Dear District 1 Residents,

This past Friday, we honored those who passed away on 9/11. Let us remember that life is too short to spread hate. We have a great community in Los Alamitos; let us continue to build and support that. During this pandemic, you can provide for the community by wearing a mask, following guidelines, and washing your hands.
We have less than 50 days until the Nov. 4 election, and ballots will start arriving after Oct. 5. I would appreciate your vote in Dist. 1, to continue to be of assistance to you. With that in mind, my campaign will be placing yard signs and banners within the district later this week. If you would like one, please call and provide your address and I’ll get a sign delivered. 562-241-0235. You will also receive some campaign information in the mail before the end of the month. I am happy to discuss any issues you may have or questions about the City, or the campaign. Having served on the Council in 2006, again in 2012 and in 2018, I care about our community and the needs of our citizens and businesses. You can also follow on my webpage: www.LosAl.net. Thank you for your consideration as this is an important election for our community. This is a non-partisan position and I pledge to you that I’ll work to maintain transparency, public safety, our parks and recreation and senior programs.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns about anything regarding the City, you can email me at deanlosal@gmail.com or call me at (562) 241-0235.

God bless you and God Bless America.

Dean Grose
Los Alamitos City Councilmember
Fire Calls, District One
Sept. 1, 8:15am, Medical Aid, Katella Avenue, west of Kaylor;
Sept. 2, 1:00am, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 3582 Howard, Apartment #4;
Sept. 2, 10:03 am, Medical Aid, Howard St. west of Maple;
Sept. 4, 6:41 am, Medical Aid, Los Alamitos Blvd., North of Cerritos
Sept. 4, 8:09 pm, Traffic Collision, Los Alamitos and Katella;
Sept. 6, 11:21 am, Traffic Collision, Los Alamitos and Florista
Sept. 8, 6:49 pm, Medical Aid, Farquhar west of Maple 
Sept. 9, 1:05 pm, extinguished fire, 3311 Katella Ave.;
Sept. 10, 11:27pm, Odor Investigation, 10662 Chestnut, #B;
Sept. 10, 11:08am, Medical Aid, Farquhar, west of Maple;
Sept. 11, 1:23 am, Smoke Detector, 10771 Reagan St.
Sept. 11, 8:41am, Fire Alarm, 3131 Katella Ave.;
Sept. 12, 11:05pm, Smoke Detector, 10681 Oak, Royal Oak Mobile Homes
Sept. 13, 5:59pm, Fire Alarm, 10771 Reagan St.
Sept. 14, 4:37am, Fire Alarm, 10771 Reagan St.
Sept. 14 11:07 am, Manual Fire Alarm, 3131 Katella Ave.
Police Log, District One
Sept. 2 Neighbors reported suspicious activity near 10621 Cherry St., Los Alamitos Surgery Center, underground parking structure that a male and female were using electricity to charge cell phones, and upon further investigation the two individuals were cited on Narcotic charges and outstanding warrants,;
Sept. 3, 10:56am, 10900 Los Alamitos Blvd., Report taken for vandalized property at location;
Sept. 4, 6:16 pm, Traffic Stop at Katella and Los Alamitos Blvd. A 46 year old male from Bellflower, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance for sale, transportation of controlled substances, possession of drug paraphernalia and manufacturing of forged credit cards;
Sept. 5, 7:26am, 10800 Reagan St., two neighbors reported theft of two Thin Blue Line Flags from their front yards.
Sept. 5, 8:24 am, 10800 Los Alamitos Blvd., 44 year old male out of Long Beach, was arrested for parole violation and possession of explosives. 
Sept. 9, Based on complaints of a vicious dog in the area of 10804 Walnut, police an animal control officers responded and an investigation is on going;
Christmas Tree Sale Permit
The Youth Center has applied for a permit to hold their annual Christmas Tree Sales, in the parking lot of Ganahl Lumber on Los Alamitos Blvd. It is slated to open on November 28th.
New Businesses
3972 Cerritos, Mobile Phone Repair, “Mobile Kangaroo”, Joseph Alexander

10881 Los Alamitos Blvd., Insurance Agency, Patricia Megallon Insurance Agency, Inc.
Vote 'No' on Prop 15
The election is just around the corner! The special interests behind Prop 15 are trying to trick voters with new TV ads that falsely claim small businesses will be protected from the measure’s higher property taxes. 
We know that small businesses and families will be devastated by Prop 15’s $11.5 billion property tax increase—the largest in state history. Known as the split-roll initiative, this attacks commercial property and seeks to reassess to current property value. If passed, it will impact us all as raising costs will be passed along to consumers. It also applies in certain circumstances to renters and apartment properties. Be informed. Vote wisely on this initiave.

McDonalds Drive-Up Hiring Event
To support job seekers eager to get back to work, McDonald’s first-ever SoCal Drive-Up Hiring Day will offer candidates a new, convenient and safe way to apply. On September 16th, candidates will be able to drive up to participating Southern California McDonald’s locations and receive an opportunity to sign up for an interview on the spot, no prior scheduling required.

In addition to visiting the select Southern California McDonald’s locations on September 16 or if a participating location is not nearby, job seekers can text ‘worksforme’ to 36453 to start an application via text, or visit McDonalds.com/careers.
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