A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 17, 2019
What happens when the person who keeps track of birthdays ... cough, Amanda! cough ... leaves out that she is turning 40 for her birthday? She gets punked. For those of you who are fans of “The Office”, my guys tell me there was an episode in which Jim did this to Dwight. I haven’t seen it but, anyway, Amanda sent me a picture of an office wrapped in Christmas paper and suggested we do that to Doug's office. We didn't get a chance to do that over Christmas, but the idea stuck in my head. So when I found out she turned 40 while off for Christmas, I realized I had neglected loving her well. Naturally, my son, Jack, and two of his friends were in kahoots with me and we wrapped everything in her office. And I do mean everything: right down to the chair mat, ruler, stapler, pens, lampshades...EVERYTHING.  I have to confess I giggled for an hour. And ta-da! Mission complete. It was absolutely awesome, and she was completely surprised which was the best part. Needless to say, it took her 20 minutes of unwrapping just so she could find her computer to work, but she was a good sport. Amanda, you make 40 the new 30 with your beauty inside and out, zest for life and ability to make all things look easy. We are kindred spirits, and I love how we work together and simply “get it done!” And for our friendship. Scott and I are so blessed and fortunate to be able to work with people who we consider friends and confidants. Happy birthday, Amanda! You are adored...and officially punked! Keep bringing green home with Amanda, people! She is a rockstar.  
Plant enthusiasts agree that in 2019, you will want to invest in more mature houseplants. You will be amazed by the size of this False Aralia. Find a location that is perfect and then let it adjust comfortably there. It can grow 7 - 10 feet tall, so if you are looking for height, this lovely tooth-edged leafy plant is the one for you.
Refresh the style in your home with a variety of houseplants. Place your plants at various heights and create a green gallery that will be sure to delight. Plants we recommend are pothos, snake plants, ZZ plants, and peace lilies. All have different heights and textures, but are pretty low maintenance and don't require a lot of light.
We still love the Fiddle-leaf Fig, but it is time for some new plants to take the spotlight. One of our favorites is the gorgeous Splitleaf Philodendron (Monstera deliciosa). In addition to beautiful foliage, this plant also grows to an impressive size, so pick a spot with plenty of room.
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