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Lord of Love and COVID-19 - March 14, 2020
MISSION STATEMENT : Celebrating and sharing God’s love in a welcoming community of faith, while serving others.
Dear Friends in Christ
Here is an update on Lord of Love's response to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, the coronavirus. The changes and actions identified here were made by the executive committee on March 14, 2020. Additional recommendations will be discussed and acted on by the Council on Tuesday, March 17.
Worship Services, Sunday March 15
Regular worship services will be held.
We recognize that worship attendance is an individual decision.
We encourage our members to attend only if:
  • they are without any symptoms of cold or flu (cough, low-grade fever)
  • they are not within the set of vulnerable people with heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, etc.
There will be a number of changes to worship to limit person to person contact:
  • passing the peace with no contact
  • offering plates will be staged at the back of the sanctuary, not passed
  • communion will not be served
Sunday School and Adult Education will be held as usual.
Donuts and coffee will not be available during the fellowship time.

Changes for Church Activities from March 16 thru April 4
These other changes are in effect or being considered by the council.

Immediate changes:
  • Serving of food at the church will not be allowed. This affects Wednesday evening soup suppers and all other events at Lord of Love/

Recommended changes (to be discussed by the council):
  • Suspension of all group activities at the church thru April 4. Includes:
  • Sunday and Wednesday Lenten Worship
  • Community outreach activities based at the church
  • Group activities (Tai Chi, Choir, Brass, Quilting, Men's Group, etc)

These decisions/recommendations came about through significant discussion.
We feel that we need to seriously take efforts to limit the spread of this virus. Our congregation can do this by participating in the implementation of social distancing and other practices that help limit the potential spread of the virus. It is also prudent that we don't create situations in which people feel obligated to attend.

We are rapidly investigating options to keep connected to our worshiping community.
  • Online streaming of lessons and sermons and faith stories. The streaming will be made accessible through our website and Facebook pages.
  • Weekly and special e-announcements to help you keep informed of ongoing changes and prayer needs
  • One Call announcements
  • Devotion sources as identified on our website

As always, Pastor Becky is available for discussion or special ministry needs.

What happens after April 4?
We will continue to evaluate the overall situation as it progresses.
At the end of March and beginning of April we will engage in further discussions to determine future impact. Although we are hopeful that we would be able to resume regular ministry activities, we need to be prepared that this will continue for a longer period of time.

Please be patient with us as we navigate these uncharted waters and protocols together.
We encourage you to find ways to be the body of Christ to your neighbors and one another. This means calling and checking on people regularly, and encouraging each other in faith and life during these uncertain times. As your leadership team, we hope to do the same.

God’s peace and blessings to you all.
Office Phone: 402.493.2946

The Rev. Rebecca Sells

Office Administrator, Prayer Chain, and Financial Secretary
Mary Lou Gustafson

Director of Faith Formation
Heather Christensen
2020 Church Council
Vision and Coordination:
 Brian Lund, President;
Paul Murphy, Vice-President;
Renae Rich, Secretary;
Rett Messerschmidt, Treasurer
Nurture: Rosie Avalos
and Joan Witt
Outreach: Charise Adams
and Matt Willard
Resources: Brandon Zalesky
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