Avalos
and Joan Witt
Outreach: Charise Adams
and Matt Willard
Resources: Brandon Zalesky
and Paul Christenson
Worship : Rex Quadhamer
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