Vol. 2018-01 January 2018           


Let me start this newsletter with a Happy New Year to each of you from Jim and me.  We hope that 2018 is prosperous and healthy for you and your family.  The Friends of the Library hosts an annual New York New Year's Eve Party, and they did a super job decoration the Plaza Hotel Event Center.  The theme was Paris.  As you can see in the picture, they even had an Eiffel Tower!  It was a great way to ring in the new year.   
What an honor it was to represent Carson City at the White House Nevada Elected Officials' Convention. 

The convention featured the Department of Energy, Small Business Administration, Department of Transportation, Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, Health and Human Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, Department of the Interior, Housing and Urban Development and discussions with Vice President Pence and Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn. 

The Trump administration provided us with the direct contact information for each agency and committed to an open channel of communication.  They believe this is the first time an administration has been so open to hearing directly from each local government.  They recognize that all counties are different and that a one size fits all does not always work.  They wanted us to know we could contact them and they would at least listen to our concerns. 

I asked the Department of Interior spokesperson about a particular area of concern for Carson City.  The BLM has requested that Carson City support the sale of 14 parcels in the Pinion Hills neighborhood.  The city has received numerous comments from residents concerned about the water table in the area and the need for the competitive bidding process to be an open bid process instead of a closed bid process.  I think the city would like this to be an open process, and I wanted to know how the BLM makes this decision and could the city request the process be open.  They indicated they would get back to me. They did respond and approved an open bid process.

The federal budget might significantly reduce federal funding to several of our City Departments.  The White House did acknowledge they were shifting emphasis to providing more block grants to the states to allow them to design the most appropriate services for their state.  Many at the meeting expressed the concern the funding would not be passed down to the local governments that are the direct service providers.  We are hoping when they block grant they add rules for pass through funding to the local governments.

Another issue the Trump administration wanted to address was the Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  In 1969 NEPA was created to ensure federal agencies consider the environmental impacts of their actions and decisions. On average, the approval of a NEPA application is taking 10 years.  The Trump administration is working to implement a system across all the federal agencies for greater efficiencies.  

The administration seemed very open to communication from the city.   

Each January, the board appoints each other to Boards, Commissions and Committee I will continue to serve on
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Redevelopment Authority - Vice Chair
  • Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) - Vice Chair
  • Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Area (CAMPO)
  • Audit
  • Western Nevada Legislative Coalition (Alternate)
  • Nevada Association of Counties (Alternate)
The 2017 Nevada Legislature changed the law to allow the mayor to perform a marriage ceremony if authorized by our board.  We were happy to allow the mayor to perform a marriage ceremony.  

The city contracted for detoxification treatment and civil protection at $1,500 per person for several years.  We have also leased the provider of these services space in a city building for $1 per year.  
We were able to renegotiate the lease to require the vendor to provide 36 clients with free (to the city) detoxification treatment services and 48 clients with free civil protection.  This allowed the vendor to continue to provide the needed services and the city to reduce expenses.   
The June 2017 year end audit report was completed.  The city's general fund budgeted revenues came in higher than anticipated, and our expenditures were lower than anticipated.  This is exciting news as those were both in the right direction.  We were able to increase our savings account (contingency) by $1.6 M.   
The board will be having a retreat on February 5th to discuss goals for the next year.  One of our discussions will be what capital improvements should be accomplished with the $1.6 M.   I am betting roads will be a major discussion along with replacement of  Community Center seats.    
The Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) is made up of representatives from Douglas and Lyon Counties and Carson City.  Approximately $1,023,000 is available each year for four years from Surface Transportation Program Block Grants.  CAMPO has worked to determine a distribution schedule.  They also voted to base the allocation on the 2010 census. Carson City has been allocated 70.6%, Douglas County 13.5% and Lyon County 15.9%.  To allow member agencies the flexibility to fund larger projects and to avoid smaller annual funding allocations, the four years of funding was allocated with Lyon County receiving 100% of their four year share in 2018 and Douglas receiving 100% in 2019 instead of smaller amounts each year.   
Lyon County requested Carson City exchange its 2020 grant allocation with Lyon County's 2018 allocation as they do not have a project ready to go.  Therefore, we will be able to begin work on Fairview Drive (Roop to 395) much sooner than anticipated.  
The Regional Transportation Commission approved a raise for bus drivers from $10 per hour to $12 per hour.  We were having difficulty obtaining needed drivers as our pay was less than all the surrounding areas.  I hope this will help us attract and retain professional drivers.   
Thought you might be interested to learn a little about the volume and types of work your street staff performs.  A few stats from the last three months -
  • 1,331 crack seal blocks used
  • 259 trees were pruned
  • 1,666 gallons of weed abatement sprayed
  • 2 wheelchair ramps repaired
  • 18 yards of sediment removed from ditches
  • 83 drainage inlets cleaned
  • 1,452 curb miles swept
  • 553 yards of material picked up by sweepers
  • 48 signs made
The committees held a joint meeting to review an amendment to the Unified Pathways Master Plan.  The last revision to this plan was in 2007.  The Eagle Valley Trail Committee worked tirelessly to improve Chapters 9, 11 and 12 of the Master Plan to reflect trails in our community and added a trail difficulty rating system.  The new maps are amazing.  I would like to thank all the volunteers for their extraordinary effort on behalf of the residents of Carson City.   
JANUARY 2 - JANUARY 12, 2018
JUDICIAL CANDIDATE FILING: A judicial candidate may file declaration of candidacy or acceptance of candidacy, with the appropriate filing officer, and pay fee required for purpose of having name on ballot. (NRS 293.177; NRS 293.193)
JANUARY 12, 2018
LAST DAY JUDICIAL CANDIDATE MAY CHANGE NAME ON BALLOT: Last day a judicial candidate may change the manner in which his/her name will appear on the ballot by filing a written request with the filing officer with whom he/she filed his/her declaration or acceptance of candidacy. (NAC 293.081)
JANUARY 24, 2018
LAST DAY JUDICIAL CANDIDATE MAY WITHDRAW OR RESCIND A WITHDRAWAL OF CANDIDACY: Last day a candidate may withdraw his candidacy or rescind a withdrawal; must be in writing and presented in person to appropriate filing officer. (NRS 293.202)
MARCH 5 - MARCH 16, 2018
NON-JUDICIAL CANDIDATE FILING: A non-judicial candidate may file Declaration of Candidacy or Acceptance of Candidacy, with the appropriate filing officer, and pay fee required for purpose of having name on ballot. (NRS 293.177(1)(b); NRS 293.181; NRS 293.185; NRS 293.193; NRS 293.1725)
MARCH 16, 2018
LAST DAY NON-JUDICIAL CANDIDATE MAY CHANGE NAME ON BALLOT: Last day a candidate may change the manner in which his/her name will appear on the ballot by filing a written request with the filing officer with whom he/she filed his Declaration or Acceptance of Candidacy. (NAC 293.081(1))
MAY 15, 2018
CLOSE OF STANDARD VOTER REGISTRATION: Agency registrations must be date stamped by this date. Mail in applications must be postmarked by this date. (NRS 293.560(NRS 293.560 as amended by AB 45 and AB 478, 2017 Legislative Session)
MAY 16 - MAY 22, 2018
EXTENDED PERIOD TO REGISTER IN PERSON AT THE COUNTY CLERK/REGISTRAR'S OFFICE: A person may register to vote during this period only by appearing in person at the office of the County Clerk/Registrar, or online. (NRS 293.560 as amended by AB 45 and AB 478, 2017 Legislative Session)
MAY 23 - MAY 24, 2018 at 11:59:00 p.m.
EXTENDED PERIOD TO REGISTER ONLINE: A person may register to vote by computer, if the county has established a system pursuant to NRS 293.506 for using a computer to register voters. (NRS 293.560(NRS 293.560 as amended by AB 45 and AB 478, 2017 Legislative Session).
June 5, 2018
ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST: Request must be received by the County Clerk/Registrar's office by 5:00 p.m. on this date
MAY 26 - JUNE 8, 2018
Excluding Sundays & Memorial Day
Carson City Courthouse,
First Floor, 885 E Musser St.
Hours will published in Sample Ballots and posted online
JUNE 12, 2018
7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Carson City Courthouse,
First Floor, 885 E Musser St.
Carson City Community Center
851 E William St.

Ward 1
                      Supervisor Karen Abowd                     
Ward 2
   Supervisor Brad Bonkowski  
Ward 3
    Supervisor Lori Bagwell
Ward 4
 Supervisor John Barrette

While these board members must live in one of the four wards, they represent the entire city.  If you have any concerns, please contact us.   
Visit Carson City's website.  There is so much information about what is happening, who is who, committee meetings, a calendar of  events and so much more.