Dear District 1 Residents,

Candidate filing for Los Alamitos City Council closed on August 7th. I am proud to have served you and hope you will afford me the opportunity to continue serving as your new District 1 Councilmember.
During COVID-19, making personal contact will be limited, and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet via Zoom with groups of neighbors. If you would be interested in helping set one of these up, contact me and we'll talk with your neighbors. It is extremely important during these difficult times to connect, and I want to know from you what I can do to help you and your neighbors.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns about anything regarding the City, you can email me at deanlosal@gmail.com or call me at (562) 241-0235.

God bless you and God Bless America.

Dean Grose
Los Alamitos City Councilmember
Welcome to Los Alamitos!
We are excited to welcome to the city two new businesses: Amy C. Lee, LCSW, (5152 Katella Avenue, Suite 205) and Grateful Hearts Storehouse, Inc. (5420 Katella Avenue).
Outdoor Dining
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following businesses have been approved by the City to conduct business outside.

Sizzler - Approved
Taco Surf - Approved
Mamas - Approved
American Legion - Approved
Katella Deli - Approved
Label Me Lindsay - Approved
Xtreme Sushi - Approved
Garage Pilates - Approved
Tribe Functional Fitness – Approved
Forest Spa - Approved
Boondocks – Approved
Maderas – In process
Griffins Grill – They are thinking about applying
Hortencias – Inquiry sent by Staff
Gourmet Pie – Inquiry sent by Staff
Subway - Inquiry sent by Staff
Pho88 - Inquiry sent by Staff
Mustards - Inquiry sent by Staff
Firehouse Café - Inquiry sent by Staff
FYT Gym - Inquiry sent by Staff
Infrastructure/Construction Update
Katella Avenue and Los Alamitos Boulevard:
Public Works has begun its annual maintenance of the medians along Katella Ave and Los Alamitos Blvd.
3342 Cerritos Avenue, Los Alamitos Luxury Apartments: The two buildings' foundations are being poured and constructing the parking lot for Building A.
3131 Katella Avenue, Epson:

Contractors are working on the parking lot and landscape. Building B is currently being furnished.
New 'No Dumping' Signs:

Thank you to residents in Apartment Row and Old Town West, who reached out about illegal dumping in our neighborhoods. We also have to watch out to try and alert those dumping, call and notify police, get license plate numbers or photos.
Swearing In
On August 6th, Chief Nuñez swore in Captain Maria O'Connell as captain of Operations, becoming the first female Captain in Los Alamitos's history.
Law Enforcement Day
Thank you to Chairwoman Michelle Steel of the Orange County Board of Supervisors for your help in supporting our Los Alamitos police officers this past Wednesday (August 12th) for the County's first Law Enforcement Day! My wife and I sponsored a lunch from the Brewhouse Kitchen on August 6th for our Fire Department and on Thursday, August 13th for our Police Department.
Traffic Collision

Yesterday, there was a traffic collision at Los Alamitos Boulevard and Florista Street. One of the cars crashed into a nearby building.
Police Department Log
"08/02/20 – 11:30 AM. Katella Ave. and Los Alamitos Blvd. Officers responded to an injury traffic collision. Both parties complained of pain and were treated for minor injuries. Both vehicles were towed and a report was taken."

"08/03/20- 9:00 PM-9:00 AM. 10882 Walnut Ave. Garage door latch was cut with an unknown tool and took victims property"

"08/04/20 – 8:24 AM. 10843 Chestnut Ave. The catalytic converter of the victim’s vehicle was stolen by unknown subject."

"08/04/20 – 2:29 PM. Katella Ave. and Cherry St. Officers responded to an injury traffic collision. Vehicle struck a SCE pole. Driver was transported to LAMC for treatment."

"08/06/20 – 11:23 AM. 3311 Katella Ave. Officers responded to a call for service in which the RP was reporting a mechanic machine used at the location had been stolen."

"08/06/20 – 1:54 PM. 3401 Katella Ave. RP reported two females entered the location and took several bags of assorted items without paying. Females were observed leaving the area in a white 2004 Infinity vehicle bearing CA plates 6JAD536. This vehicle is affiliated with similar thefts in the city of Anaheim."
Fire Department Log
8/6/20, approx 8:10 pm; medical aid call on Walnut, between Florista an Catalina. 

8/7/20, approx 6:46 pm; medical aid call on Oak St. at the Royal Oak Mobile Home park. 

8/7/29, approx 7:25 am; flooding in 3500 block of Cerritos. 

8/10:20, 3800 block of Green St. Gas leak. 

8/10/20, approx 2:40 pm, medical aid at Katella and Reagan St. 

8/14/20, approx 8:08 am, public service request. 3131 Katella Ave. 

8/14/20, approx 4:00 pm, injury traffic accident at Florista St and Los Alamitos Blvd. 
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