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Recently I joined the board of TRIAD in Carson City.  What is TRIAD all about?

In a world that is often unfair, to be elderly and victimized seems among the cruelest of inequities. Today approximately one of every eight Americans must face the realities of aging. Their situations vary as do the ways they deal with growing older. Regardless of their circumstances, however, most older people say they worry about crime. Many fear they may become victims.

 As a group, older people can be a powerful and active force. As individuals, they can be vulnerable and may need help.
The vulnerability of some of its members sets this population apart from other age groups also concerned about crime.

This requires an innovative community-wide approach to the singular problem of the elderly and crime. Fortunately, large numbers of active and capable older adults are willing to invest time and energy in the community-wide approach known as TRIAD.

TRIAD is an agreement with the Sheriff's office and older or retired persons in the community to work together in a spirit of cooperation to reduce the criminal victimization of the elderly. TRIAD is a joint approach to crime issues which effect senior citizens and the enhanced delivery of law enforcement services to these individuals.

At our last TRIAD meeting  we thought it would be good to educate seniors about scams.  Little did I know that someone would try to scam me.  I looked down at my iphone and noticed the screen indicated "IPHONE LOST" write to:  I knew right away this email address did not seem appropriate, and of course I was holding the phone in my hand so how could it be lost.  I took the phone to our local AT&T store and a very helpful customer service representative logged onto iCloud and helped me change out my iTunes password to stop the scammers from continuing to be able to cause more damage.  

It was necessary for me to actually erase my iphone and put back the original factory settings.  Then I had to restore my prior day saved data.  I lost one day of data and three hours time, but no money was paid to a scammer.  Please be careful and call a professional before you ever answer an email offer to help you fix something.

The holidays will be here soon and many scams will be tried.  Please be careful.  Don't let thieves take your money.  

Restrooms at the Rifle and Pistol Range Delayed:
On May 30, 2017, the City was notified by Park and Restroom Structures, Inc. that they were unable to fill our order for the double vault restroom facility as ordered. They were asking us to cancel our order  and place it with a different producer.

Unfortunately, with this late notification, we were not going to be able to contract with the second lower bidder, get the vault toilet manufactured (typically a 30 to 60 day manufacturing window), get it delivered/installed on the project site, and finish the site/concrete work by the June 30, 2017 to meet the grant deadlines.  Carson City accepted a grant from the Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) and matching funds from several fundraisers held by local gun clubs.   
In light of this situation, NDOW has agreed to a grant extension to June 30, 2018.  They have asked us to suspend work on the project until the new grant paperwork (with the revised grant deadline) can be executed between the City and NDOW.  This is an unfortunate situation, and it may be a few months before our department even gets the new NDOW grant paperwork to sign.  

Capital City Spruce Up Project:
During a recent Board of Supervisors meeting I asked staff to develop a Fall community wide clean up project.  We have a free day during the Spring for residents to take trash to the dumps, but nothing for Fall.  Our Parks, Recreation and Open Space and Public Works staff stepped up right away to make this happen.  They are putting together a community garage-sale day (the hope is after the sales that everyone will donate leftovers to community non-profits or properly dispose in dumpsters) and an Autumn free-dump day.  The Autumn dump-day will have dumpsters placed throughout the community to encourage residents to clean out their garages and around their houses.   We also want to provide education to residents on the proper disposal of light bulbs, batteries, paint, etc.  We are working on ways for those who need help cleaning their yards to receive help from community organizations.  If your organization would like to help those in the community who need a hand, please contact Dan Earp, Recreation Superintendent, at 887-2262. 

I will send out special notices to all of you concerning these two projects.  We are thinking late September for the garage sale and early October for the disposal day.  

Halloween Community Event: 
Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space and the Library are pleased to announce a new Halloween community event on Wednesday, October 25th from 4 p.m to 6 p.m.  The Community Center will be opened for trick or treating and a haunted house. The Library will host games, crafts and a costume contest.  Afterwards, the Carson Aquatic Center will stay open late for a Halloween themed Dive-In-Movie. 

Local businesses and organizations are invited to decorate a 10x10 pop up tent or table inside the Community Center and pass out candy.  There will be no cost to have a booth-just supply your booth space needs and candy, of course.  Please contact Dan Earp,  Recreation Superintendent, at      887-2262 for more information and to secure a booth.   

Community Center Theater Usage:
Since I am on a recreation theme so far, I thought I would share a tidbit of information.  In the year 2016 our theater stage was used 265 days compared to 1990 with 93 days. No wonder the seats are wearing out!  The cost to replace the seats is estimated at $320,000.  We have $197,852 saved for seat replacements at this time. A little over $122,000 to go.  It feels like a lot of our equipment and furniture is seeing the worse for wear.  I guess it is just like my kitchen.  My stove needs replacing, and I just replaced the refrigerator last year. 

Carson City received several grants over the last month.  We received $200,000 from the Recreational Trails Program to improve the trailhead and trails at the 5th Street access point to the Prison Hill Recreation Area including a gravel parking area, restroom, shade structure and picnic table, interpretive panels, dog sanitation station, trash cans and navigational signage.

We also received $1,843,685 from the Bureau of Land Management to improve trail connectivity through the construction of about three miles of new non-motorized trails.  The trails will be on the east side of the Prison Hill Recreation Area, the Mexican Ditch Trail to and through Silver Saddle Ranch, and possibly along the east side of the Old Buzzy's Ranch.

The City changed its method of receiving Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).  Since 2005 (when population exceeded 50,000), we received a direct allocation from the federal government .  We were responsible for all the administration requirements of the grant.  We approved a change and signed a grant agreement with State of Nevada to receive a portion (15.48%) of the State funding through an allocation.  This resulted in a grant award of $474,607.  Last year our direct allocation was $386,516.   Program funds must be spent on projects which primarily serve low-and-moderate income persons.

Pioneer High School is an accredited alternative high school within the Carson City School District system.  It is a pubic school for which students in grades 9-12 can apply at any time during the school year.  Pioneer High School's alternative status allows it to offer many different formats to meet the diverse needs of the community.  Its campus is located at the intersection of Corbett and Fall Streets in the former Corbett Elementary School facilities. (I attended the elementary school. ) They are estimating this school will be expanded to 200 students, with 24 faculty and staff. 

The school is removing four modular buildings, crating a common area, a multi-purpose room, a fitness room, chemistry classroom, biology classroom, library, kitchen and an additional restroom. 

Pioneer High School owns property between Corbett Street and John Street that has been improved as a parking area.  The school is asking the city to abandon a portion of Corbett Street so they may create additional parking.  We approved their request.

The Clerk-Recorder's Office will be changing its software over the next several months as the existing service provider is retiring.  The Board approved a contract with Pioneer Technology Group for $139,150 to provide new recording services.

In seeking a software replacement company, the Recorders most of Nevada Counties attempted to  select a provider of software collectively for purposes of purchasing power and economy of scale. After reviewing the eight possible software vendors who offer software specifically designed to record and maintain land records, those Recorders determined that each county had different needs.  Carson City and four, possibly five, other Counties selected Pioneer Technology Group.  Previously 15 counties used the retiring vendor (ADS).   

The Board approved a tentative subdivision map for the North Edmonds residential project between Edmonds Drive and Fairview Drive.

The North Edmonds Conceptual Map proposal consists of four parcels with existing single family residences on 1.37 acres which the applicant  proposes to demolish and then subdivide into 16 single family attached residential units with private open space only. The applicant proposes to  construct two-story attached homes consisting of three bedrooms with home sizes between 1,516 and 1,633 square feet. Although the homes will be attached, each individual unit will have private front, rear and side (where applicable) yards. The lots are proposed to extend into  shared driveway areas that will be maintained through a maintenance agreement among the future property owners.

Let's hope this project is successful as we need more affordable housing stock in Carson City.  Remember, just because we approve a project does not mean it is ultimately built. 

We approved a request for tax deferment on property located at 402 S. Division St. (Mattie Ferris - Schultz House).  The house is listed on the Carson City Resources Inventory completed in March 1980, as well as in the Kit Carson Trail Inventory.  The structure is thought to have been constructed between 1876 and 1880 by G.W. Ferris.  The structure possesses important local historical associations as well as architectural significance. 

The one and a half story wood frame structure expresses design derivations from Gothic and Greek Revival styles.  The eave returns of the gables, projecting cornice moldings, and the gabled form of the structure reflect its Greek Revivial origins.  The porch design and its double columned supports are Gothic Revivial details.  A square bay with paneling and quoined corners projects from the east elevation below a window with decorative pediment.  There is a transom window above the paneled front door, and windows are double hung with two lights above two.  The roof is formed of intersecting gables with a clopped gable facing north, and the foundation is stone. 

This sure made Jim and I take another look at this beautiful home.  Take your family by the house and enjoy this little bit of history in Carson City. 


Capital City Arts Initiative  presents "Tahoe Clarity", a photography exhibition by artist Dylan Silver at the Community Center's Sierra Room. The exhibit will be in the gallery until November 9, 2017.  The artwork is beautiful and for sale.  I know you will enjoy the works.

The Kit Carson Trail is a walking path through Carson City's historic district. A painted blue line, dotted with bronze medallions along the sidewalk, marks the route.

It features stops at landmarks including 1800s-era Victorian-style homes, museums and churches. More than 60 landmarks telling the story of the capital city's history are featured along the Kit Carson Trail.

To pick up a printed map, stop by the Carson City Visitors Bureau at 716 N. Carson Street. To listen to the stories as you walk the blue line, download the VisitCarsonCity App for your smart device and look under tours in the PLAY section.

Sun., Oct. 22, 2017 - Violinist Carla Trynchuk at Carson City Community Center, 4:00 p.m.   For more information and tickets visit

Sat., Oct. 28, 2017 - This year's 79th Nevada Day Parade is dedicated to our state"s arts and entertainment, an in depth look at Nevada's diversified arts and entertainment  community. When most folks think of art, paintings and photography come to mind, but that is just a small fraction of what art truly is. Dance,  music, poetry, books, clothing, theater, and culinary cuisine must also be included under the arts and entertainment vast umbrella. In 1987 Nevada Day recognized the Arts with "Nevada's Tribute to the Arts." Now,  30 years later, we would like to look how far Nevada has come in this magnificent and wondrous field. From petroglyphs left by our Native Americans thousands of years ago, to arts cars roaming around the Black Rock Desert  during our annual Burning Man Festival, it's time to reflect on all the art and entertainment that make up this beautiful state of ours.

Ward 1
                      Supervisor Karen Abowd                     
Ward 2
   Supervisor Brad Bonkowski  
Ward 3
    Supervisor Lori Bagwell
Ward 4
 Supervisor John Barrette

While these board members must live in one of the four wards, they represent the entire city.  If you have any concerns, please contact us.   
Visit Carson City's website.  There is so much information about what is happening, who is who, committee meetings, a calendar of  events and so much more.