Dear District 1 Residents,

Starting in November, 2020, the City of Los Alamitos voters will be selecting Council Members based on district representation, instead of city-wide elections. I will be running for election as the City Councilmember for District 1 and hope to earn your vote.
During COVID-19, making personal contact will be limited, and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet via Zoom with groups of neighbors. If you would be interested in helping set one of these up, contact me and we'll talk with your neighbors.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns about anything regarding the City, you can email me at deanlosal@gmail.com or call me at (562) 241-0235.

God bless you and God Bless America.

Dean Grose
Los Alamitos City Councilmember
Infrastructure/Construction Update
Old Town West Street Signs: Street signs in Old Town West have all been raised to the new required height of seven feet. The process will be continuing throughout the rest of the community. 
Illegal Dumping: New signs have been ordered and will soon be installed, thanks to two requests from local citizens. Republic Services (our trash service contractor) is cooperating and you can call them for large item collection. We can all do our part by watching if illegal dumping occurs, trying to get photos and license plate numbers. We want to maintain clean alleys, as well as maintaining our property. 
Fairfield Marriott Suites: Work continues on the new Fairfield Marriott Suites on Los Alamitos Blvd. at Briggeman Way. Edison is removing electrical lines and under grounding power for the hotel. Briggeman Way is being widened. Work on the pool is nearing completion along with landscaping and parking areas. 

Oak Walk Condominiums: The final units on the new condominiums called “Oak Walk” at 3311 Sausalito Street, is back underway for the 50-Unit development. 

Los Alamitos Luxury Apartments: Grading and foundation work is underway for the Los Alamitos Luxury Apartments at 3342 Cerritos Avenue. The 107 unit complex will have more than adequate parking on site for new apartment dwellers. 
November Ballot Initiative
Faced with significant structural deficits, the City Council agreed to put an item on the November ballot for the voters to decide on the financial future of our community. Years of budget cuts and staff reductions haven’t brought the city a way to avoid a deepening financial crisis. Community meetings since 2018 and 2019 have outlined the looming problems that show that what reserves are currently available will be completing gone in year 2027/2028.

Without new found funds, the deficit grows to $3 million in 2025. If voters approve an increase in sales tax (shared by all shoppers in the city), will generate approximately $4.1 million annually. The current sales taxes paid when local purchases are made is 7.25%, increasing to 9.25% percent if voters okay the increase. The future financial fate of the city will be determined by voters, according to the research firm of FM3, hired to gauge the feelings of the voters. Many nearby cities have similar sales tax rates: Seal Beach, Westminster, Stanton, La Palma, and Garden Grove at 8.75%; Hawaiian Gardens, Cerritos, Lakewood, Signal Hill and Bellflower, 9.5%; and Long Beach at 10.25%. 
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