Vol. 2017-04 June 2017            


The legislators have left town and it will take a little while to go through all of the bills signed into law to determine the impacts to Carson City.  One bill of particular interest to me, as I am a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, was Assembly Bill 32.   
Assembly Bill 32 clarifies the requirements to obtain a license as a governmental entity to use pesticides.  I listened to the testimony, and it was interesting to note the objective of the legislation was to align the law with the current governmental practice.  I guess the governmental entities were not complying with the law. 
The new law, effective July 1, 2017, will allow seasonal employees (those working less than 1,039 hours per year) to spray general use pesticides without a license, but they must be supervised by someone with a license.  The supervisor must be at the location of spraying. General use pesticides are products that you can generally purchase directly off the shelf, but need to be controlled by a license holder due to the large quantity that will be sprayed.. 
My favorite part ..... no fee increase or additional cost to the governmental entity. I can't wait to verify the change will not cost Carson City more money.  

The Carson City Building Division is now accepting electronic building plans.  This will help reduce costs for builders and will improve our processing of their plans.  Carson City continues to use technology to improve our processing. 

Just a reminder to stay safe this summer.  The water in our river is high and fast.  Please stay away from the edges, wear appropriate life vests and do not swim alone. 

The wildflowers are beautiful.  My husband and I really enjoy going for walks on our trails to see how many different flowers we can find and identify.  The fire danger is also high, so please take extra care when enjoying the outdoors. If you start a fire, you may be responsible for the costs. 
Did you know the library has a Premier Library Card?  This card allows you to check out electronic items such as microphone, etc. and requires you to acknowledge you could be charged for damage. Generally, this card is used in community events.  You learn something new every day!
We have a star among us.  Darren Schultz, Public Works Director, was awarded a "Top Ten Public Works Leader" award for inspiring excellence and dedication in public service.  The award was presented by the Association of Public Works Administrators. Congratulations Darren.   
A big shout out to Parker Lehmann.  He completed an Eagle Scout project on C-Hill.  Take a look at the "C" and see his great work.

Another shout out to the Eagle Valley Trail Committee.  They  spent countless hours preparing a draft "Community Trail Inventory, Review, Evaluation, and User Needs Assessment Report".  The report is intended as a road map to guide future trail projects.  The City will use this report for information as we amend the Unified Pathway Master Plan (UPMP).  I want to thank this committee for their efforts on behalf of all of Carson City.  They did an excellent job.

Enjoy the 4th of July with your family.  RSVP will be hosting the annual fireworks in Mills Park.  Most importantly be safe with fire, driving and while around or in the water.

Board of Supervisors Raise:
The Legislature approved a pay raise for the Board of Supervisors effective July 1, 2017.  Your board members turned the raise down. 
Water Agreement with Douglas County, Town of Minden and Indian Hills General Improvement District:
In August of 2016 the Carson City Board of Supervisors was presented with a contract to approve rates for the ensuing five years to deliver Carson City owned water from Douglas County to Carson City.  The Board of Supervisors  disputed the proposed contract as we believed it was not the intent of the original agreement, and was not fair to the Carson City residents and ultimately rejected it.    We requested the District Attorney to work with the other representatives to the agreement.   

We were able to come to a successful resolution of the dispute.  We removed a component of the contract that required Carson City to repay the Town of Minden for construction costs (the disputed section of the original proposal).  Instead, Carson City is obtaining an additional 187.5 acre feet of water from Minden at a price of $8,000 per acre foot (same price we paid in 2010).  The total purchase price ($1.5 Million) will be paid in annual installments of $75,000 each year over a period of 20 years with no interest.  The additional water could service 187 to 350 new homes depending on use.  
In the future annual meetings will occur to reconcile rate payments with actual expenses and require credits or additional payments for overages or shortages, as the case may be.  We were also able to negotiate the repair and replacement reserves.  Minden placed $700,000 into the repair and replacement reserve account.  Minden has retail customers and wholesale customers.  We wanted to be sure the wholesale customers were not subsidizing the retail customers and vice versa.

I want to thank the District Attorney Jason Woodbury and his staff for working hard to improve the water agreement.  The residents of Carson City got a better deal!

Washoe Valley 8.62 Acre Feet of Water Authorized for Sale:
I bet your first thought is why are we selling water when we are buying water.  Good question.   The City's water rights (8.67 acre feet) in Washoe Valley associated with Well #12 are currently unused and cannot be moved to another site where they could be utilized by Carson City. As such, the water rights are subject to forfeiture for non-use. Since we cannot use the rights, we might as well try to sell them.
Next Phase of Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF - also known as the sewer plant):
The estimated cost of this phase is $9,720,00 and will continue through the next two years.  This phase is projected to improve the odor control system, reconditioning of primary settling tanks and secondary settling tanks, lining of the overflow basin, repurposing an existing aeration basin. 

We approved a contract with Keller Associates for the project management and design services to begin this phase of improvements.  The first phase of the Water Resource Recovery Facility was ahead of schedule and under budget.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed for the same results in this phase.

Health Department - Restaurant Inspections:
The Board heard a presentation from the Health Department concerning the restaurant inspection process.   The inspection purpose is to reduce the probability of a widespread outbreak of a foodborne illness, like the norovirus outbreak in Washoe County Schools last year.  

We also heard from a few of the restaurants that we could improve on the inspection process.   They would like us to be more proactive than reactive and not punitive.   Many of the issues identified during an inspection are corrected on site, yet the report in the paper does not always indicate it was corrected.

The Health Department is developing a web application that will allow the public to review the history of a restaurant.  We hope this will be completed by December, 2017.

The restaurant owners of Carson City are doing a terrific job overall.  We had 620 inspections in 2016.  The average score was 97.  533 (86%) had a score of 95 or better, 81 (13%) scored between 94-85, 3 (.5%) scored between 84-80 and 3 (.5%) scored 79 and below. 

We are also trying to determine the best method of displaying the results within the restaurant.  Should we produce a letter grade and require the restaurant to display it in a visible location? 

It was determined that I would work with the Health Department to review our ordinances and processes and return with recommendations for future consideration by the Board of Supervisors.

RTC Approved Striping Contract:
Nevada Barricade & Sign Company, Inc. was awarded a contract for $174,378 to place approximately 1,103,805 linear feet of painted pavement markings. 

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Approved:
A what was approved?  It is a flashing light at a crosswalk like the one on Stewart Street in front of the Supreme Court.  The Department of Transportation is paying for a new RRFB on U.S. 50 at Silver State Street.  It is hoped this will provide more pedestrian safety while crossing the street.

Traffic Signals:
The Department of Transportation and Carson City are working together to add 12 battery backup systems to maintain power to traffic signals during power outages.  We are also installing 239 retro-reflective back plates to existing traffic signals to improve the visibility of traffic signals.  The plates also assist color-blind drivers in navigating an intersection.  We are continually improving safety in our community.   
South Carson Complete Streets:
The RTC reviewed the options identified for the South Carson Complete Streets Corridor Study.  Upon completion of the Carson City Freeway Phase 2B-3, Carson City will take ownership of south Carson Street.  The Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization funded a study to help us determine options for changes to the road from Fifth Street to Roland on Carson Street.

We signed an agreement with the Department of Transportation which stipulates that South Carson Street, south of Fairview Drive, is resurfaced with Complete Streets improvements and is under construction by 2019.  A Complete Street includes options for bicycles and pedestrians be considered as part of the design. 

The RTC accepted the study from Kimley Horn.  Kimley Horn conducted several meetings with community leaders and businesses that will be impacted by the redesign.  The concept selected was overwhelmingly picked by those in attendance at the meetings. 

What is next?  The hard part, creating the actual design as close to the study within the budget money.  I will keep you posted as the process continues.    
July 6th 8:30 AM Board of Supervisors Meeting - Storm water rate increases to be discussed. 

July 12th at 5:30 PM - Foundation for Carson City Parks and Recreation will be presenting awards for community members and organizations who have volunteered with distinction (Mills Park near Marv Texiera Pavilion and memorial wall).  The Wungnema House (Mills Park - Saliman Street entrance) will also be open for tours and refreshments.  Come celebrate with us.

July 26th through the 30th - Carson City Fair at Fuji Park - featuring 4-H and youth FFA, agriculture, carnival, antique tractors and more.  
Ward 1
                      Supervisor Karen Abowd                     
Ward 2
   Supervisor Brad Bonkowski  
Ward 3
    Supervisor Lori Bagwell
Ward 4
 Supervisor John Barrette

While these board members must live in one of the four wards, they represent the entire city.  If you have any concerns, please contact us.   
Visit Carson City's website.  There is so much information about what is happening, who is who, committee meetings, a calendar of  events and so much more.